Pioneer of Safely and Effectively Curing Flu/Covid Jab-Free Passes

If the US/Western medical and scientific community treated patients like Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, the mother of all state-sponsored scams — with destroying public health in mind — would have been stillborn.

After a long battle with terminal cancer, Zelenko passed away on Thursday at age-48.

I wrote about him on the same day without knowing of his passing, an article posted Friday on my blog site.

Even though he had terminal cancer, was his death natural or was he pushed to pass prematurely — to silence a pioneer in safely and effectively treating and curing flu/covid jab-free?

Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) — a group of physicians dedicated to “honest healthcare solutions” at a time of state-sponsored mass deception about all things flu/covid and related issues — Zelenko pioneered use of safe, effective, low-cost hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and zinc sulfate.

He showed that this protocol cures flu/covid jab-free.

In his practice, he fully restored to health around 7,500 patients who contracted the viral illness, saying the following:

He achieved a “near-100% success rate” by use of his protocol, including about 1,000 patients he called high-risk.

Along with use of known safe and effective ivermectin, the vast majority of individuals ill from flu/covid can be cured in a matter of days by use of his protocol.

Earlier he explained the following:

His protocol “has been embraced by world-leading physicians who are honest and capable of deductive reasoning and are not indoctrinated,” adding:

“(U)nfortunately, 90% of physicians in this country are incapable of independent thought.”

“The net result is that they follow blindly the recommendations of their employers or government agencies without using common sense.” 

“They just follow orders, like the Nazis did.”

Noted physician Peter McCullough, epidemiologist Harvey Risch, America’s Frontline Doctors, and many others successfully used this protocol — because it works when administered within around 10 days of contracting the viral illness.

Calling what’s below a “cure for tyranny,” Zelenko said the following:

“Go to the pharmacy and get Corcidin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc for which no prescription is needed.

Use them as labels recommend, “the right dosage, (and) you will get better and stay healthy,” adding:

“(A)ll of a sudden I have empowered the individual not to be subjugated or brutalized by terrible governance and physician malfeasance and malpractice.”

Avoid toxic jabs that risk irreversible harm and death, what Zelenko called (state-sponsored, media supported) murder.”

What’s going on in the West and elsewhere where flu/covid jabs are administered is a “(c)onspiracy to commit genocide by a group of sociopaths who think that they’re God.”

The so-called flu/covid crisis is “the biggest psychological warfare in human history.”

Fueled by “pathological fear, (it’s) used by (dark forces) to manipulate” people to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

The diabolical scheme aims to reduce “the world population,” Zelenko stressing:

“There have always been tyrants and despots who have delusions that they are a deity, or godlike, and feel that they are entitled to set the course of human history.”

“Nazi ideology was exactly that, (wanting those) considered subhuman” eliminated or enslaved to serve a higher power. 

“The same thing is happening now” in new form, diabolical US/Western dark forces behind it.

What Zenenko called “sociopaths” are mass-murderers — planning extermination on an unparalleled scale in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

“We are living in World War Three,” Zelenko stressed, adding:

“This is a level of malfeasance and malevolence that we have not seen probably in the history of humanity.”

A summa cum laude Hofstra University graduate in chemistry, Zelenko earned his MD from SUNY’s Buffalo School of Medicine in May 2000.

A family physician described by his patients as “a family member to thousands of families,” his “Zelenko Protocol” restored the health of countless thousands of flu/covid patients in the US and abroad.

Dealing with his own life and death struggle, he suffered from metastatic sarcoma, had open heart surgery, and endured the torment of aggressive chemotherapy.

He also endured defamation of character by MSM in cahoots with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers — along with threats to his life and well-being for exposing their health-destroying agenda.

Honoring the measure of the man, America’s Frontline Doctors said the following:

Co-AFLDS founder, Dr. Simone Gold, said:

“We stand on his shoulders.”

Frontline News Staff said he “masterfully combined the skills of both critical thinking and the scientific method…”

He “shaped their application out of his love for both God and patients…” 

“Zev was not content to sit back and wait for politicians or public health officials to settle upon a prescribed treatment path.”

“People were dying. He began searching almost immediately for a method of treatment.”

“Up to the time of his death, Zev had overseen the treatment of approximately 7,500 patients using his protocol and experienced only three patient deaths.”

“(U)se of the Zelenko Protocol spread worldwide.”

Along with other “courageous doctors…he was nominated…for a Nobel Prize in recognition of his groundbreaking treatment and outspoken advocacy on behalf of patients.”

Yet dark forces in Washington, in New York state where he practiced and elsewhere in the US, threaten to delicense physicians for doing the right thing, for doing no harm, for prioritizing the rights and needs of patients first and foremost — for practicing medicine the right way.

Since mRNA kill shots were rolled out around 18 months ago, Zev outspokenly stressed how they harm health over the other way around.

He was especially critical about mass-jabbing kids.

They, adolescents and young adults are virtually sure to recover fully if contract flu/covid.

In early 2018, Zev was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and told it was incurable.

“Without it, (he) would not have developed (his) passion for searching for answers that others said couldn’t be found,” he explained.

“(A)nd without it, (he) could not have held (up against) the persecution and ridicule (he) received for daring to treat patients” the right way, adding:  

“I have looked death in the eye and I have been made ready to meet God.”

“I fear nothing on this earth.”

A same-day article discusses his Zelenko Freedom Foundation “to educate the public through medical professionals dedicated to speaking truth to power in order to protect the health of all people.”

Visit to learn about his Z-Stack, Z-Stack for kids and Z-DTox — what can be purchased from his foundation.

His memoirs, titled Zelenko, will be published in late summer or early fall.

He’s survived by his wife, 8 children, his parents and brother.

His website,, said his Zelenko Protocol enabled the survival of 99% of high-risk flu/covid patients.

Along with his Nobel Prize nomination, he was also nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

At a US Senate Homeland Security meeting, he was recognized as a heroic figure.

He’s been published in “top peer reviewed journals (along with other) world renown physicians.”

He “provided counsel to White House personnel, multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, public figures.”

He’s been a board certified family physician for over 20 years.

I wrote about his advocacy for and use of safe and effective flu/covid treatments several times.

He’s gone but his Zelenko Labs will continue providing health protecting and restoring products.

The Zelenko Labs Family called him a man of deep faith, a friend, an intellect, a physician, a scientist, an outspoken activist, and a businessman (with an) incredible love for his family, and a tireless inspiration to the company.”

His mission and spirit live. His legacy remains to be written.

He’ll be sorely missed.

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