Lugansk Free at Last from Nazified Occupation — Donetsk to Follow

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, reported that its armed forces and Lugansk freedom fighters liberated the People’s Republic from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

A separate Russian Defense Ministry statement reported the following:

“As a result of successful offensive operations, the troops of the Center group under the command of Colonel General Alexander Lapin captured the settlements of Verkhnekamenka, Zolotarevka, Belogorovka, reached the Seversky Donets and, together with the Southern Group of Forces under the command of Army General Sergey Surovikin, closed the encirclement around Lisichansk.”

Remaining Ukrainian troops in and around the city are surrounded.

Mopping-up operations continue until they surrender or face elimination.

It’s all over in Lisichansk and Lugansk except for completion of what’s ongoing and postmortems.

At the same time, long-suffering LPR residents still face cross-border shelling by Ukrainian Nazis, including use of banned cluster and other terror weapons that aim to cause maximum numbers of civilian deaths and disabling injuries.

While almost admitting that Russian and LPR forces liberated Lisichansk, the last Nazified stronghold in the republic, the Times failed to report the liberation of Lugansk entirely.

Instead, it published Kiev’s fake news claim about continued fighting in Lisichansk.

WaPo reported similar fake news.

The WSJ headlined the following on Sunday:

“Russia Claims Control of Lugansk as Ukrainian Forces Retreat From Lisichansk, admitting the following:

“Russian forces captured Lisichansk, the last major Ukrainian stronghold in Lugansk, effectively placing (the People’s Republic) under Russian (and LPR) control.”

In contrast to the above Times and WaPo fake news, the Journal said that a “Ukrainian official confirmed that their troops were withdrawing from Lisichansk.”

Claiming it was “to avoid being surrounded” ignored the absence of escape routes.

Russian and LPR forces control them.

There’s no way out for surrounded Ukrainian troops.

They’ll likely surrender, knowing the alternative is death.

According to BoJo regime controlled BBC propaganda — citing Ukraine’s so-called war minister, Yury Sak — Lisichansk and Lugansk are not under “full control” of Russian and LPR forces (sic), the beeb adding:

“Claims from Russia that it has taken Lisichansk are still heavily disputed by the Ukrainian side” — instead of admitting that the Russian report is accurate, what Kiev reports is fake news.

The Journal admitted that Russia turned “the tide of” conflict — instead of explaining that the battle of Ukraine and Donbass was won straightaway after launching its SMO.

In the last 24 hours through Sunday local time, Russian and LPR forces  “liberated (about) 182 square km” of Lugansk territory — freeing it entirely from Nazified occupation, except for completion of mopping-up operations.

At the same time, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

Pre-dawn Sunday, “the Kiev regime carried out deliberate strikes using Tochka-U ballistic missiles with cluster munitions and Tu-143 Reis drones against residential areas of Belgorod and Kursk, where there are no military facilities.”

“The missile attack was purposefully planned and carried out against the civilian population of both Russian cities.”

Two Kiev drones with explosives targeting Kursk were destroyed in flight before reaching their intended targets.

Separately according to Russia, Ukrainian authorities pressure and intimidate journalists, covering what’s going on in Donbass, to operate by Kiev’s rules.

French photojournalist Veronique de Viguerie said the following:

“When it came to taking photos on the front line, there was always a note that arrived from nowhere” — pressuring her and other reporters “to always present Ukrainian soldiers as victims and not as attackers.”

A journalist wishing to remain anonymous said “I was detained for several hours by local militias and then interrogated by (Ukraine’s Security Service) over harmless photos, although my accreditation was in order.”

French journalist Guillaume Ptak said he was detained by Ukrainian forces several times, an intimidating tactic.

Separately, Turkey’s Erdogan regime once again proved its untrustworthiness.

Bowing to Ukrainian Nazis, it illegally detained a Russian-flagged cargo ship on the phony pretext of transporting grain that the Zelensky regime falsely said was stolen.

Russia hasn’t commented on what happened so far.

No evidence suggests that its forces stole grain or anything else from Ukraine.

Grand theft is longstanding empire of lies practice.

Stealing $330 billion of Russian assets is Exhibit A, billions more from Iran, Afghanistan and other targeted countries.

Hegemon USA operates exclusively by its own rules — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and its own Constitution.

Its ruling regime are the world’s leading sponsors of state terrorism.

According to US law, terrorism involves “violent acts or acts dangerous to human life…(that)  intimidate or coerce a civilian population…influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion…(and engage in) mass destruction.”

The US Army Operational Concept for Terrorism calls it “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature…through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.”

These definitions explain what the US war OF terrorism is all about. 

Martin Luther King called the US “(t)he greatest purveyor of violence in the world” when its high crimes were less extreme than today.

The late William Blum documented its global state terror — including by assassinating foreign leaders, removing others by coup d’etats, propping up friendly despots, operating secret torture prisons, other unlawful practices, and perpetual wars of aggression on invented enemies. 

Its hostile to peace, equity and justice agenda includes virtually every conceivable form of wrongdoing.

Mass slaughter and destruction of one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening country after another attest to its brutality and contempt for the rule of law — while falsely blaming victims for US crimes of war and against humanity committed against them.

6 thoughts on “Lugansk Free at Last from Nazified Occupation — Donetsk to Follow

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  1. People tend not to comment or like it because it can be hazardous! Mr John O’Looney was allegedly detained in a hospital for being an anti vaxer, he was able to eventually discharge with the assistance of well connected friends. We live in surreal times.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman,

    I find it Fascinating
    The Freak Show

    Must stick to their
    Lame, obsolete script

    Because all their High Hopes
    Embezzlement Schemes

    Distribution of Monies
    to Gang Members..

    And the Smooth

    Under the Table
    Hotchky Potchky

    to deliver $20 Billion to Israel

    Everything riding on that fetid rotten time worn agenda.

    The Ukis must sacrifice their lives to make sure the DNC

    Can Swindle the Money

    And NeoCons as well..
    Which is Half the Repubs..

    All the Crooks..
    Tethered to the Lies.

    Let’s Compare Notes:

    While Joey and the
    The Bottom Feeders..

    Traveled around the World
    And had 80 meetings

    Vladie and the Midnight Angels

    Took Control of 80% of the Industrial Base of the Ukraine!

    The Criminal Elite
    Having lost the War
    in the Ukraine

    is now exporting
    The War to every Corner
    of Europe.

    A Conflagration
    To soon be evident.

    The World already on the
    Highway to Hell…..WWIII

    And nobody talking about
    Magilla Gorilla..

    hiding in the Laundry Room.

    The Mad Man..
    Says Forward..

    Double Down
    Give the Nazis missiles

    Capable of Reaching
    Hundreds of miles into Russia.

    CIA at War with Russia.
    Dick runs the CIA..

    He makes every decision.
    He has for 50 yrs.

    And Every Decision he’s made
    Has been Catastrophic for USA

    But extremely lucrative for the Crime Syndicate he runs.

    Gee..go figure..

    His Record as the Emperor
    of The Empire of Lies..

    Is 1 win..
    And 22 losses..

    USA beat Grenada.

    This whole Ukraine
    Slaughter House #5

    Replete with horrendous
    War Crimes by the Nazis

    Is a Festering Sore
    A Big Pimple on Uncle Sam’s ass

    About to explode.
    Another Abu Ghraib .

    A Shocker.

    The Extent the Western Axis
    Powers were willing to go with this CIA breed gang of Nazis.

    Hey Why Did We Fight WWII..?

    July the 4th..

    And the USA is exactly what our Forefathers Warned us About.

    We are the Philistines
    We are the Arch Criminals

    As Socrates said..
    We are the Freaks..

    The Platypus.

    Imagine .
    The Baboons rushed into this War on Russia..

    With absolutely no idea where
    They’d get LNG..or Oil.

    The Stupidity.

    On US Terrorism
    Perpetrated on the World

    And foremost against
    the US Working Class

    As I prepared my Remarks for the Kahn Film Festival

    I heard this Report.

    On Jan 6.

    Trump demanded the
    Secret Service

    Take him to the Capitol
    As he wanted to Stop


    The Actors and
    Agent Provocateurs from
    any encroachment on the Capitol




    Next..Trump told them to set him free..

    They wouldn’t do that!

    The President was kidnapped!
    By…yep…The Emperor.

    Amazing huh..
    The Great Democracy
    The Great Hoax..

    USA is Total Police State
    Run by the Mob.

    All a Moot Point..

    When the NaziFuxs come Marching out..


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