Fake News v. the Real Thing

Since April 2014, US/Western MSM suppressed news of cross-border strikes by Ukrainian missiles, rockets and artillery against Donbass residential areas.

They ignored thousands of killed and wounded Donetsk and Lugansk residents, along with silence about damage and destruction of vital infrastructure.

According to the Donetsk News Agency last Friday:

“Three civilians (were) killed, seven injured over the past day as Ukrainian forces opened fire on the DPR over the last 24 hours.”

“The enemy used heavy artillery, MLRS systems, mortars, and IFVs, firing a total of 255 rounds.”

“A man, woman, (and) six-year-old girl sustained fatal wounds in Makeyevka shelling.” 

“Seven others were injured, including a teenaged girl.” 

“Forty-one households and infrastructure facilities (were) damaged as a total of 13 cities and towns came under fire” by Ukrainian troops.

And this on Sunday:

“An attack by the armed formations of Ukraine was registered at 11:48 (Moscow time) in the direction of Netailovo outside the city of Donetsk: 20 missiles were fired from the BM-21 Grad MLRS.” 

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT failed to report the above or anything else about forever war by Kiev on Donbass since 2014.

According to its editorial policy, years of Kiev aggression against Donetsk and Lugansk residential areas — killing and wounding thousands of civilians, destroying and damaging vital infrastructure — is news unfit to print.

It’s been consistently ignored for over 8 years.

The same goes for other MSM.

Russophobic fake news is featured instead — like the following report:

According to AP (fake) News:

Russian forces nowhere near Kiev, operating in and around Donbass alone, “attacked the Ukrainian capital” on Sunday — even though their SMO in ongoing in the opposite direction.

And this NYT fake news on the same issue, falsely saying:

“Russia str(uck) Kiev (sic) as G7 summit” talks begin — among leaders of the world’s most notorious fantasy democracies, ones intolerant of the real thing everywhere, especially not in their own countries.

It’s not coincidental that whatever may have happened in Kiev was timed to occur as G7 leaders were about to meet at Schoss Elmau in Germany’s Bavarian Alps, day-one of a three-day summit.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, its forces never entered or attacked Kiev, never struck residential areas or other targets not military related.

Whatever happened in the city on Sunday had the foul aroma of the latest made-in-the-USA/West false flag to once again wrongfully blame Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

And this overnight from puppet Zelensky, calling for more US/Western weapons et al — for Russia to target and destroy.

Tainting the summit of rogue states more than already, Zelensky will address the G7 on Monday.

Separately last Friday, undemocratic Dem Rep. Jim Cooper introduced an amendment to the FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (forever war-making budget) provide $45 million for nuclear-armed, sea-launched cruise missiles — dubiously called “low-yield.”

For Cooper and other extremist US lawmakers, they’re for war-making on Russia, China and other nations on hegemon USA’s target list for regime change.

The notion of a limited nuclear war with low-yield weapons is recklessly over-the-top.

Do supportive lawmakers want them used like king-sized hand grenades?

Do they want them as a preferred weapon of choice against invented enemies?

Do they have WW III in mind?

Unless overruled, the FY NDAA includes money for the production of these WMDs.

It’s a short leap from producing and stockpiling them to using them on invented enemies.

If don’t achieve intended results, perhaps thermo-nukes will be tried next.

Separately in its daily press briefing, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported no strikes on targets in Kiev because none were launched.

It did report the following:

“Ten (Ukrainian) platoons of multiple launch rocket systems” were destroyed in Donetsk. 

Another Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-25 warplane were eliminated, along with 8 more UAVs.

Russian and Lugansk forces liberated four more communities in the People’s Republic.

“Precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Kalibr missiles delivered massive strikes against the territory of the 169th training center of land troops near the settlement of Desna in the Chernigov Region, the 199th training center of air assault forces near the community of Teterevka in the Zhitomir Region and the 184th training center of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Lvov Region.”

Over 720 Nazi thugs were eliminated in the past 24 hours.

So were 12 tanks, along with other combat armored and special vehicles.

Russian airpower and artillery hammered Ukrainian forces in scores of locations — eliminating artillery, mortar positions, two command posts and four ammunition depots around Lisichansk, Lugansk.

Overpowering Russian military strikes on many Ukrainian positions greatly comprised the morale of its outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted troops.

Based on information gotten from Ukrainian POWs, there are “mass instances of heavy drinking, use of narcotic drugs and deserting combat positions.”

The regime’s military is teetering toward collapse.

Perhaps hundreds of daily numbers surrendering or deserting will be thousands in the coming days.

Days of the US-installed regime’s ability to resist are numbered.

3 thoughts on “Fake News v. the Real Thing

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Attila the Hun couldn’t reap more havoc on European Economies

    Than they’re own Criminal Elite.

    Astonishing how ass backwards
    Every decision actually is.

    Yet the Fools press on.

    The DePopulation implicit in every decision.




    Russia will defend itself.

    WWIII will not be fought on Russian soil.

    The poor people of Europe will be fried.

    Your Ruling Class doesn’t give a fux about you.

    They’ve sold you out.


    Yes, Sadly Mr Lendman
    The Nazi Held Axis Countries
    And particularly the USA..

    Keep ignoring Russia
    Just tune Russia out.
    Treat them like Chumps.

    USA acts with complete impugnity

    USA feels invincible..!

    Well here’s a little tip from
    Jimmy the Greek

    Tomorrow by 0800
    al Tanf Pirate Base

    In Syria..

    Should be completely

    No more Warnings
    No nothing.

    “Can you hear me now..?”

    Go Russia..
    To Complete Victory!


  2. Mr Lendman..

    A couple of Split Endz

    1).. the “Leaders” at the G-7
    “Pledge” they’ll give Elvis Z

    “Unlimited Support indefinitely”

    He’s already seen the
    Handwriting on the Wall

    And ready to throw in the Towel
    ” End of 2022 a Smokescreen

    To bad it isn’t
    a Bullet Proof Vest…

    When the Freaks
    Say they’re going to support you

    We all know..
    That’s the Kiss of Death..

    He’s toast.
    They’ll shoot him by Sept 1

    Also at the G-7

    Fat Boy
    Blubber Boy.

    The 50 yr old BoJo
    The Clown

    Threatens to remove his shirt

    Emulating Putin..

    But Putin at 70..
    Looks remarkable

    Fit as Fiddle..

    Yo BoJo the Blubbering Baffoon..



    2)…To the General Staff of the Victorious and Glorious

    Fightin Red Army..

    Looks like alot of water you’ll need to traverse.

    Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, Inlets


    Make yourself some
    Huggins Boats.

    Flat Hull

    Can traverse anything

    Drop 90 Merc on the back

    Can stack 5 of em..
    22 ft boats.

    In a Flatbed Truck

    Boom ready to go over anything.

    A tactical advantage, certainly

    May only use them Periodically

    But crucial
    when it’s really needed.

    Can manufacture 500 a week.
    Especially if they’re made of reenforced Aluminum.

    Those are bad boys.
    Priceless down in the Biyou

    3)…From out here in Mars

    Looks like you’re taking
    Lypyshansk from the South

    Good Call.. ostensibly.

    I’m wondering if simultaneously
    One Deep Penetration

    Way South of that Severodonesk theater

    Looks like about 30-40 miles
    South ..

    Say from Horlivka
    To Bakhmut

    That line across
    Really cuts off

    If it’s heavily armed, mined, troops committed and booby trapped ..

    Forgo it immediately.

    But I think taking as much real estate south or Backdoor to the Ukis

    And coming in

    Enfilading their lines

    Knocking the corners off their flanks is a successful play.

    Giving them as little time as possible to set up

    And repeat the Seigfried Line impediments time after time.

    5)..I noticed the Bombardment is intensifying.


    Let the Ukis know that it’s going to get alot worse.

    That’s the special motivation for them to surrender…now.

    Every good Salesman knows

    Gotta be a benefit to acting Now..!

    Use that hook to motivate your Big Special Surrender Week

    A benefit that will not be around
    For long..

    Just like you Ukrainian Soldier
    Unless you act Rationally.

    Go Russia..



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