Late Partial Admission of Reality

From day-one of its liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass, Russian forces have been rolling over ill-trained, poorly motivated Kiev’s Nazified and conscript troops, largely armed with long outdated Soviet era weapons.

Overpowering Russian military superiority transformed Kiev’s troops into the equivalent of a staggering punch-drunk boxer, teetering on the ropes near collapse.

Yet it took over four months of relentless pummeling for CNN — the most reviled and distrusted proliferator of television fake news masquerading as the real thing it shuns — to headline the following on Monday:

“Tide turns in…Ukraine…as Russia makes progress in the east,” saying:

“Russian forces…eliminated most Ukrainian defenses in…Lugansk…consolidated control of a belt of territory in the south, improved their logistics and command structure and blunted the effectiveness of Ukrainian attack(s) (with) drones” and other weapons.

“Severodonetsk” in the LPR was liberated, Lisichansk to follow in the coming days.

“Russian forces (are) also” advancing in Donetsk.

Ukrainian troops are “withdrawing,” retreating, not advancing.

Still, like other MSM, CNN pretends that “hope” springs eternal, that more US/Western weapons can turn the tide of battle in Kiev’s favor — at a time when its battered and beaten military is greatly degraded near collapse.

What remains of the regime’s best trained troops are in Donbass.

They’ve “been worn down by the sheer intensity of Russian bombardment and are not easily replaced.”

No replacements for them exist — other than by newly conscripted civilians, elements rushed to the front with scant or no training and no ability to operate weapons other than perhaps Soviet era rifles or automatic weapons.

Russian forces eliminated most artillery and other heavy US/Western weapons supplied to Kiev.

And this CNN admission:

“(F)ewer videos have been posted recently on social media showing Ukrainian combat planes in action” — because whenever they’re airborne, they’re easy targets for Russian air defenses to destroy.

The same reality applies to Ukrainian UAVs.

Separately, the Washington-based, neocon Institute for the Study of War (ISW) — with failed generals Jack Keane and David Petraeus among its board members — reinvented reality about what happened in Kremenchuk on Monday as explained in same-day articles, falsely claiming:

Russia’s nonexistent strike on a Kremenchuk shopping center “follows a wider intensification of (its) missile strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure and civilian targets in recent days (sic). 

Zelensky regime official, Vadym Denisenko, falsely “stated on June 26 that Russian forces have begun “a campaign of massive and largely indiscriminate missile strikes against Ukrainian cities (sic).” 

“As Russian forces continue to burn through their supply of high-precision weaponry (sic), such attacks that cause substantial collateral civilian damage will likely escalate (sic).”

The above fake news and similar MSM rubbish about Russia’s liberating SMO is featured daily throughout the US/West, including by the ISW.

And this Al Jazeera fake news:

So-called “G7 leaders called on Russia to lift (its nonexistent) blockade on Ukrainian Black Sea ports and cease (its nonexistent) actions contributing to (made-in-the USA) global food insecurity.”

On Tuesday, Security Council members will hold a so-called “emergency meeting” to discuss nonexistent Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians.

How hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates in all its preemptive wars of choice is worlds apart from tactics used by Russian forces in Ukraine and Donbass.

Last week, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Russia of “add(ing) at least another 40 million people to the ranks of those who are severely food insecure (sic).”

Compounding his Big Lie with more of the same, he turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Russian forces of “laying waste to Ukrainian farms and grain silos (sic), stealing Ukrainian grain and the equipment needed to harvest it (sic), blocking access to and from Ukrainian ports by the sea (sic).”  

And this rubbish:

“There are 25 million tons of grain trapped in silos right now in Ukraine, where it will rot if it’s not exported (sic).”

Reality check:

No Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports exists.

Russia opened humanitarian corridors for Kiev to export grain and other commodities.

The Biden regime ordered puppet Zelensky not to — with falsely blaming Russia in mind for an effective made-in-the-USA blockade of Ukrainian exports.

Like other Biden regime officials, Blinken is a congenital liar.

He’s also a war criminal multiple times over, a Russophobe, a Chinaphobe, a figure militantly hostile toward all nations free from US control.

As chief Biden regime foreign policy official, he’s recklessly and lawlessly pushing things toward direct confrontation with Russia — the unthinkable possibility of global war with nukes.

4 thoughts on “Late Partial Admission of Reality

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    I have seen the Future..
    There is no Future..!

    Dateline..September 11, 2022

    Twenty One Years ago, the Coup

    (same coup that murdered JFK)

    Bombed NYC and the Pentagon
    Murdering 3,000 people in 2001

    To get US over to Afghanistan to reap the enormous profits from HEROIN..

    The CIA’s real business..

    Besides mass murder and shooting Presidents..

    On Sept 11, 2022

    The insane Blood Simple
    Uncle Sam..

    100 times more insane than Richard Dahmer ..

    Mass Murders that make the Son of Sam look like Mr Rogers..

    Are planning to Nuke Russia with 25-50 Megaton A Bombs

    Think…Mad Dick murdered 3000 Americans on 911 …

    Didn’t blink an eye.
    Couldn’t care less ..

    Would he have any reservations to murdering Russians..

    Or Europeans for that matter:

    As the Toxicity Blowback of the Nukes on St Petersburg alone, will make Europe unlivable.

    The Crazy Man and his band of Lunatics in Armani Suits..

    Couldn’t care less.
    Never gave it any thought.

    The Important thing..
    Is that we hurt Russia.

    As we speak the War Criminals

    in the West are preparing their 300,000 Man Army..

    And flying their Air Force to Europe

    little england..
    The Bottom Feeders
    The Sick Man of Europe

    Is covered in USAF jets,

    preparing for total annihilation of peaceful Russia.

    They have no other reason to be there.



    STOP …
    STOP…selling USA and Europe anything.

    Sell them nothing.

    Not one drop or morsel of anything.

    DUMA put a Complete 100%
    Wrap Around Sanction on everything..

    In an Emergency Mtg.

    Sanction Everything..Tomorrow!

    (Except for Hungary and Serbia)

    See who still standing on
    Sept 10…

    Vegas odds says there won’t be a Government of Criminal Elite left anywhere in Europe.

    In fact, the odds are overwhelmingly suggestive of that REALITY.

    If Russia doesn’t act with clear headed reason and with alacrity

    They’ll wish they had.



    Like Hannibal before Time
    Tricked by his own mind

    Too inculcated by the Lustre.

    ” Dazzled by the Pinstripes!”

    He regreted it thoroughly,
    As you can imagine.

    The Above is Plan A
    Using Economic Weapons.

    Myself personally..I would employ PLAN B

    I’d put aside continuous warnings to the USA and Europe

    Lithuania wouldn’t be on any map by Monday morning.

    little england and the Blubbering human pig known as BoJo

    Wouldn’t have an airfield or any Airplanes left

    Anywhere on the Sculptured Isles..

    All Deleted.


    1. Mr Lendman

      Russia puts out Warning
      After Warning
      After Warning
      After Warning

      After Warning
      After Warning..
      After Warning.

      After Warning..
      And yet nothing happens

      No wonder the Baboons
      Act with impugnity.

      Openly laugh and taunt Russia.

      What will Russia do..?

      Put out more Warnings..?
      And More Warnings..?

      From out here in Left Field

      Apparently the Gangsters don’t respect nice sounding words..

      I mean …
      Let the facts speaks for themselves..

      Moreover ..

      A Realistic Count.

      of Russian Warning is over a 100…

      Maybe 200.

      RUSSIA ..

      FUX UP…!

      There’s only one thing
      Filthy Joe Biden
      And PigMan BoJo


      Force .
      And more Force ..!

      If you can’t step up to the Plate..

      You’re done.

      Get out of the Kitchen..

      Let other people defend Russia.


  2. Mr Lendman.

    Actually, it might sound preposterous

    But as History is my Witness

    There are two ways to immediately bring about peace.

    I mean instantaneously.

    1)…Ukrainian Army lay down their arms..

    Agree to Never Join NATO

    ( That charade..another Hoax

    precisely like they honored Minsk.. etc ..etc..)

    2)..A von Stauffenberg gets inside the Compound and takes out the Drug Czar.


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