Perversion of Reality on Russia and Ukraine

Examples abound daily. A glaring one is discussed below. 

Ignoring reality by political science professor, Alexander Motyl, in a days earlier LA Times op-ed, he reinvented what’s happening in Ukraine and Donbass:

“Russia can’t win its (liberating SMO) against Ukraine,” he roared — what’s already won.

According to Motyl, Moscow is “not just fighting Ukraine.”

“It’s fighting against much of the world (sic).”

NATO and other European regimes aside, the vast majority of other nations want no change in normalized relations with Russia.

They’re not part of made-in-the-USA sanctions war.

If US-dominated Western states and selected others like Japan and South Korea want to self-inflict harm by cutting back on or severing economic ties to Russia, it’s their business.

Most of the world community of nations wants no part of it.

Motyl is out-of-touch with reality, falsely saying:

“Russia’s only declared ally is Belarus (sic).”

Calling its President Alexander Lukashenko a “dictator” is as much a bald-faced Big Lie as phony accusations of the same kind about Vladimir Putin.

Motyl also understands little about the capability of Belarus’ military.

And he barely acknowledged Sino/Russian ties that bind, an alliance at least most NATO regimes want no part of tangling with militarily for good reason.

As for numerous other Russian allies, Vladimir Putin didn’t seek and doesn’t need military aid from any other countries to easily triumph over already badly battered and beaten Ukraine.

Saying “Russia is alone (against) an armada of politically, militarily and economically powerful states”ignores its numerous allies and overwhelming military superiority over Nazified Kiev.

The same goes for the following rubbish, saying:

“Were Russia a modern superpower (sic), it might be able to resist for a very long time (sic).”

“But Putin’s Russia is a third-world country with the bomb (sic).”

Even a well-informed high school student can debunk the above perversion of reality.

Militarily alone, Russia’s super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

Its well-trained, well-armed, effectively-led military way outclasses its NATO counterparts.

Yet Motyl defied reality by falsely calling its vaunted military “mediocre (sic).”

He lied claiming that “billions” for modernizing its force were “purloined (sic).”

He showed ignorance about its military superiority over Ukraine and the West by falsely saying:

“(I)ts approach to warfare remains mired in the mid-20th century (sic).”

“Its tanks are old (sic), and its missiles are running out (sic).”

According to an editor’s summary of military expert Andrei Antanov’s book, titled “Losing Military Supremacy:”

“Time after time, the American military has failed to match lofty declarations about its superiority, producing instead a mediocre record of military accomplishments.” 

“Starting from the Korean War, the US hasn’t won a single war against a technologically inferior, but mentally tough, enemy.”

“The technological dimension of American ‘strategy’ has completely overshadowed any concern with the social, cultural, operational, and even tactical requirements of military (and political) conflict.”

“With a new cold war with Russia (ongoing), the US enters a new period of geopolitical turbulence completely unprepared in any meaningful way — intellectually, economically, militarily, or culturally — to face a reality which was hidden for the last 70-plus years behind the curtain of never-ending Chalabi moments and a strategic delusion concerning Russia, whose history the US viewed through a Solzhenitsified caricature kept alive by a powerful neocon lobby, which even today dominates US policy makers’ minds.”

Martyanov’s “book explores the dramatic difference between the Russian and US approach to warfare, which manifests itself across the whole spectrum of activities from art and the economy to the respective national cultures.”

“It illustrates the fact that Russian economic, military, and cultural realities and power are no longer what American ‘elites’ think they are by addressing Russia’s new and elevated capacities in the areas of traditional warfare, as well as cyberwarfare and space.”

It discusses “ways in-depth in which the US can simply stumble into conflict with Russia and what must be done to avoid it.”

“Martyanov’s former Soviet military background enables deep insight into the fundamental issues of warfare and military power as a function of national power-assessed correctly, not through the lens of Wall Street ‘economic’ indices and a FIRE economy, but through the numbers of enclosed technological cycles and culture, much of which has been shaped in Russia by continental warfare and which is practically absent in the US.”

The gap between Russia’s military expertise v. the decadent, depraved West continues widening in Moscow’s favor.

Motyl is ignorant of the above reality and it shows in his way-off-the-mark op-ed.

While European states have been greatly harmed by US/Western sanctions war on Russia, its economy is holding up well because it’s largely self-sufficient.

The West badly needs Russian energy and other commodities.

Moscow most definitely does not need the decadent, depraved West.

Motyl further embarrassed himself by falsely claiming that Russia “incurred huge losses in Donbass (sic)” — citing so-called “Ukrainian resistance,” what’s weak and ineffective.

And claiming that its virtually defeated military is “preparing a counteroffensive in the strategically important Kherson province, where (it) could recapture the canal that supplies water to Crimea and nullify Russia’s hopes of a land corridor there” is delusional.

And this colossal defiance of reality on the ground, saying:

Once new US weapons arrive, Ukraine’s “military believes that it will be able to turn the tide and drive the Russians out of the territories they occupied since the war began (sic).”

And this rubbish:

Ukrainians face a “choice of fighting or dying since” Russia’s SMO began.

And this show of ignorance:

“Sober Russians realized that their army’s (campaign) not only failed to defeat the Ukrainians (sic) but also created a powerful anti-Russian coalition (sic) that Russia has little chance of countering (sic).”

The so-called anti-Russian coalition existed throughout new millennium years because the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin won’t subordinate the nation or its people to hegemon USA’s will.

And this Motyl rubbish: 

“There is no end game for Russia that does not leave it weakened (sic), and a strengthened Ukrainian counteroffensive will only erode Moscow’s bargaining power (sic).

And this:

“The choice before Ukraine’s allies is simple.” 

“Minimize carnage by doing all that is possible to force Russia’s withdrawal quickly or defeat the Russians slowly and maximize the bloodshed (sic).”

“Either way, Putin, and Russia, will be the loser (sic)” — even though Russia’s Ukraine campaign has already been won.

Motyl’s op-ed reads like something prepared at Langley or Pentagon headquarters — state-approved propaganda to shift attention from the colossal defeat of Ukraine and its US/NATO paymaster by vastly superior Russian military strength and tactics.


3 thoughts on “Perversion of Reality on Russia and Ukraine

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  1. “…Minimize carnage by doing all that is possible to force Russia’s withdrawal quickly…”

    Yeah, that would certainly minimize the carnage, most certainly. A concerted effort to force a quick Russian withdrawal.

    Can’t make this stuff up.


  2. Mr Lendman,



    Whole lives we’ve been listening to these apologists for Imperial Conquests..

    Their entire World View jaundiced by arrogance,

    hubris and a delusional belief
    in American Exceptionalism.

    “We’re Special ..!”

    Hard to believe, really.
    We have no other Model.

    A Century of Lies.
    My Brain is Fried.

    Always reminds me of
    Ursula LeGuinn’s

    ” Left Hand of Darkness”

    The protagonist lands on a Distant Planet.

    Divided into two World’s.

    He soon discovers he landec in the Wrong Side..
    The Bad Side.


    That would be us.

    Here’s what the PinHead
    Rutgers Prof Alex Motyl
    Doesn’t see..

    Because he’s paid not to see,

    This Ambush of Russia.

    Separated the Wheat
    from the Husk ..

    “Separated the Water..!”

    Like never before
    The Gangsters discovered

    Virtually the entire World
    Outside of the Pink Zone ..

    The Pink Ass Europe and USA

    Supported Russia

    In Fact ,

    A Correction or qualifying statement need be added

    In Europe, Oz and USA / Canada
    Only the Criminal Elite are backing the UkiNazis

    The Working Classes will soon be displaying their complete and utter disapproval of the War ..

    The War on them
    And their Standard of Living.

    It’s a Fantastic Opportunity

    To rid ourselves of this Cancer on the Body Politick.

    In fact,
    The Perfect Storm..

    Couldn’t even assemble the ingredients if you tried

    The West Facing Financial Ruin
    Like a Tsunami .

    The Ruling Class has lost almost all creditability

    with Half the Population ..!

    Too many lies..

    Now we watch people maimed
    And murdered by Big Pharm

    And another Fig Leaf
    A really big one..

    Comes off the Frankenstein
    Posing as Adonis..

    And the Working Class will soon be coming off the Trauma and Shock of the Plandemic Hoax

    And angry as hell..
    Loaded for Bear

    And looking for some “Justice! ”

    Water is just started percolating

    Gonna get real hot.
    Scorching hot.

    In fact, with the Baboons

    They may lose the Whole Ranch very soon.

    They’re really Ft Apache

    The whole world is
    ” Indian Country”

    Witness all the Countries that want to join BRICS .

    The Gangsters might pick up Finland and Sweden

    But Lose Mexico and Argentina

    Population Comparision
    180 Million to 18 Million..!





  3. Why is political studies inappropriately called political science?

    The results of true ‘science’ can be replicated and will withstand the test of time.

    Political science is a perversion of ‘science’. Political science is fake science.

    It’s the same way the pharmaceutical industry for its own enrichment has been perverting biological science through manipulation of researchers and mainstream media. The latest episode being the fake Covid viruses and the harmful vaccines.


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