Nazi-Infested, Dead Man Staggering Toward Collapse Ukraine

Thousands of Ukrainian youths and military personnel want no part of being sent to the front lines against Russia as cannon fodder for the tyrannical Nazified regime.

Military personnel are deserting in large numbers to live, not die.

Many at risk of being conscripted fled to Russia and other regional countries.

Ukraine’s military is so depleted that recruiters are handing out conscription notices on streets and in other public places — to teens as well as middle-aged men and women.

The Zelensky regime is desperate for warm bodies of every shape and kind regardless of age or physical condition.

Virtually anyone from the mid-teens to near retirement age is vulnerable to be conscripted for front combat duty with minimal or no training.

And when armed, it’s with decades-old Soviet era weapons — that may or may not work.

Even hardened criminal convicts are being conscripted for front line combat.

According to Ukrainian Colonel Viktor Baranets:

“There are not enough contract soldiers and officers.”

“The personnel shortage in the Ukrainian army is increasing because during the special operation, a large number of seasoned Nazis were put out of action.”

“And those reservists, who are now sent into battle aren’t fit for the task.” 

“(M)ore importantly, there are staff shortages not only in the military, but also in territorial defense.”

“That’s why even women are being called up too.”

While numbers of Ukrainian casualties are kept secret, the toll may approach or exceed 100,000 since late Feb.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

Russian aerial and artillery strikes eliminated “over 780” Nazi thugs in the past 24 hours.

“Overall, since the beginning of the (SMO, Russian forces destroyed) 213 (Ukrainian) planes, 132 helicopters, 1,355 drones, 350 missile air defense systems, 3,797 tanks and other armored vehicles, 670 multiple launch rocket system vehicles, 3,012 field artillery cannons and mortars, and 3,848 special automobile vehicles.”

“Russian Aerospace Forces’ precision strikes on the buildings of the Megatex zinc plant in Konstantinovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, eliminated up to 80 Polish mercenaries, 20 armored vehicles and eight Grad multiple launch rocket systems.”

Lisichansk, Lugansk is surrounded by Russian forces, trapping an estimated 4,500 Nazified thugs in the city — where fighting is ongoing.

Parts of the city were liberated ahead of ending its Nazified occupation altogether in the coming days.

According to Lugansk’s Deputy Interior Minister, Vitaly Kisilyov:

Eliminating “Nazi units and demining of captured positions in Toshkovka, Gorskoye, Mirnaya Dolina, Volchyarovka and Belogorovka is in progress in the outskirts of Lisichansk,” adding: 

“We also reinforce(d) and equip(ped) our own positions.”

“The ring around Lisichansk is becoming tighter.”

“The enemy seeks to break though towards Soledar and Kramatorks in small groups. All attempts have been futile.”

Since Friday, four Ukrainian battalions with around 2,000 Nazified and conscript forces were trapped around Gorskoye.

Information gotten from scores of Ukrainian POWs indicates that encircled battalions are greatly depleted, exhausted, and poorly armed.

They’re running out of munitions, fuel, and most everything else needed to sustain them.

And they’re not being resupplied.

Lugansk is likely to be entirely liberated in days, Donetsk to follow ahead.

Separately on Friday, hundreds of Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops, as well as foreign mercenaries, were eliminated near  Nikolayev by Russian forces.

On Saturday, around 800 civilians held hostage in Severodonetsk’s Azot plant as human shields by Nazi thugs were liberated.

Separately, Moscow thanked French President Macron for gifting so-called Caesar self-propelled howitzers in perfect condition for Russia’s military to closely examine.

They were abandoned by Ukrainian troops when forced to withdraw quickly ahead of approaching Russian forces.

They’re now in Russian hands for examination, duplicating and improving.

“Thank you, Macron,” said French National Rally politician, Jean-Michel Cadenas.

Russia’s Defense Ministry also expressed “gratitude to Macron for gift(ing) (the) howitzers,” adding:

“We can’t say that they are good howitzers, nothing like our MSTA-S (NATO codename: M1990 ‘Farm’).”

“Nonetheless, we will find a good use for them. Please send more for disassembly” and close examination.

From Russia with love!

One thought on “Nazi-Infested, Dead Man Staggering Toward Collapse Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Like the Collapse of the other Reich in 1945..

    (Before we morphed into our New Reich…)

    Military Situation unwinding so fast..

    For the Nazis in Ukraine

    Will there be anyone..

    One Government Official

    Or one General to sign the

    They have 300,000 men
    (Might be a low-ball figure )
    (Who knows ?)

    Stepping back from the Playhouse 90

    Presented to us by the
    Professional Liars

    and Contortionists,

    In a Word , “The Cancer..!”

    Here is another angle.

    The Stink has extinction on the agenda

    for a huge % of the Proletariat.
    The Final Solution.

    As you are thoroughly aware,
    Been in the making for decades

    What’s the Best Cover Story..
    For the Depopulation

    Who can they Blame..
    Very simple..

    Too Simple.
    Only one Prong of the Trident
    But a deadly earnest one, to be sure.

    Second Reason..

    Bleed Europe..too simple,

    And the Slave Masters
    “Tao of Jeet Kune Do ..”

    Have em fight each other
    Not you .

    Using WWI and WWII
    US Imperialism had

    UK and Germany Destroy
    themselves fighting each other

    Perfect Vassals now..

    Both emasculated little bitches
    And Asslickers for illiterates.

    And Three…The Terrible Three’s

    The Disparity of Wealth
    Is insane.

    .01% own 97%


    What.. that’s a Great Democracy?

    How does that work..?


    Ten people own as much
    as all the American People combined…!

    I’m no genius.

    But that one glaring statistic
    Tells you exactly what’s wrong

    And where to start
    And how to fix it..!

    Go Russia..!
    To Total Victory!


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