Reinvented Reality in Ukraine

Russia’s liberating SMO turned Ukraine into the equivalent a dazed, battered, staggering punch-drunk boxer, holding on to the ropes to delay the inevitability of collapsing.

And Russia is operating with a small fraction of its manpower and overall military capabilities.

What it’s using and maintaining in reserve exceeds the best in the West.

Yet in its latest edition, a Russophobic WaPo piece, reading like bad fiction, defied reality by falsely claiming the following:

“Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities (sic),” citing so-called “Western intelligence predictions and military experts” — left unnamed to save themselves from self-humiliation.

According to one know-nothing anonymous source:

“There will come a time when the tiny advances (sic) Russia is making become unsustainable (sic) in light of the costs (sic), and they will need a significant pause to regenerate capability (sic).”

Claiming that “(c)apturing Lisichansk presents a challenge because” of the terrain ignored that Russian forces surrounded the town, cutting off the ability of an estimated 2,000 Ukrainian Nazi thugs and likeminded foreign mercenaries to be resupplied.

They have a choice — surrender or be annihilated.  

And this WaPo rubbish, citing another anonymous Western source, too embarrassed to be identified for obvious reasons, falsely saying:

“Russia…is continuing to suffer heavy losses of equipment and men (sic), calling into question how much longer it can remain on the attack (sic).”

As long as it takes to accomplish Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated objectives!

They’ll surely be accomplished as already defeated Ukraine can only hold out so long before collapsing altogether.

And this BoJo perversion of reality quoted by WaPo:

“Russia could come to a point when there is no longer any forward momentum because it has exhausted its resources (sic).”

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Aggressive (Russian) recruitment of contract soldiers and reservists helped generate as many as 40,000 to 50,000 troops to replenish those lost or incapacitated in the first weeks of the fighting, according to Ukrainian officials (sic).”

And this: 

“Russia has been hauling ancient tanks out of storage and away from bases across the vast country to throw onto the front lines in Ukraine (sic).”

And this:

“(C)onditions for (already defeated) Ukrainian troops are only likely to improve as more sophisticated Western weapons arrive (for Russia to destroy), while those of (its) forces can be expected to deteriorate as they dig deeper into their stocks of old, outdated equipment (sic).”

And this:

“Ukrainians will have received enough Western weaponry that it is likely they will be able to go on the counteroffensive (sic) and reverse the tide of the war (sic)” — even though they’re defeated and near collapse.

And this:

“Ukraine is going to win, and that by the end of this year Russia will be driven back to the Feb. 24 line (sic).”

And this:

“(T)hings are going to be trending in favor of the Ukrainians in the next few weeks (sic).”

The above four quotes are from retired US general FB Hodges — one among many incompetent current and former Pentagon commanders, why hegemon USA hasn’t won a war since WW II ended.

And its victory then was only in the Pacific. 

Russian forces defeated Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht, the US playing a lesser role in Europe.

According to denial of reality by Michael Kofman, director of Russian Studies at the US Center for Naval Analysis, already defeated Ukrainian troops are “in (no) danger of collaps(ing) (sic),” adding:

Russian forces will “likely…get exhausted over the summer, and then there will be an operational pause (sic).”

The above rubbish doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction about one-sided battles between overpowering Russian forces and badly beaten Ukrainian troops near collapse in dire conditions.

A Final Comment

Reciting lines scripted by his US master, NATO puppet Stoltenberg called for strengthening Nazi-infested, dead man staggering, not walking, Ukraine.

Provide the regime with “strong military support, economic support, and push through tough sanctions against Russia,” he roared — that greatly harm European nations while shooting blanks against largely self-sufficient Moscow.

And this from Stoltenberg:

“Ukraine is fighting for its freedom (sic), for its right to exist (sic), for the right to be a democratic nation (sic)” — even though it’s Nazified and tyrannically run.

And this rubbish:

“Ukrainians are ready to pay a very high price (sic), to sacrifice themselves (sic)” — so hegemon USA can benefit at their expense.

Operating for the empire of lies as cannon fodder against vastly superior Russian military strength, there’s no ambiguity about whose winning and being crushed.

One thought on “Reinvented Reality in Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Dead Enders falling off the edge of the Planet..

    Soon to be fleeing for their lives .

    In every aspect the Dead Enders


    And Geographically Strategical for a Century..!

    Scott Ritter may be correct
    Could be the End of NATO..!

    You mean..NOTO..!

    Militarily like Col Jackson
    And his Boyz in New Orleans
    In 1814

    Bout 1500 of em..
    Of them Yanks

    Beat the Sox off of
    Ned Packenham’s

    3,500 Dragoons
    Them Red Coats ..!

    Maybe the
    Biggest Defeat in Military History

    Maybe Bigger than Stalingrad

    Till Now.



    Pax unwinding rapaciously.


    Not inch is going Back to the NAZIS.

    The Ace of Spades.
    He’s drugged up in the Compound

    The Knave
    The Jack of Spades

    And the Queen of Clubs

    The respective Governments should grab

    Their Passports
    of the Dead Enders..!

    They’re making travel plans now
    Just to be ready..


    Not gonna be Pretty

    Pretty Pray Tell.


    They’re all going bye bye..
    So discredited they’ll be.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


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