US-Installed UN Secretary General’s Fake News Report on Iran

UN secretary general Antonio Guterres is a notorious imperial tool.

It’s why the empire of lies installed him and most of his predecessors — to serve US interests over peace, equity and justice among all nations.

Instead of pursuing world peace and stability, the secretary general is more supporter of imperial interests over scrupulously complying with the letter and spirit of UN Charter principles.

Instead of denouncing US/Western aggression against one invented enemy after another, the secretary general supports it by remaining silent, along with blaming victims for imperial crimes against them.

Instead of demanding respect for the sovereign rights of all nations, free from foreign interference according to international law, the UN secretary-general and other key world body officials ignore US/NATO/Israeli aggression, state terror, and other high crimes of war and against humanity — tacitly supporting what flagrantly breaches the rule of law.

According to Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, a so-called report on human rights in Iran by Antonio Guterres is politically biased as ordered by his higher power in Washington.

It’s based “on false claims and documents based on unreliable sources…”

“(T)he main text of the report is mainly based on the contents of the claims and accusations of hostile groups and terrorist cults,” Khatibzadeh stressed.

In response to the fake news report, Iran’s High Council for Human Rights called it a “non-reflection of the country’s human rights developments and achievements.” 

It’s “unreasonable and illogical as well as both unnecessary and unprofessional.”

The above is diplomatic language for bald-faced Big Lies as demanded of Guterres by his boss, the empire of lies.

The US-installed puppet secretary general willfully and maliciously lied by falsely accusing Iran of all sorts of things unrelated to reality — while systematically ignoring US/NATO war crimes, Nazi-infested Ukraine criminality and Israeli apartheid state terror.

In response, Iran’s High Council for Human Rights accused Guterres of “politically motivated, biased and unfair” rubbish — based on sources hostile to Iran in the US/West, including terrorist groups backed by their ruling regimes.

Iranians are free to express views without fear of prosecution or other measures against them.

They’re free to engage in virtually any activity publicly as long as it’s nonviolent and does not disrupt public order.

A report by Iran’s Judiciary High Council for Human Rights sent to the UN Human Rights Council stressed the following:

“In accordance with existing conditions and with the aim of upholding social justice and establishing people’s welfare, Iran made huge investment(s) in economic, cultural and social fields, and guaranteed people’s rights to equal participation and progress.”

Its accomplishments have come in spite of “unilateral coercive measures by (hegemon USA) against the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past four decades…extensively and discriminately violat(ing) the basic rights of the Iranian people, (causing) irreparable harms,” adding:

“(M)easures (imposed) are in clear violation of the UN Charter, international law regulations as well as international human rights laws.”

Instead of calling for the empire of lies and forever wars to cease hostile actions against Iran and other nations free from its control, Guterres supports what breaches the UN Charter, what he’s sworn to uphold.

One US-installed UN secretary general after another fails to pursue what’s vital “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.”

They fail “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights.”

Nor do their actions advance things (for) justice…equal rights…(respect for) international law….social progress…(while forthrightly opposing) armed force” in flagrant violation of UN Charter principles.

Time and again, they’re on the wrong side of history and the rule of law — supporting imperial interests instead of denouncing them.


One thought on “US-Installed UN Secretary General’s Fake News Report on Iran

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Yes.. precisely.

    If they aren’t pathetic stooges

    for J Street, Wall St, CIA and the Pentagon..

    ( There is no discreet way to say this, sir..)


    It’s the God’s Honest Truth..

    If they aren’t lapdogs for US Imperialism..

    The CIA murders them

    Like Dag Hammerscholdt

    When the CIA blew up his plane on the way to start a long awaited Peace Plan in Katanga

    ( The Congo )

    Last thing the CIA wants
    Anywhere is Peace.

    Or Olaf Palme
    They Murdered him in Broad Daylight on a Downtown Street in Stockholm..

    That was a Mossad hit.
    Nobody prosecuted

    Nobody prosecuted or even looked for.

    Dead Case
    Very next day.

    That’s How Sweden
    Stands up for their own Citizens.

    Here is the Beauty though

    Now..besides the Neo Delusional Looters of the World

    The 12% if the World who believe in the Verocity of the UN Imperialist tool kit..

    88% of the World knows they’re totally warped & untrustworthy

    And that’s the shape of Tomorrow, sir..!



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