Russia’s Liberating SMO in Ukraine Genocidal?

Genocide applies to what US/Western flu/covid kill shots are all about.

It applies to the diabolical aim of their regimes to eliminate billions of unwanted people worldwide to benefit their privileged ones more than already.

It has nothing to do with Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine.

Launched to stop years of Kiev’s “genocid(al)” attacks on long-suffering Donbass residents, Vladimir Putin explained last Feb., it remains ongoing against the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine in compliance with UN Charter principles.

Yet last Friday, according to the Washington-based establishment publication, Foreign Policy:

“A bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced a resolution (that falsely) characteriz(es) Russia’s actions (against the scourge of Nazism in) Ukraine as an act of genocide (sic).” 

Turning reality on its head, the resolution ignored indisputable crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities committed by US/Western-supported Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops.

Defying facts on the ground instead, it falsely accused Russian forces of indiscriminately attacking Ukrainian civilians — a bald-faced Big Lie, indisputable evidence proving otherwise.

It also turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Moscow of “the forcible transfer of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to Russia and Russian-held territory” — another indisputable bald-faced Big Lie.

Since Moscow’s SMO began four months ago, about 1.5 million largely Russian-speaking Ukrainians fled cross-border to be free from the scourge of Nazified rule.

Hundreds of thousands of other Ukrainians entered the Russian Federation earlier since 2014 for the same reason.

The non-binding US resolution most likely will pass unanimously by US House and Senate members as part of longstanding Russia-bashing because its ruling authorities won’t sell the nation’s soul and their own to hegemonic USA’s interests.

Not a shred of credible evidence links Russia’s SMO to genocide — its campaign focused solely against war crime-committing Ukrainian troops and military related targets.

Since begun on Feb. 24, Russian forces have gone out of their way to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

It’s in stark contrast to atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops against Donbass civilians since April 2014 — as well as against tortured, murdered and mutilated Russian POWs.

According to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the crime includes various acts “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” by any or a combination of the following ways:

1. Killing members of the group.

2. Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.

3. Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

4. Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.

The above language is how Article 6 of the Rome Statute defines genocide.

It defines war crimes (in Article 8) as grave Geneva Convention breaches to include willful killing, torture, causing great suffering, serious injury to body and heath, extensive destruction, and related offenses.

Crimes against humanity (in Article 7) are defined to include murder, extermination, enslavement, forcibly transferring a population, unlawful imprisonment, torture, forced disappearances, rape and other forms of sexual abuse, apartheid, and related offenses.

The above definitions apply to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operated against one invented enemy after another throughout the post-WW II period.

It applies to over 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed forever war by Nazified Ukraine against Donbass civilians.

It’s worlds apart from how Russia is conducting its liberating SMO.

Time and again, the empire of lies and forever wars on humanity — along with its Western vassals — falsely blamed other nations for their own criminality.

The same goes for Nazi-infested Ukraine.

In April, its so-called parliament falsely accused Russia of genocide.

Reading lines scripted for him to recite, so did puppet Zelensky in May, falsely saying:

“(T)he deportation of our people (sic) and the mass killings of civilians (sic), is an obvious policy of genocide pursued by Russia (sic).”

In April, US vassal state Canada’s so-called prime minister Trudeau falsely accused Russia of “genocide” in Ukraine.

So did the fake Biden, along with falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of “trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be a Ukrainian (sic).”

Pure evil is how US-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine operate, clearly not Russia.

A Final Comment

The Biden regime, US Western vassal states and their MSM press agents falsely claimed that Russia is “isolated” on the world stage.

According to NYT fake news, “Soviet-style scarcity (sic) looms (in Russia from US/Western) sanctions (causing) increasing isolation (sic).”

WaPo fake news defied reality as follows, saying: 

“Only a handful of countries (sic) such as North Korea…side with Russia (sic).”

And this earlier WSJ rubbish:

“Putin finds himself isolated, out of touch as (Russia’s SMO in Ukraine) sputters (sic).”

Reality check:

Aside from US-dominated European states and Canada, Russian relations with the vast majority of other nations are normalized — throughout Asia, South and Central America, Africa and elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Russia’s Liberating SMO in Ukraine Genocidal?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..


    Bizzaro World.
    Everything backwards.

    Upside Down
    The Criminals the Cops.

    A world so rotten
    It cannot be reformed.

    It must be thrown out.
    And we Start Over.

    When the Military Campaign ends up in ignominious defeat

    And the Imperial War debt
    Wipes away the veneer

    The Great Land
    of Milk and.Honeymm

    Morphs into the
    Potemkin SHITHOLE

    As currently
    In the works.

    We’re at the Vertible Dead End.

    The Crisis of Late Capital
    Unfolding before our eyes..

    Gibbons one sentence description of the
    Late Roman Empire


    “A time when Intrigue, cliques and the daggar…

    Ruled longer the
    Old Senate..

    The laws of the old Senate
    Still on the Books.

    But completely disregarded…!”

    We’re a ghoul of Ourselves.
    A Shadow of Ourselves.

    The Former Egalitarian Society

    of Yeoman, Mechanics and Tradesman

    That marched down to
    Faniel Hall with the little

    Fighting Sammy Adams ..

    Stirring up the waters for the American Sans Culottes to kick out the Aristocracy..

    The Bloody British Liars and
    Looters ..!

    The Demise.. ahead
    Straight Ahead.

    The Redux
    The Beat Down..

    Could go the way
    half of the Hegemonic Powers

    The Spent Dying Suns..
    Super Novas..

    Foul beast
    Could institute a Reign of Terror

    And take the Whole world along on the ride over the Cliff

    On the Mission to Hell.

    They’re insane
    And then this is urgent business.

    Save the Planet..
    You say..

    Save the Planet..

    Wanna Save the Planet..?

    who doesn’t..?

    Better do away with the
    Pyscho Killers..

    Or you’re toast.
    Whole World is.

    Go World ..
    To the NEW GOLDEN AGE ..!


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Sung to the tune of:

    “When The Moon Hits the Sky”

    When the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization..

    Hits the Shitter..

    As Predicted by Scott Ritter

    It’s Amore…

    When the War Criminals
    no longer gloat…

    About how they’ll cut Russia’s throat…

    It’s Amore…!

    When the Filth finally stop spewing all their Hate…

    And total destruction..
    is their Karmatic Fate ..

    It’s a Amore..!

    When the Assassins who planned

    to break Russia into parts..

    Get kicked in the Head .

    And It really smarts .

    It’s Amore..

    When the Imposters who promised to kick Russia’s ass .

    Get dumped in the Trash…

    It’s Amore..!

    Shortly the Gangsters time will pass..

    Perhaps even by next Tuesday if
    Russia Shuts off the Gas ..

    IT’S AMORE…!”

    Go Russia..

    Give em taste of what they had planned for you….!


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