Russia Responds to Made-in-the-USA-Global Everything Crisis

The vast majority of post-WW II wars have US dirty hands all over them in pursuit of its imperial aims, along with serving the interests of  its merchants of death and human misery by aiding their profiteering.

The same reality applies to most other global crises, ones benefitting US privileged interests at the expense of governance serving everyone equitably and the rule of law.

Global food crisis conditions were made-in-the-USA.

All things Russia had nothing to do with what’s going on.

Responding to baseless US/Western accusations otherwise, Russia’s Foreign Ministry debunked them while laying blame where it belongs.

Moscow supports free and open trade among the world community of nations as it should be.

Its SMO in Ukraine and other actions have nothing to do with blocking regime exports of grain or other commercial products.

At the same time, “safe navigation in Ukrainian territorial waters and the use of ports are currently impossible due to the high level of danger posed by mines (laid by the regime) and threat of” its daily shelling of Donbass residential areas. 

On orders from its US master, Kiev  “planted about 420 anchor mines in the Black and Azov seas.”

“Some floated offshore, to Bosporus and Dardanelles (waters), and to coastal waters of other Black Sea states, including Turkey and Romania.”

The puppet Zelensky regime also “hold(s) 70 foreign ships from 16 countries in six ports – Kherson, Nikolayev, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa and Yuzhny.”

In stark contrast, Russia created conditions for safe passage of vessels into and from Ukraine through two maritime humanitarian corridors — one in the Black Sea, the other in the Sea of Azov.

Maritime exports from and imports into the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk can also be safely used for commerce.

Russian officials repeatedly affirmed the nation’s “readiness to facilitate and ensure the unhindered export of Ukrainian grain (and other commodities) by foreign vessels, provided they can be inspected for arms smuggling and given that Kiev refrains from any provocations, mine threats and aggravating tensions in the Black Sea.”

Yet US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents falsely pretend otherwise as part of waging war on Russia by other means — as well as by US-dominated NATO’s proxy hot war on the Russian Federation by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers.

Made-in-the-USA global crisis conditions have been growing at least since 2020 because of Wall Street-controlled money printing madness and unparalleled sanctions war on Russia for invented reasons.

Hostile actions toward the Russian Federation include reduced or exclusion of its commodity exports to the West, along with barring its vessels from entering their ports and other disruptive actions.

Russia’s word is its bond.

Its ruling authorities reaffirmed their commitment to supply the world community of nations with Russian energy, grain, fertilizer and other commodities vital for their economies.

By “end of this year, (Moscow stands ready to export another) 25 million tons of grain and at least 22 million tons of fertilizers to international markets,” its Foreign Ministry stressed, adding:

“Despite unprecedented sanctions, (Russia) continue(s) commercial food supplies through bilateral channels and the provision of food assistance to countries that need support under the UN World Food Program (WFP).”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals bear full responsibility for shortages in various nations.

As long as their illegal sanctions war persists, the problem will keep festering without resolution.

Russia is a responsible player on the world stage — in stark contrast US/Western wrecking ball policies in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported one among numerous examples of how its forces are pummeling Ukrainian positions with devastating strikes.

Around 500 Ukrainian troops were killed, weapons and munitions destroyed by precision-guided weapons at a shipbuilding plant in Nikolaev.

Separate strikes eliminated over 60% of Ukraine’s 57th motorized infantry brigade in Lugansk, survivors fleeing in violation of suicidal orders to hold firm.

According to Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky:

Claims about “fierce (Ukrainian) resistance” are increasingly falling flat based on indisputable reality on the ground.

Ukraine’s military is “in an unenviable position in Donbass.”

The reality of “little help” from Western supplied weapons “disheartened” the US-installed regime in Kiev.

Al Jazeera noticed, reporting the following:

While “Kiev appeal(s) for more heavy weapons, rhetoric from Western leaders suggests support may be ebbing” — for a lost cause.

Despite their bravado at times, Ukrainian officials admit they’re outgunned and losing territory steadily to advancing Russian forces.

And this from Kiev’s so-called deputy head of military intelligence:

NATO weapons and munitions are “not enough to slow down the offensive pace of Russia’s armed forces.”

Ukraine is sustaining “huge casualties” daily.

Al Jazeera quoted Ioannis Mazis, department chair of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies at the University of Athens, saying:

“By autumn, it’ll be over.” Collapse of Ukraine’s military is inevitable.

Territory controlled by Russia will stay this way. There’s no ambiguity about its triumph.

A rump Ukraine “will become landlocked.”

The illusion of Ukraine holding its own is fading in the grip of reality on the ground.

At the same time, Russophobic fake news persists daily — like the following WSJ perversion of reality, saying:

Millions of “tons of grain now sit in Ukrainian silos blockaded by Russian ships (sic)” — knowing nothing of the sort exists.

And this rubbish:

“Ukraine…held its own even without significant heavy weapons (sic), bloodying the Russian Donbass offensive, pushing back around Kharkov, counterattacking near Kherson, and denying Moscow a decisive breakthrough (sic).” 

“Over time, Russia will run short of men, shells and cannon (sic).”

Similar rubbish infests MSM reports about all things Russia and Ukraine — punctuated only rarely by reality checks on what’s going on in Ukraine and Donbass.

Russian forces continue to overwhelm badly beaten Ukrainian ones near collapse.

That’s the indisputable reality about what’s going on — with no chance for the US-installed regime in Kiev to turn things around.

A Final Comment

According to hegemon USA, the Nazi-infested regime it created in Kiev is bleeding from $5 – 6 billion monthly — because of continuing to pretend its ability to transform defeat into victory over triumphant Russian forces.

The only way for Ukraine to keep its head above water is for US/Western regimes to keep throwing billions more dollars and euros of good money after bad.

Sooner or later the music will stop financially and militarily.

And when it does, collapse of the-made-in-the-USA Ukraine project will follow.

3 thoughts on “Russia Responds to Made-in-the-USA-Global Everything Crisis

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  1. Things went bleak for Ukraine the last few days. Yesterday’s headlines told of a missile strict killing 500 Ukranians meeting with generals and today it seems another missile strike killed 500 Ukranians at an inland naval facility. Last night the article citing “breakthrough” came up near Kiev and today the cauldren trapping 8000 front line troops was completed. Today’s news spoke of hundreds of Ukranians surrendering after 2 days of no food.

    Jacob of The Dreisin Report said in this video — — the Kremlin has done a low key militarization and there are tens of thousands of reserves activated and civilians recruited.

    The Ruble system is building out and Swift is bleeding out. The country with the exceptional currency is not exceptional in the Fair World Order.

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  2. Mr Lendman..
    You nailed it

    Everything Evil has the finger prints of the USA.

    The USA..
    “The Amityville Horror!”

    Everywhere the Hand of Satan reached out and destroys

    Three years ago a 12 yr old girl twenty miles from my town

    Picked up a bomb left over from the Illegal immoral Bombing I. 1971..

    And Blew her hands off..

    The Hand of Satan reached out and grabbed her.

    Imagine ..
    What life was like just one second

    before this innocent little
    Girl was touched by the hand
    of the Satan (USA )

    I might add..

    And the Human Pigs
    Human Filth
    from Washington..

    Have never tried to remove any of the millions of bombs

    Or even apologized..

    But had the audacity to ask Samdech Him Sen in 2017

    To pay back a $150,000,000
    AID LOAN FROM the 1970s!

    No mention of the Genocidal Bombing

    Or the CIA OP ..
    The Kymer Rouge tyranny they perpetrated on the Cambodians.

    3,000,000 murdered,
    Ten million maimed or made Homeless

    Why for Gods sake ..

    God said , ” Ask Satan ..!
    It was all about Herion..!”


    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!

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  3. Mr Lendman..

    I wrote that in anger
    So quickly I left one Very important Caveat out..

    The Washington Gangsters
    Never lifted a finger to remove all the ordinance in the Ground

    You know who did..
    That’s right..

    China does.
    CHINA DOES ..!

    Hear the State Farm advertising
    ” Like a Good Neighbor..!”

    Good Neighbor China.

    China took it as a prerequisite for building infrastructure..


    Or we would be back to Barbarism.

    The World would be
    Azov Nazis

    Like these Deranged
    Serial killers in Washington.

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