All Fake News All the Time on Major Issues

It’s how US/Western MSM operate over journalism as it should be — what was long ago banned in their daily misinformation and disinformation reports.

On the world stage, fake news about Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass is featured daily.

Commenting on NATO’s three-day summit in Madrid beginning Tuesday, NYT fake news called the killing machine alliance for perpetual war on invented enemies a “defensive (one) aimed at deterring (nonthreatening) Russia (it falsely called) bellicose (sic).”

The Times further defied reality by falsely calling Russia’s liberating SMO against the scourge of made-in-the-USA Nazi-infested Ukraine “one of the greatest challenges in decades (sic).”

Ignoring its democracy as it should be — in sharp contrast to fantasy versions throughout the West — the Times compounded its perversion of reality by falsely accusing Russia of “subjugation,” how hegemon USA and its subservient vassal states operate, not Moscow.

No Russian power-grabbing “aggression” is ongoing in Ukraine or anywhere else — a longstanding US-dominated NATO specialty against one invented enemy after another, nations threatening no one.

A same-day article discussed NYT fake news about a nonexistent Russian strike on a Kremenchuk, Ukraine shopping center.

Like other MSM, the Times reinvents reality in serving the hegemonic aims of the empire of lies and forever wars.

No Russian strikes “target(ed) civilians” or nonmilitary sites in Kremenchuk or anywhere else in Ukraine — how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates in all its preemptive wars on invented enemies threatening no one.

The Times and other MSM consistently turn truth on its head by falsely claiming otherwise.

It quoted puppet Zelensky’s perversion of reality, humiliating himself more than already by falsely accusing Russia of “one of the most defiant terrorist attacks in European history (sic).”

Commenting on the above fake news, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polansky, tweeted the following:

“Looks like we are dealing with a new #Bucha-style #Ukrainian provocation.”

“One should wait for what our Ministry of Defense will say, but there are too many striking discrepancies already.”

“Exactly what Kiev regime needs to keep focus of attention on #Ukraine before #NATOSummit.”

According to WaPo fake news:

The nonexistent Russian strike on Kremenchuk was a “terrorist attack (sic).”

Commenting on what happened in the city, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the following on Tuesday:

“On June 27, in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava region (of Ukraine), Russian Aerospace Forces struck hangars with weapons and ammunition received from (hegemon USA and its Western vassals) with high-precision air-based weapons, in the area of the Kremenchug road machinery plant.”

“As a result of a high-precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition concentrated in the warehouse area for further dispatch to the Ukrainian group of troops in the Donbass were hit.”

“The detonation of stored ammunition for Western weapons caused a fire in a non-operational shopping center located next to the territory of the plant.”

Claims by Kiev and its MSM press agents of large numbers of civilian casualties were greatly exaggerated — part of daily Biden regime-sponsored Russia bashing.

Separately, a G7 statement said their ruling regimes will continue supporting Nazified Ukraine “for as long as it takes” — no matter how many more billions of dollars are wasted on a lost cause at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging.

On Monday, a Biden regime statement said it intends to impose “significant new sanctions…to further intensify…economic measures against Russia…to further isolate Russia from the world economy (sic).”

US/Western regimes aside, the vast majority of world community nations maintain normalized relations with Russia.

They’re not part of hegemon USA’s sanctions war for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones exist.

A Final Comment

Commenting on the Biden regime’s harebrained attempt to prevent Russia from servicing its debt in rubles — what it’s done and will continue doing — David Stockman slammed US “officialdom (for) tak(ing) total leave of its senses.” 

Last Thursday and Friday, Russia’s Finance Ministry made $400 million in debt service payments, fulfilling its obligations to creditors.

No default occurred as falsely claimed by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents.

If US/Western holders of Russian bonds refuse to accept rubles because their banks are illegally barred from processing Russian debt payments, it’s their problem, not Moscow’s.

Stockman called the Biden regime’s scheme “outright theft of (Russian) property.”

“The US Treasury has effectively stolen $400 million of private property” to create the illusion of a Russian default.

As for hegemon USA’s sanctions war on Russia, it “knee-capped western economies and (their) consumers,” not Moscow.

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  1. Historic Babylon was destroyed because of its plunder of foreign resources and for living off the sweat of other nations.

    Modern-day Mystery Babylon (Rome-London-Washington-Brussels-Jerusalem) too will be destroyed for exactly the same reasons as foretold in the Book of Revelation.


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