Late to the Game Admission of Reality

At end of May, Russian and LPR forces largely liberated the key city of Severdonetsk in the Lugansk People’s Republic.

Only scattered Ukrainian troops and ones holed up in the city’s Azot plant behind hundreds of civilians held hostage as human shields remained.

Weeks after the fact, the Russophobic NYT just got around to admitting reality on the ground,  saying:

Ukrainian troops in Severodonetsk are “retreating.”

Controlling the city entirely, along with nearby Lisichansk, have been key priorities of Russian and Lubansk forces.

Liberating them was slowed because Ukrainian troops hold defenseless civilians hostage as human shields as standard practice, executing ones caught trying to escape captivity.

At this time, hundreds are still held hostage by Nazi Aidar battalion thugs inside the Azot plant.

According to Tass, citing a Lugansk militia source, they’re “expected to surrender en masse” in the coming days.

The battle to liberate Severodonetsk is nearly over, freeing Lisichansk residents from the scourge of Nazified occupation close behind.

Yet according to Times fake news, Kiev claims that it “does not make sense” to hold on to — what its troops no longer control.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces and LPR freedom fighters liberated 10 Lugansk villages in the past 5 days.

Together they’re surrounding an estimated 6,000 Nazified Kiev troops in Lisichansk, around 1,300 others trapped in Gorskoye and Zolotoye settlements south of the city — their fate sealed.

When in control of Severodonetsk, Ukrainian troops were responsible for large-scale destruction of residential buildings and civilian infrastructure — what the Times falsely blamed on Russia, as part of its fake news reporting based on Biden regime, Pentagon and CIA talking points.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Russia relied on its vast arsenal of artillery, rockets and air power to smash towns and villages into ruins (sic) as it grinds its way to capturing territory (sic).”

Russian forces focus solely on Ukrainian troops and military infrastructure — polar opposite how US-dominated NATO and Kiev’s military operate, an anything goes policy no matter how grievously in breach of international law.

And this Times rubbish, defying reality as its done throughout Russia’s SMO, saying:

“The Russians have also suffered staggering losses (sic),” citing unnamed so-called “military analysts.”

Ukrainian troops alone suffered “staggering losses” — on the order of around 1,000 killed or wounded daily, as a previous article explained.

Most Russian forces are supplying long-range artillery, air and intelligence support to Donetsk and Lugansk militia fighters operating as ground troops.

About the only thing the Times got right in its report was saying that Ukrainian troops in Lisichansk are “being encircled by Russian forces.”

Their surrender or annihilation will follow.

On Thursday, a Lugansk source said the following: 

“According to the latest information, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have planted mines at several sites in Maloryazantsevo.”

“Efforts are underway to prevent Ukrainian militants from blowing up the dam and partially flood the settlement.”

According to captured Ukrainian troops in Lugansk, they were abandoned without food, water, communications and most everything else.

They had no choice but to lay down their arms and surrender.

In stark contrast to their mistreatment by Kiev, Russian forces provided them with food and water straightaway.

Some Ukrainian POWs said they were sent to front line positions with little or no training and 11 rounds of assault rifle ammunition.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

Around 2,000 Nazified Ukrainian Right Sector troops, foreign mercenaries and others are “trapped” around Gorskoye.

Dozens voluntarily surrendered, many others likely to follow.

Russia’s campaign to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation is proceeding as planned.

Hegemon USA’s proxy Ukrainian foot soldiers are too poorly trained, equipped and motivated to stop it.

4 thoughts on “Late to the Game Admission of Reality

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    “I hope to have God on my side,
    But I must have Kentucky..!”

    So it is in Severodonesk..!

    That’s Gettysburg..!

    The Kursk to
    Maruipol’s Stalingrad..!

    The Last City the Ukis had in Luhansk..

    Furthest East.

    Like Gettysburg in so many ways.

    And town after town
    On the Road to Slavayansk

    is falling to the
    Big Red Machine!

    The Taking of Pelham..
    One, Two, Three,
    Baby ..!

    Roll Big Red..

    To Total Victory..!

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  2. The Russian success has an obverse side in the failure of the wicked west. Germany has already gone to rationing. The Duran spoke of the downfall of the crazy man Boris Johnson being in his final days. It is not just the rabid leaders in Europe that could fall, it could be the EU itself.

    The EU marched into a catastrophe with the sanctions and THEY cannot admit amends are in order. A catastrophe that could see German Industry gutted and people actually starve and freeze to death isn’t even a mistake in the eyes of the crazies in the EU.

    The west has also used up most of the ammunition it had stockpiled and weapons for Ukraine are drying up. Instead of bleeding Russia, the west enriched Russia while bludgeoning its own economy and militaries.

    The Duran on Telegram:

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