The Transformation of Nazi-Infested Ukraine Toward Oblivion

Made-in-the-USA Ukraine resembles a Nazi-infested version of how Arundhati Roy earlier described India.

She once called the country a “limbless, headless, soulless torso left bleeding under the butcher’s cleaver with a flag driven deep into her mutilated heart.”

Once Russia completes is demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, the US-created monster in Europe’s heartland will be left in battered and beaten rump form going forward.

What’s left of the US-controlled territory will be more of a hollow backwater than already — under an incompetent/out of touch with reality comedian/entertainer caricature of a so-called president no longer funny.

On Sunday, Sergey Lavrov explained that US-dominated NATO uses Ukraine as part of its aim to deprive Russia of its “voice in international affairs” in pursuit of its unattainable hegemonic aims.

On the same day, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg sounded delusional saying that US/Western weapons supplied to Ukraine aids its (battered and beaten) campaign to drive Russian forces out of Donbass (sic), adding:

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO must continue support for (Nazi-infested) Ukraine” — no matter the cost and price paid by soaring inflation and declining Western economies heading toward likely protracted Main Street Depression.

And this perversion of reality by what passes for BoJo regime war ministry intelligence:

Morale of Russian forces is “especially troubled (sic).”

“Cases of whole Russian units refusing orders and armed standoffs between officers and their troops continue to occur (sic).”

And this perversion of reality from puppet Zelensky on Sunday:

“We will not give away the south to anyone (sic).”

“We will return everything that’s ours and the sea will be Ukrainian and safe (sic).”

“Russia does not have as many missiles as our people have the desire to live (sic).”

And this from the BoJo regime’s so-called chief of general staff on Sunday, general Patrick Sanders, saying:

Britain’s military must be “capable of defeating Russia (sic).”

It must “be ready to fight and win wars on land…to deter (nonexistent) Russian aggression with the threat of force (sic).”

“(W)e are the generation that must prepare the army to fight in Europe once again (sic).”

According to noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov:

Britain “is not a player in modern geopolitics.”

“It is a small island nation with acutely manifested phantom pains of imperial greatness which disappeared completely after WW II and has been gone now for more than 75 years.”

“Militarily, (the UK) is a midget with semi-autonomous ‘control’ of her nuclear arsenal which in effect are the crumbs from the American nuclear weapons table.”

Its “navy, despite operating a couple of useless aircraft carriers, has only a very few nuclear subs as a real factor in any serious conflict.”

“But the state of the British ground forces is altogether something out of a Benny Hill show, because for all intents and purposes those ground forces do not exist as a viable fighting force.”

“Most importantly, the UK doesn’t have resources to build anything serious in terms of modern land war.”

“But this is not how British military establishment views it.”

“To fight and win a modern combined arms war against Russia, one needs a helluva lot more resources than the UK has or will ever have.” 

“(E)ven before one begins to factor in a rather pathetic state of British economy and military technological development, one has to consider a fighting doctrine issue.”

“For starters, Russia is not going to attack the UK, unless headless chickenhawks from NATO decide to commit suicide.”

The “BoJo (or, rather, Bozo) (regime) can hardly hope to get itself out of an economic hole which it dug for itself.”

“(T)here is very little the UK can do (against Russia) other than to continue to buy overpriced and dubiously effective US arms” — for Russian forces to destroy if the BoJo regime is foolish enough to challenge Moscow militarily.

The same goes for hegemon USA.

It “lost the arms race to Russia and the gap only grows,” Martyanov explained.

And Moscow achieved military supremacy at a tiny fraction of what the empire of lies wastes in throwing trillions of dollars at its merchants of death and human misery.

And this from Russia’s lower house State Duma’s Andrey Krasov, First Deputy Chairman of its Defense Committee, as translated by Martyanov:

“Instead of trying to bring (puppet) Zelensky to the negotiating table, Britain’s top military leaders are beginning to dream of building an extraordinarily powerful army.”

“They are already dreaming of campaigns and war on the European continent.”

“But this does not help improve the situation either in Ukraine, or in Europe, or in the world.” 

“Now the whole West is aimed only at, as they say, ‘weaken(ing) the power of Russia.’ ”

“(T)hese ambitions are not feasible.” 

Russia’s “Armed Forces have everything necessary to carry out the tasks assigned to them.”

“(A) vivid example of this is the special military operation in Ukraine.”

“It will be quite difficult for the UK to surpass the military power of Russia.”

Without support from its higher power in Washington, Britain is a geopolitical and military backwater.

As for hegemon USA, it’s only able to effectively wage infowar and terrorize small nations like the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

One thought on “The Transformation of Nazi-Infested Ukraine Toward Oblivion

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Thoroughly enjoyed this article!

    First off..
    I never even heard of Martyanov

    I loved his succinct comment..!

    I’ve been saying that for years
    Without really having the

    ” Goods” to back it up ..!

    ( I call the British Pirates
    “little england”..

    Which is meant to insult the Imperial Raj and his enormous inflated self perception ..)

    Martyanov said something else I thoroughly understand..

    Not so sure Aircraft Carriers aren’t completely obsolete..

    At least partially and historically
    Heading for a future garage bin.

    Just a Classic.

    I might add Ms Roy’s Quote was brilliant…made me laugh and cheer simultaneously.

    Small almost irrelevant caveat.

    In college I read a book by
    D.D. Roy…

    Absolutely Brilliant book.

    A Completely different World View..

    Could never find anything by him after that one shot of pure unadulterated reason.

    I presume, like the Huxley’s the Roy family has a host of Geniuses.

    Go Russia..!
    To Total Victory..!


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