Smashing Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Overwhelming Russian military superiority is systematically pummeling Ukrainian troops into submission.

If Nazified Kiev continues the futility of a lost cause, as ordered and directed by its US master, the human toll of its losses will continue mounting exponentially.

In early June, even the pro-forever war, anti-peace, Russophobic NYT admitted that Ukrainian troops are sustaining “heavy losses.”

They’re “struggl(ing) as Russia (continues to) gain ground” at their expense.

And this Times reality check:

Ukrainian “soldiers are under relentless fire.”

According to a Ukrainian sergeant quoted by the Times:

“You lie in a trench. There are very loud explosions.”

“You want to get deeper into the ground.”

“And you have shrapnel whistling above you, like flies.”

Soldiers “just want it to stop.”

And this from another Ukrainian sergeant: “I’ve never seen such hell.”

Morale is collapsing in the ranks of Ukraine’s troops.

There’s nothing remotely “disorganized and flawed” about Russia’s well planned and executed SMO.

Nor will US/Western weapons and munitions of every shape and kind change a thing on the ground.

And this reality check from NBC News on Thursday:

“Frustration grows in Ukraine as casualties spike and Russia takes more territory.”

“Reality is different from official (Kiev) comments.”

Ukrainian family members are angry about the regime’s “military leadership for deploying inexperienced people to the front lines, and at times sending them into battle without as much as a medical or a psychological examination.”

The wife of one Ukrainian soldier sent to the eastern front said “no one even taught (her husband) how to shoot.”

Ukrainian soldiers “lack basic military equipment for those on the front lines,” NBC reported, adding:

“Some military families have been forced to organize donation drives to send medical supplies and military equipment to the front lines.”

There’s little or no training.

“That’s why we have such a high death (and injury) toll,” said the wife of a Ukrainian soldier.

Another military wife slammed Zelensky’s perversion of reality about how things are on the front lines of fighting.

“When she talks to her husband on the phone, she said, she can hear the fear and exhaustion in his voice,” NBC reported.

According to Igor Khort, in charge of training members of Ukraine’s so-called Territorial Defense Force:

Recruits “get just five days of training before being sent to the battlefield,” said NBC.

Ukrainian units “are starting to crack.”

Their troops “are withdrawing or refusing to fight.” Many are deserting.

According to Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky:

The UN “is getting tired of the Ukrainian issue.”

Western regimes “don’t like how things are developing because they were sure that Ukraine was putting up fierce resistance.”

“As it became clear that (Russia’s) special military operation was going according to plan, the Ukrainian army was in an unenviable position in Donbass and even Western weapons (are) of little help.”

Retired US army colonel, Douglas MacGregor, minced no words, saying the following:

“Ukraine lost this war. I would argue it lost it some time ago,” adding: 

“It’s now becoming so apparent that even the most ardent supporters of Ukraine’s war on Russia in London, Berlin, Paris, and Washington can’t really stand up and say anything else.”

“I suppose some will, but the truth is the war is over.”

“The Ukrainians are losing on a daily basis somewhere between 500 and 1,000 dead and wounded.”

“Their army is effectively annihilated.”

“They’re throwing reservists – the equivalent of what we would call National Guardsmen – into the buzzsaw.”

“And the Russians are very calmly and methodically annihilating whatever shows up.”

“The Russians have already begun consolidating their control over 25 to 30% of Ukraine where the Ukrainian forces were previously paused to attack Russia.”

“They now control territory that is responsible for roughly 80% of Ukraine’s gross national product.” 

“As far as how this will end, we have a lot of people who seemed to be determined that it will not end.” 

“That is extremely dangerous because the longer this lasts, the greater the potential for this regional conflict to widen and engulf more countries, and ultimately to drag us in, which some people think is the real goal — as incomprehensible as that may seem.”

“Ukraine is a (Nazi-infested) failed state. It collapsed.”

“People are being pushed at gunpoint into Russian fire.”

“The whole thing is a disaster.”

“But no one wants to admit failure because if they admit (it), they lose all credibility.”

Days after Russia’s SMO began four months ago, MacGregor predicted the outcome.

Ukrainian resistance was more illusory than real.

At this time, the US-controlled regime has two choices.

Surrender to overpowering Russian military strength or be annihilated more than already.

A Final Comment

A WaPo reality check said “Ukraine is running out of shells for the majority of its artillery.”

“Ukraine’s shortage of shells has exacerbated what was already a mismatch on the battlefield against a Russian military with more (and far better) weapons.”

For Ukrainian troops and the US-controlled Kiev regime, “the situation (is) dire.”

While fighting may continue as long as that’s what the empire of lies wants and vassal Ukraine complies, things on the ground are virtually over except for the postmortems.

Or if dominant Russophobes in Washington refuse to quit and intend direct NATO involvement, all bets are off.

3 thoughts on “Smashing Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Add yours

  1. I wish views such as yours were available on the BBC. It’s not easy to comment on media articles here. I watch and read RT to get some indication of reality. I’ve never known a time like this, so much going wrong, inept politicians, inflation, lack of fresh vegetables, shops not as full of produce as they were and things expected to get much worse! Never mind the medical misinformation about covid, vaccine damage and almost as many pandemics lately as there are new moons in a year. So much evil here and they blame it all on Russia, ludicrous! Welsh not British Regards Steve


  2. Mr Lendman,

    It’s getting to the Point
    Where it is feasible that
    10s of 1000s could Surrender

    En masse

    Russia should have a
    Big Special Surrender Promotion

    Pick one day…or week.

    your situation is hopeless..

    Why die now..
    You have a life to live

    A Family who loves you
    And needs you.

    It’s easy..
    Just go home.

    This will be just one chapter of your life

    Why die here..
    Go Home..

    Just put down your weapons
    And go home.

    The Russian Army will treat you with all international laws…”

    Something like that

    See what shakes out.
    Test the Water.

    If you get a 100..
    It’s Better then Nothing.

    You could get 100,000
    Who knows.

    PART II of the Announcement

    ” Soldiers..
    We are currently using only half of our potential..

    We are aware of how brutal the bombardment is .

    But on July _?_

    we plan on increasing the Bombing by 25%…

    So it’s going to get worse.
    Much worse..

    Put down your weapons

    Live…Go Home…
    It’s Over…!”

    Put out on Radio
    And PA System in the Field

    And leaflet
    in Kiev, Lviv

    So the Wives..
    Call their soldier
    husbands in the Army

    Go Russia..!
    To Total Victory !


  3. There are no embedded Western reporters among the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This is a sure sign that the UAF is heavily bombarded and losing.

    The West never retracted its lies and keeps piling on new lies every day.


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