G7 Support for Nazism and Forever Wars

So-called G7 leaders are more Larry, Moe & Curley-like slapstick stooges than what leadership is supposed to be on the world stage.

Especially the pathetic White House impersonator, a figure aware of little more than what’s scripted for him to recite or paraphrase.

At a time when China-led Global South nations of Asia, Latin America, Africa and Oceania account for nearly 60% of worldwide GDP, so-called G7 countries are declining toward irrelevancy by comparison. 

Their so-called “democratic values” are more illusion than reality under police state enforced tyranny on a fast track toward becoming full-blown.

In Bavaria, Germany on Sunday, G7 stooges — masquerading as leaders — left no doubt about where they stand, saying:

“We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian (sic), military and diplomatic (sic) support and stand with (Nazi-infested) Ukraine for as long as it takes” — to spread tyranny worldwide over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law their regimes long ago renounced.

Repression and forever wars by hot and other means on invented enemies made their societies unsafe and unfit to live in.

On all things Russia, Vladimir Putin’s liberating SMO triumphed over the scourge of made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, fascist tyranny in Ukraine, a territory masquerading as a nation-state under empire of lies-installed fantasy leadership, the real thing nowhere in sight.

According to MSM, G7 stooges on Sunday discussed throwing more billions of dollars worth of weapons et al at Nazified Ukraine — for Russia’s overpowering military to destroy.

It’s at a time of Western economies in decline, exacerbated by self-inflicted harm from sanctions war on Russia.

It’s a reason for non-Western nations to reduce their Treasury holdings, knowing they’re vulnerable to confiscation by the empire of lies.

Nations continuing to hold them want higher yields because of greater risk.

So US interest rates may rise much higher than expected, other Western economies likely to be affected in similar fashion.

It’s at a time of soaring inflation, what’s much higher in the US/West than their ruling regimes claim.

Shortages of essential goods may worsen ahead — what’s all about hegemon USA/Western war on Russia by other means, not its liberating SMO.

According to David Stockman, a “great reckoning” is underway.

“(T)he (Wall Street owned and controlled) Fed’s fake economy based on ridiculously unsustainable ultra-low interest rates is coming to a thundering end.”

“And far more abruptly and violently than the Fed and its Wall Street megaphones ever remotely imagined.”

US home mortgage rates more than doubled in the last 18 months.

They’re up around 40% in the last 6 months heading higher.

Things are at an early stage of “the biggest (US) housing crisis” in our lifetime, Stockman believes — at a time when food, energy and other essentials grow more unaffordable for millions of households.

Instead of prioritizing policies to deal responsibly with what’s happening domestically throughout the US/West, their ruling regimes are focusing on throwing more billions of dollars at Nazified Ukraine in the form of weapons et al for perpetual war with Russia already lost.

At a time when real US inflation of 16.8%, the highest level since 1947, Stockman believes that it’s “not yet even close to “peak(ing).”

“We’re in uncharted waters” getting deeper and more treacherous while G7 stooges in Bavaria fiddle as their “everything bubble” economies slow-burn.

The Biden regime’s so-called Build Back Better World economic initiative is floundering on the rocks of its failed war on Russia by other means.

According to Bloomberg News, it’s also “struggl(ing) to get off the ground because not enough G-7 (regimes) contributed financially when it was unveiled a year ago.”

And this from Germany’s Scholz:

“Sinking growth rates (throughout the West) rising inflation, scarce raw materials and disruption to supply chains are” taking a toll on their economies.

Things greatly worsened by backfired US/Western sanctions war on Russia.

According to the Brussels-based CIPI Foundation director, Paolo Raffone:

Most G7 countries are internally “fractured,” including hegemon USA ahead of its November midterm congressional elections.

Given the mess made by undemocratic Dems, Republicans should regain House and Senate control — unless the empowered wing of the one-party state stays this way by a repeat of 2020 election theft. 

2 thoughts on “G7 Support for Nazism and Forever Wars

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    First 99% on the Wee -7

    And then the last paragraph had the sizzling hot material

    ” The Bomb ” as they say in LA

    Last paragraph
    Opened this can of snakes

    First the Taco Supreme Court
    Leaks a memo

    On Roe..

    Very peculiar
    From whom..

    A Clerk..?


    It engenders
    Huge demonstrations..

    Like a Test Run..

    Next out of the Jack in the Box

    Supreme Court does overturn Roe..6-3..Wow..

    And what’s the real bottom line?

    As we know..
    The Deep State doesn’t want Trump again..

    They can’t trust him
    They don’t completely own him

    So now with women mobilized
    And motivated to vote

    Against Trump by huge numbers..

    What was a shoo- in for Don in 2024..

    Now with the Women’s Right to Choose..votes

    Their Battle Cry..

    “Remember Don put the
    Judges there..!’

    Could be a game changer for this reason…

    Even if it makes it much closer

    It gives the Deep State a better cover to steal it..!

    Which i they always intended to do anyway…

    But now they have a Handle..
    A Battle Axe actually.

    Wonder Woman’s..!

    Got to come back for the
    Wee -7.

    They’re almost irrelevant.
    As you mentioned.

    The Clown Act.

    Any meetings of the Clowns is worthless…A CIRCUS ACT..

    without Russia or China there..!



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