Russian Foreign Ministry’s Update on Ukraine

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), told it like it is by virtually calling hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine a collective machine for committing war crimes — in flagrant breach of core international law.

Their regimes endorse and encourage use of “terrorist, extremist tactic(s) of intimidating (and) murdering civilians.

US-dominated NATO is all about offense against invented enemies, not defense as claimed.

It’s so-called “instructors” train Ukrainian Nazi thugs and conscripts to murder, maim and torture. 

As orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, they “shell residential districts in Donetsk (and Lugansk) every day.”

“They know there are no military facilities or targets there but they shell them anyway.”

“They have been doing this for years,” MZ stressed.

Western regimes and their MSM press agents turn a blind eye to the worst of Ukraine’s crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

Supplied by Western regimes, Ukrainian troops use cluster, incendiary and other banned weapons.

At the same time, Russia is falsely accused of all sorts of things its forces had nothing to do with — what hegemon USA, its NATO vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine bear full responsibility for.

Day after day in June, Ukrainian Nazis terrorized Donbass with “barbaric shelling” of residential areas.

It’s all about causing mass casualties of noncombatants — along with destroying or otherwise rendering vital infrastructure inoperable.

Dombass civilians are being killed or wounded daily by what’s going on — with full support and encouragement from dominant Biden regime hardliners and their Western counterparts.

So-called UN secretary general Guterres, other senior world body officials, the ICRC, NGOs and international organizations “have been criminally silent (since early 2014) and continue being criminally silent. We know this,” MZ stressed.

At the same time, they falsely blame Russia for Ukrainian attacks on “hospitals, primary care centers, schools, gymnasiums and kindergartens” and other civilian targets.

US/Western MSM are criminally complicit in what’s going on for supporting Ukrainian Nazis.

They and regimes they back falsely accuse Russia of attacking civilian targets — struck with US/NATO munitions.

“This is beyond comprehension. Such cynicism can neither be understood” or tolerated, MZ stressed.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began, hegemon USA shipped the following to Ukraine:

24,000 anti-missile systems, over 1,000 anti-tank systems, over 1,000 air defense systems, about 1,500 missiles, 90 artillery systems, dozens of helicopters and about 8,000 pieces of small arms.

All of the above was sent to kill Russians and Donbass residents.

Arms supplied by the US/West since 2014 have been all about waging perpetual war along Russia’s border — as well as terrorizing Donbass civilians.

Make no mistake, MZ stressed.

“Russia will continue its” SMO until Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified, until Donbass is entirely liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation, until increased Russian Federation security is achieved.

Yet MZ explained that US/Western officials want no end to proxy war on Russia.

So-called aid to Ukraine is all about perpetuating it — with no concern for the rights of its people for peace and governance of, by and for all its people equitably according to the rule of law.

So-called conflict resolution talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations went nowhere because the empire of lies sabotaged them to perpetuate endless US/NATO proxy war on the Russian Federation.

As for possibly resuming them, they’ll continue being an exercise of futility as long hegemon USA has its way, as long as Ukraine is controlled by the empire of lies and forever war.

On June 6, Sergey Lavrov explained the following:

US-dominated Ukraine “is unwilling to hold (conflict resolution) negotiations” with Russia.

“It declined to do this. We have every reason to believe that Kiev is following the wishes of the Anglo-Saxon leadership of the Western world.”

“We were ready to work honestly” for conflict resolution.

“A draft agreement drawn up on the basis of (discussed) proposals (was) shelved by the Ukrainian side” on orders from its US master.

The empire of lies wants perpetual proxy war waged on Russia to the last Ukrainian — no matter the human toll it doesn’t give a damn about and never did throughout its history of forever war-making at home and abroad on invented enemies.

MZ set the record straight on all things related to Russia, the West and Ukraine, saying:

US-dominated “NATO perceives confrontation with Russia as an end in itself.”

The war-making alliance “is not defending itself from any hypothetical threat.”

It faces none so invents them to perpetuate wars.

Their ruling regimes “openly (call for) confrontation with Russia” — no matter the threat to world peace. 

“NATO sees Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens as expendable, as a tool and attendant costs.”

“NATO sees them as convenient assets for achieving its goal.”

The war-making alliance needs foreign threats to justify its existence.

Since none existed throughout the post-WW II period, they were invented.

Longstanding US imperial policy aims to achieve unchallenged dominance over the world community of nations, their resources and populations — by brute force if lesser tactics don’t achieve its diabolical aims.

Separately, results of the latest Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism shouldn’t surprise.

Results in the US found that only one in four Americans (26%) trust MSM — and it shows in declining readership and viewership.

It’s hard imagining why anyone throughout the West trusts profoundly untrustworthy MSM — a collective mind-manipulating lying machine in support of wealth, power, privilege and imperial wars instead of journalism as it should be.

2 thoughts on “Russian Foreign Ministry’s Update on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    MZ sure has that right.

    A Collection of Pure Filth.
    Really no other way to put it.

    Actually, she’s being diplomatic.

    These are the Worst Criminals that ever stalked the Earth

    All War Criminals
    To the Highest Degree.

    There isn’t a single crime we hung the Nazis for in 1945-46

    That the Band of Robbers in

    Washington, London, Paris or Brussels hasn’t committed.

    Egregious Crimes Against Humanity to numerous to list.

    None of my business
    Who Russia decides to lead them

    I don’t get involved in Russian politics..

    But I love MZ
    Love her.

    She’s spot on.
    In reality, she’d make a
    Good President..

    After Putin
    Comes Putin..

    She’s a Female Putin..

    Maybe it would be good to have a Women President.

    Unique for Russia.
    She’s more than capable.

    I must add

    I really dig Mevedev also..
    He could run for President again.

    Also Volodin is a guy I really like.

    He’s got the right position on the Western Nazi Collaborators.

    I won’t go into the CP but I love every Bolshevik ever born.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Liked by 1 person

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