Hegemon USA’s Long Wars

The empire of lies and its NATO vassal states are waging wars by hot and/or other means on multiple fronts against invented enemies.

Without exception, targeted nations are nonbelligerent, nonthreatening ones free from US hegemonic control.

Nazi-infested Ukraine was militarized by US/NATO regimes to wage long war on Russia, no matter the human toll.

On July 1, the Biden regime’s war department announced another $820 million worth of weapons et al for Ukrainian Nazis to continue waging US proxy war on Russia clearly lost but bleeding anyway.

The new package includes:

“Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS)

Two National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS)

Up to 150,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition, and

Four additional counter-artillery radars.”

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup — transforming democratic Ukraine into a Nazi-infested fascist police state — hegemon USA has thrown tens of billions of dollars down a black hole in support of tyranny and forever war along Russia’s borders over peace and the rule of law.

That’s how the empire of lies operates worldwide, including domestically against unwanted segments of its society.

No matter what hegemon USA and subservient NATO regimes throw at Ukraine, its hollowed out military is coming apart in slow-motion from Russian ground and airstrikes. 

Lugansk is nearly entirely liberated, Donetsk to follow. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

“High-precision attacks launched by Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 2 command posts, (and) 5 munitions depots” in Lugansk, along with Ukrainian manpower and military equipment in 26 areas.”

“(H)igh-precision attacks launched by Russian Aerospace Forces (also) neutralized 2 MRLS platoons and 2 artillery platoons” in Donetsk, adding: 

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery (AFU) command posts, 1 radar designed for detecting air targets (in the Odessa region), 3 munitions depots (in Donetsk), as well as manpower and military equipment in 297 areas.”

US/NATO regimes are unable to intercept Russia’s high-precision hypersonic missile strikes on designated targets.

They continuing their demilitarization campaign as planned.

If Nazified Ukraine continues the futility of waging proxy war on Russia months longer — as ordered by its US master — an entire generation of youths and others may be lost.

Americans and their European counterparts are also adversely affected, things likely to worsen ahead and cause protracted misery — because of no letup in US imperial arrogance.

According to the Biden regime’s arrogant national economic council head, Brian Deese, soaring gasoline and other prices will persist in pursuit of hegemon USA’s renamed new world order — now deceptively called the “liberal world order (sic).”

Its misery will continue for “as long as it takes so Russia cannot defeat (already defeated) Ukraine and move beyond” the Nazified territory (sic). 

Defying Biden regime indifference toward the vast majority of Americans harmed by its policies across the board, including the highest US inflation since 1947, Deese falsely added the following, saying:

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are “do(ing) everything in (their) power to blunt high prices and bring (them) down (sic).”

Reality is very much the other way around.

Forever proxy war on Russia by illegitimate Biden regime — at the expense of vital homeland needs and world peace — got actor John Voight to call for its removal by impeachment, stressing:

“We have a troubled nation with much horror from these criminals (in Washington) that are ruining lives.”

“We must stop this now.”

“We must bring back our nation’s safety.” 

We must “guard our neighborhoods, our businesses, our children, our elderly, our veterans and our handicapped.” 

Americans are justifiably “angry.”

The Biden regime “wronged” the nation and its people. 

It “must be impeached” and replaced.

Indeed, but the problem that Voight left unaddressed is that both wings of the US war party operate in similar fashion.

From inception, the US has been at war at home and abroad against invented enemies perpetually — with scant moments of peace.

As long as it seeks dominance over the world community of nations — by brute force time and again — they’ll be no end to mass slaughter and destruction, unless by pushing things too far, nuclear armageddon ends us all.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    I love it.
    I LOVE IT…!

    Hardball, baby..!

    The Security Council

    This has their Providence..
    Like a Hot Wax Seal .

    They judiciously decided not to wipe Lithuania off the Map..!

    Yosemite Sam’s
    Plan B..

    The Historically Conscious
    Noble Russians

    are resorting to Economic Measures..!

    Saving the xxx Weapons for August

    When the Nazis
    ” Draw on them..”

    Barbarossa 2.

    Then they’re is gonna be the end of the Dalton Gang..

    The Real Shootout at the
    OK Corral..

    They’ll be tagged and bagged
    And Buried..

    In Tombstone, Arizona..baby!


    ” I’m Your Huckleberry, Sammy”


    Please Read and Cheer.

    Yes, Mr Lendman


    1 Jul, 2022


    Moscow has expanded the list of commodities that must be paid for in Russian currency.

    The Russian government has added grain, sunflower oil and extracted meal to the list of exports that must be paid for in rubles.

    A resolution giving effect to the decision was adopted on Friday and published on the official portal of legal information.

    It also provides for a one-year extension of duties to be paid in the national currency in respect of exported sunflower oil and sunflower meal until August 31, 2023.

    As part of the new payment mechanism, the base price for calculating the export duty on wheat will be 15,000 rubles (over $267) per ton.

    Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter and a major supplier of sunflower seeds.

    Russian Minister for Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev said this month that the country would export agricultural products to “friendly countries” only.

    According to the minister, Russia’s grain harvest could reach 130 million tons this year, which would be enough to cover both domestic needs and ensure export potential.



  2. Mr Lendman,

    A…From Stalingrad to Kursk
    Is 500 Miles..

    (Kursk was 6 months after Stalingrad)

    B…Kursk to Berlin in 1250 miles
    (One and half yrs later)

    Severodonesk might have been

    “Whole Lotta Shakin Comin Up!”

    But by way of Historical Metrics
    Big Red..

    Is doing fantastic..!

    In a World…
    The Ukraine is 1/3 the Size of Europe

    A Conquest of that dimension
    In 3 or 4 months..!

    Tops Anything in History.

    Napoleon would Applaud
    Julius Caesar as well.

    We might be in the End Game now..!

    Nothing can save the Uki Nazis.
    And most importantly..

    The Nazi Collaborators in the West..

    It’s the Biggest Defeat of US Imperialism …EVER..!

    Comrade General Tovarish, sir

    Slow and Steady..

    Everything on Russia’s
    Time Table..

    When your good and ready.

    And here’s the Wake Up Call

    And World Fascism

    The Point:

    Russia let your awesome
    Economic Weapons

    Do their job
    In another theater

    Maybe a More important

    The Guggenheim
    Von Clausewitz Theater..

    Let the People under Nazi Control

    See their Criminal Elite for what they are..

    And the People’s Real Enemy

    Not Russia.

    I cannot Emphasize that enough..

    Don’t need to say it aloud,
    But we’re looking for
    REGIME CHANGE in Europe.

    Excluding Hungary and Serbia.

    It’s imperative.
    Or nothing will change.


    The Bulletin is Excellent.
    But Please, Russia

    Be sure to increase the heat
    Incrementally on everything

    Except for Friends.
    Do right by them emphatically.


    AFTER 20 YRS.





    Hey..Remember the Temptations ?

    “Wait…oh, just a little bit longer..

    Now your Daddy Don’t Mind..
    And Your Momma don’t mind !”

    Let the


  3. Mr Lendman

    Currently Sat Morn..July 2..
    11:30 am…EST.

    15 Minutes ago Sputnik

    the Ukraine fired Missiles at Belarus..

    (All were Blocked)

    EIN So..

    The CIA won’t let the Ukrainian Dupes Quit.

    The CIA doubles down.

    Apparently they have made the Decision to expand the War.

    In Reality..


    Cheney aware the Nazis can’t win in the Ukraine..

    So he’s expanded the Field.

    This is his last Rodeo.

    By Xmas he’ll be hiding in Paraguay on the Aquifer.

    Who’s rockets were they..?
    USA or UK..

    Wait ..does that really matter anymore..

    The Entire Nazi Held Axis Powers are involved.

    The Collaborators are afraid to stop and face their Public.

    Hence, we have the
    War Carosel

    Which the Duped Working Class will never be able to get off of..

    A hand and glove fit for the Plandemic..

    Each hand washing the other.

    Two Hoaxs
    Two Frauds.
    Two Enormous Crimes..

    And the Human Trash
    Just warming up.

    Oh yes,
    It’s Upon Us ..!

    Expect the Polish Jokes
    To roll out their shiny
    Nazi ware..

    And Boris the Bloviating blubbering Bubble Boy..

    To give Guarantees..

    Similar to an Irish Backstop
    And other Regal Lies ..

    Lying out of Both Sides
    Of the Mouth

    Considered normal by the English Perverts..

    I Mighty England
    Of Yesteryear..

    How can you assist your Master
    The Illiterates..
    The Brokedick Cowboys

    Well, you can tell lies !

    What else can you do,

    Oh ..and plant bombs like filthy ISIS terrorists..

    Like the Human Pigs you are .

    Well, Well, Well .

    Yoda says, “So desperate they are to avoid the Noose .

    They’d rather blow up the World”


    All I know…Is this is not going to end pretty.

    BTW ..when Poland strikes
    Stabs you in the Back ..

    Don’t think twice.
    Knock out Warsaw

    With Extremel Prejudice.

    Like I keep saying
    Like a Broken Record

    Needs to stop somewhere.
    This is as fine a place as Ever.

    Lastly, importantly

    Be sure to knock out Zelensky..
    Hiding in his CIA HQ in Poland.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    What time is it…?
    Time For A Touchdown..!

    Here’s the Skinny..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mr Lendman

    The Greatest Person of the entire Epoch ..

    Perhaps in the entire last
    100 years..

    Perhaps in all of History.
    It would be arguable..

    And would be Heralded and Praised

    until the last day of Civilization.

    Would be the Pilgrim..

    Who takes out the CIA
    In Langley Virginia.

    Like killing the Spider
    The Venomous Spider

    Before it bites you.
    That simple.


  5. Mr Lendman,

    July the 3rd.

    This basket of floating
    Exigencies..All disparities…
    Some kind of Gestalt..

    Is temporarily entitled,

    ” The Discreet Charm of the Petite Bourgeois Robber Clan of Dirty Joe..and ilk..

    “17 Months of Straight Up Lies Swindles..and Video Tape”

    Or “How to get the Soap off your balls ..if you live in Denver..!”

    Let us begin our Journey.

    UK just announced $1.2 Billion
    For Uki Air Defense.

    Air Defense..
    Long term..

    While Joey just expropriated the
    US Taxpayers for another
    $800M for Air Defense..

    call it a Kool Billion..

    With all the Ancillaries

    Air Defense
    Staying Awhile…?

    How long will that take to build and implement..?

    Clearly, the CIA and MI -6
    Are preparing for a
    Protracted War.

    “Bleed Russia”
    The Battle Cry of the Nazis..

    Their last Chance for Romance

    Before they’re swept into the Rubbish Bin.

    My only question is

    Can everyone read the
    Tea Leaves…?

    2)…USA sending
    Surface to Air Missiles

    That reach deep into Russia.

    Gee… what’s that for…?

    3)..I just read Glazprom
    Cut German Gas by 60%

    Last Week.

    The Economic Ministry

    the Unraveling of the German Economy will begin

    And the decline will be precipitatous…!

    Yet the Fools
    Halfway thru the Big Muddy

    Press on..
    Blind to Reality..

    Wonder why ..?

    Somebody has made a
    Conscious decision,

    to destroy the German Economy.

    Depopulation and the

    End of Europe…
    The End of Europeans
    & the end of European Culture.


    Let’s face it..
    In two Imperialist wars

    In a Century
    WWI and WWII

    Europe lost so much DNA
    The Creme of the Crop

    Tens of Millions of Men..!
    As to be almost irreplaceable

    Now The Mad Little Corporal
    Drugged up…Quite insane

    Wants more.

    This is the Final Push.
    Nay, sadly, The Final Solution .

    All a Part of our Dystopic Home
    In Memphis Tennessee

    A Geo Political Catastrophe

    And the Monkey Pox Game.

    Serial Killers given a trillion dollars a year..

    To destroy us.

    Wait..they get even more Stupid

    No Gold.
    The Baboons won’t take Russian Gold.


    There are about a dozen industries that need gold for Production.

    All Electronix need Gold.
    Can’t even make Cell Phones.

    Much less Space Age Materials.

    Can Europe really be that stupid?

    This is UN Agenda 2030.
    Imposed on Europe by Wall St.
    J Street.

    See where Gold Jumped.

    Spot price moved on Just the hint of it.

    India raised the Tax on Gold Imports from 7.5% to 12.5%


    But in other words

    Nobody in 1960 could imagine
    A Germany / Europe so emasculated..

    That they would cut

    out of about 5 or 6 strategic industries ..

    Because the CIA told them too.

    Janet Yellen..

    Her Price Caps on Russian Oil


    Excuse me, but who are you


    Oh the Crazy Yenta that somehow still thinks she controls Russian Oil..

    The Yellen Yenta ..

    Walks in..

    “Oye Russia..
    You can’t charge that much .!”


    They will impale themselves on the Wall that is Russia and China

    These Gutter Rats.



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