All Fake News All the Time on Key Issues

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT features some of the most egregious perversions of reality on all things Russia and Ukraine — and all other domestic and geopolitical issue.

Big Lies and mass deception are its longstanding stock and trade, truth and full disclosure banned in its daily fake news editions.

Examples abound like the following on Sunday, falsely saying:

Russian “missiles and artillery…struck people in bread lines and on playgrounds, as well as apartment blocks, theaters and hospitals (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie, followed by this perversion of reality, saying:

“(J)ournalists (sic), independent organizations (sic) and Ukrainian officials documented Russian attacks on thousands of civilian buildings, structures and vehicles (sic).”

“In some cases, Russia used outdated weapons that might have been aimed at an industrial facility but missed, putting civilians at risk (sic).”

“But in many other cases, the Russians’ explanations have not held up under scrutiny (sic).”

Like MSM across the board, the Times consistently and repeatedly turns reality on its head in support of Biden regime orchestrated and directed Ukrainian Nazi crimes of war and against humanity.

Russian forces scrupulously avoid striking civilians and vital infrastructure, attacking military targets alone.

In sharp contrast — what the Times and other MSM suppress — Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops massacred thousands of civilians in Donbass since April 2014, along with causing destruction or damage to vital infrastructure.

Yet the Times and other MSM press agents for money, power and privilege at the expense of truth and full disclosure don’t consider the above reality news fit to report.

So they suppress it — while falsely blaming Russian forces for what they had nothing to do with.

Knowing that Russia only strikes military related targets, the Times pretended otherwise by inventing examples.

Russia’s destruction of Ukrainian depots with weapons and munitions near Odessa was falsely called an attack on a hotel, residential tower and recreational center.

No Russian attack on a largely deserted Kremenchuk shopping center occurred, as misreported by the Times and other MSM.

Nor did Russian forces strike a “Kramatorsk train station packed with civilians” — another Times bald-faced Big Lie.

And the Times falsely blamed Russia for the destruction of a Mariupol theater by Biden regime-supported Azov Nazi thugs.

No Russian attack on a “Chernihiv bread line” occurred — another Times perversion of reality.

A Russian missile strike on a Mariupol maternity hospital occurred because it was transformed into a military command post by Ukrainian Nazis.

What happened in Bucha was a made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flag to wrongfully blame Russian forces for what they had nothing to do with.

More examples of fake news reported by the Times and other MSM abound.

Most everything misreported on has been based on Pentagon and CIA supplied or approved fake news talking points.

More of the same is virtually certain ahead — part of longstanding infowar propaganda Russia bashing by making stuff up.

And this rubbish by puppet Zelensky in his latest nightly propaganda hyperventilating, falsely saying:

Russia killed at least 21 people and injured 38 this week near Odessa (sic).

Russian forces are “mounting pressure” on Lisichansk — ignoring its liberation from Nazified occupation.

“Fierce hostilities continue along the entire front line in Donbass.”

“The enemy’s activity in the Kharkov region is intensifying.”

Left unexplained is how Russian forces greatly degraded Ukraine’s beaten military.

According to Swedish researcher, Oscar Jonsson:

Ukrainians with little or no training are being rushed to frontline areas where they’re no match against superior Russian firepower.

Sending lambs to the slaughter “without training and logistics is a sure way they’ll have no longevity.”

When I was in the US army long ago when military service was mandatory except for the physically unable, I was put through two months of rather intensive training during which I was only taught basic stuff.

Anything more complicated takes additional weeks or months.

Because of needed replacements to make up for heavy losses, Ukrainians in their teens to age-60, including some women, are being rushed to frontline duty with at most a few days training to become cannon fodder.

All the most sophisticated weapons around make no difference on the ground without highly trained and motivated troops to use them — what Ukraine clearly lacks in numbers large enough to make a difference.

So most troops deployed to frontline duty are relatively easy for well-trained, well-armed Russian forces to roll over.

That’s the reality of what’s gone on since Russia’s SMO began — while taking great care to avoid civilian casualties, striking military targets alone.

Followers of US/Western MSM are mind-manipulated to know nothing about reality on the ground.

Yet with minimal effort, anyone connected online can easily locate and follow independent, truth-telling, reliable sources on most all important domestic and geopolitical issues.

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