Russia’s Liberating SMO Going As Planned

Russia’s SMO aims were publicly stated, repeated for emphasis, remain unchanged and are proceeding effectively as planned.

Despite tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al thrown at Nazified Ukraine by the US-dominated West since hegemon USA’s 2014 coup in Kiev, its largely conscript force is way outclassed by Russia’s vastly superior military strength.

Discussing Russia’s SMO on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin stressed that “nothing…changed” since launched on Feb. 24.

“Everything is going according to plan.”

“I’m not talking about deadlines.”

“I never do…Imposing them is wrong because it is related to the intensity of fighting, and the intensity is directly linked to the possible casualties.”

“(W)e have to first and foremost think about preserving the lives of our guys.”

Russian forces are also focusing solely on military targets to protect civilians in harm’s way and nonmilitary infrastructure.

It’s in sharp contrast to anything goes in flagrant breach of international law when preemptive US-dominated NATO wars of aggression are waged on invented enemies threatening no one.

Commenting on the war-making alliance, Putin called it a “Cold War relic,”

Its 30 members expanding to 32 with the addition of Finland and Sweden won’t change a thing.

The only threats faced by alliance member states are invented.

No real ones existed throughout the post-WW II period since NATO was established in April 1949.

It was ahead of US-led aggression against nonbelligerent North Korea from June 1950 – to July 1953, an invented enemy, never a real one to the present day.

Russia’s unmatched hypersonic cruise and intercontinental missiles can hit targets anywhere with devastating force and precision accuracy.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO has no effective way to counter them.

What their ruling regimes supplied to Ukraine changed nothing on the ground — other than prolonging conflict, not how it’ll end.

According to analyst Larry Johnson, hegemon USA “no longer is the industrial powerhouse” it was WW II and its near-term aftermath.

“Russia is the only country” involved in all things Ukraine able to produce and deploy what’s needed to succeed militarily on its own.

While its SMO is slow-going to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure, there’s no ambiguity about its outcome — what’s largely achieved by already having greatly degraded Ukraine’s military.

On Wednesday, Putin stressed that Russian forces are achieving their objectives, adding:

Since Washington’s 2014 coup in Kiev, Russia has known all along that the empire of lies “ha(s) been preparing for some kind of actions against us.”

“This is precisely what explains our decisive actions to protect our own interests.”

And this Putin reality check:

“We were constantly told that NATO(’s) (killing machine) changed (sic).” 

That the war-making alliance “is now most likely a political union (sic).”

“But everyone was looking for a reason and an opportunity to give them a new impetus precisely as a military organization.”

“Well, please, they are doing it.”

“There is nothing new for us here.”

US-dominated NATO member states “confirm(ed) not their leadership, but their hegemonism in the truest sense of the word, their imperial ambitions” — by raping and destroying one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another.

Yet little more was achieved than endless mass slaughter and destruction — what NATO is all about in pursuit of Washington’s hegemonic aims.

As for Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Putin said that if alliance troops are deployed to their territory, Russia will respond appropriately.

Moscow “used to have good relations” with both countries.

“Now there will be tensions. It is evident. There is no avoiding it.”

Yet neither country is militantly hostile toward Russia like Nazi-infested Ukraine — a hegemon USA-controlled territory for proxy war on the Russian Federation.

Commenting on Putin’s Wednesday remarks, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to set the record straight.

Putin bashing followed instead, along with reinventing reality on the ground in Ukraine with remarks like the following:

“Putin thinks that he stabilized his war effort and his economic and political system, after Russia’s initial military failures (sic) and an avalanche of Western sanctions.”

Military failures apply to Kiev’s badly battered, beaten and greatly degraded military — in sharp contrast to overwhelming successes by Russian forces.

As for US/Western sanctions, they boomeranged against European economies, harming them significantly while largely self-sufficient Russia is holding up well.

As for “extraordinarily united…NATO” v. Russia, their member states are “united” against deploying troops to Ukraine on the ground or in its airspace for direct confrontation against Moscow.

Saying “Ukraine shows no sign of giving up the fight” is all about hegemon USA wanting things to continue no matter the human cost — despite no chance of Kiev prevailing over vastly superior Russian military strength.

And claiming that Moscow is “isolat(ed) globally” is belied by reality on the ground as explained in earlier articles.

The Times and other MSM can’t bring themselves to acknowledge that Russia’s SMO has been one-sided since launched in its favor.

It’s just a matter of time until Ukraine’s already defeated military collapses altogether.

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