Daily US/Western Fake News on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine

Russophobic propaganda war by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents never quits featuring fake news over the real thing.

On Sunday, the NYT continued its perversion of reality reports on all things Russia and Ukraine.

From the early 2014 Obama/Biden regime’s Maidan coup in Kiev — replacing its democratic government with Nazified rule — to day 117 of Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine, the Times never reported anything about perpetual US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on long-suffering Donbass residents.

Nor did it ever explain anything about US-created, Nazi-infested Ukraine, mocking indisputable reality instead.

Since Russia’s SMO began, virtually everything crucial to know about its campaign was misreported on by the Times and other MSM — truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight.

According to a so-called Times “analysis” — ignoring reality on the ground in Ukraine — the following litany of bald-faced Big Lies was reported on Sunday:

Ignoring indisputable Ukrainian war crimes, the Times falsely accused Russian forces of conducting “a shockingly barbaric (campaign of) pummel(ing) Ukrainian cities and towns with a barrage of rockets and other munitions, most of which can be considered relatively crude relics of the Cold War, and many of which have been banned widely under international treaties (sic).”

Fact: Russian forces are using state-of-the-art precision-guided weapons and munitions against Ukrainian military targets exclusively — great pains taken to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

Fact: No evidence exists to suggest that Russia is using banned weapons.

Fact: Indisputable evidence — ignored by the Times and other MSM — revealed use of cluster, incendiary and other banned weapons by Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops.

Fact: Since April 2014 and throughout Russia’s SMO, Ukrainian troops terrorized Donbass civilians by regular cross-border shelling — killing many thousands, destroying or damaging vital infrastructure.

On June 20, the Donetsk News Agency reported what the Times and other MSM ignored, explaining the following:

“Over the past week, Ukrainian militants shelled Donetsk 291 times, unfortunately, causing victims.”

“Twelve civilians were killed, among them two first responders on duty, and a child, 93 civilians injured, including five children.”

As a result of attacks, “52 multifamily houses, 88 private houses, 27 public buildings, 19 infrastructural facilities, 20 city buses were damaged” or destroyed.

“The enemy mostly used 152 mm and 155 mm artillery, Grad and Uragan MLRS, that cause massive damage.”

“All the nine districts of Donetsk are under fire.”

“The worst attacks were launched on Kievskiy, Kuibyshevskiy, Kirovskiy, Petrovskiy, Voroshilovskiy districts.”

All of the above, and what’s gone on since April 2014, was orchestrated and directed by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

On Monday, the Lugansk Media Center explained the following:

“Ukraine has been carrying out a military crackdown against Donbass since 2014.”

“Multiple announcements of ceasefires failed to stabilize the situation.”

“The simmering armed conflict escalated rapidly in February this year, and sent Donbass barreling towards unprecedented bloodshed.”

“Russia intervened on February 24 by launching a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine and bring peace back to Donbass.”

On all things Russia and other invented US enemies, truth and full disclosure is banned in reports of the Times and other MSM.

Instead, fake news like the following  was featured by the self-styled newspaper of record on Sunday, falsely claiming:

Russian strikes on Ukrainian targets “kill, maim and destroy indiscriminately (sic).”

“These strikes left civilians — including children — dead and injured, and they have left critical infrastructure, like schools and homes, a shambles (sic).”

Saying the “vast majority (of Russian) munitions (are) unguided” is another bald-faced Big Lie.

So is falsely claiming that “more than 210…types (of Russian weapons and munitions) have been widely banned under international treaties (sic).”

The same goes for falsely accusing Russia of breaching the Geneva Conventions, their protocols, as well as other international laws and treaties related to armed conflicts.

Accusations without independently verifiable corroboration are baseless.

The Times and other MSM feature the former without the latter — while consistently ignoring indisputable evidence of US/NATO and Ukrainian war crimes.

Throughout its SMO, the Times provided no evidence to suggest that Russia launched indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian targets.

Just the opposite has gone on — in stark contrast to how hegemon USA orchestrated and directed Ukrainian terror attacks on Donbass residential areas, what’s ongoing daily against Donetsk and Lugansk civilians and nonmilitary targets with causing maximum pain and suffering of noncombatants in mind.

The lengthy Times report is part of its daily misreporting on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Separately, Times editors falsely accused Russia of blocking Ukraine’s ability tom export grains, fertilzer and seeds.

The EU’s so-called foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, falsely claimed the same thing to invent another way of wrongfully accusing Russia of a “war crime” not committed.

On orders from its US master, Ukraine mined its offshore waters and hasn’t demined to permit safe incoming and outgoing transit of vessels. 

Once again, Russia is falsely blamed for what it had nothing to do with.

Nor does a Russian naval blockade of Ukraine exist.

The empire of lies, its European vassals and MSM press agents ignored Russia’s offer to facilitate Ukrainian grain and fertilizer exports.

Global shortages of these and other commodities were made-in-the-USA by the Biden regime, aided by Congress, and supported by MSM with manufacturing greater food insecurity and hunger more than already throughout the West and elsewhere.

There’s plenty of food, energy and other commodities around.

US/Western sanctions war on Russia artificially manufactured shortages, a hostile to the nation and humanity agenda that the Times supports, falsely saying:

Lifting sanctions on the Russian Federation “would mean giving in to (its nonexistent) aggression and (nonexistent) attempt at humanitarian blackmail (sic).”

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials laid blame for shortages where it belongs — on the US and its Western vassals.

Their war on humanity goes way beyond targeting Russia, creating human misery globally to benefit their privileged interests.

As for what the Times called Biden (regime) leadership on the world stage, hegemon USA under either wing of its war party is a machine for the manufacturing of crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities at home and worldwide.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Bombing is worse now than even before Feb 25.

    One observation..
    On your body of work.

    I fell asleep last night..
    Consequently woke up to read this…

    This one by itself.

    Normally I read them all at once..

    it’s like a Sugar High..

    Hence, it becomes a Blur..

    ( Can’t see the Forest for the trees)

    Because each one is a jewel..
    A Stand Alone Prize Winner.

    Another fantastic and crucially important Article.


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