MSM Independence Day Fake News on Ukraine

MSM can’t accept the reality of Russia’s overwhelming triumph over Ukraine’s degraded and beaten military.

Fake news continues to be featured daily.

While unable to conceal Lugansk’s liberation on Sunday, NYT fake news cited so-called “military analysts,” left unnamed, falsely claiming that Russian forces “suffered deep losses (sic).”

No corroborating evidence was presented because there is none.

Throughout its SMO, Russian losses have be minimal compared to overwhelming ones suffered by Ukraine’s defeated military.

No “tactical gains” were achieved by its troops anywhere against overpowering Russian firepower.

The Times defied reality on the ground by falsely claiming otherwise.

Short of admitting the liberation of Lugansk entirely by Russian and LPR freedom fighters, the Times acknowledged that what it called “the fall of Lisichansk was another bitter blow.”

Left unexplained by the self-styled newspaper of record is celebratory joy by Lugansk residents — greeting and embracing their Russian and LPR liberators.

The Times did admit that with Lisichansk’s liberation, “Ukraine’s last hope (to control) Lugansk” no longer exists.

At the same time, it falsely called Kiev’s Nazified occupiers, the city’s “defenders (sic).”

And saying they “were forced to retreat” failed to explain that Lisichansk is surrounded, routes into and from the city controlled by Russian and LPR forces.

The choice for Ukrainian troops is surrender or face elimination.

And this Times rubbish:

What it falsely called “eight years of war between Moscow-backed separatists (sic) and Ukraine in the country’s east (sic)” turned reality on its head.

Lugansk and Donetsk have been independent republics since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

For over 8 years, their residents have been terror-shelled by Ukrainian artillery — maximum numbers of civilian casualties and destruction of vital infrastructure its aims, as orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA.

And this perversion of reality by WaPo:

It quoted puppet Zelensky’s defiance of reality, saying the following:

Lisichansk will be retaken “thanks to our tactics (sic), thanks to the increase in the supply of modern weapons (sic).”

“Ukraine does not give anything up (sic).”

From his Polish hideout, Zelensky is detached from reality, knowing little more than what he’s told by his US/Western handlers.

No Russian blockade of Odessa exists to prevent Ukraine’s grain and other exports, as BoJo regime fake news claimed.

No theft of Ukrainian grain by Russia as Kiev falsely claimed.

No Russian “retreat” from Kiev, Snake Island or anywhere else since its SMO began.

At the same time, WaPo admitted that Russian control of Severodonetsk, Lisichansk — and Lugansk entirely — “drag(ged) down (the) morale (of) Ukrainian troops.”

Among conscripts, especially ones on the frontlines, morale was never one of their attributes in a conflict they’re involved in involuntarily.

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Poor morale dogged Moscow’s forces throughout the” SMO (sic).

Russia’s Defense Ministry rotates its forces.

They’re very well trained, armed, otherwise supported and well-treated — in contrast to Ukrainian troops with little or no training, largely armed with out-of-date Soviet era weapons, ill-fed and  otherwise mistreated by Kiev.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

“Moscow faced a series of embarrassing losses (sic).”

And this rubbish from the BoJo regime’s so-called foreign secretary Truss, saying:

“Ukraine’s recovery (sic) from Russia’s war of aggression (sic) will be a symbol of the power of democracy over autocracy (sic).” 

“It will show Putin that his attempts to destroy Ukraine (sic) have only produced a stronger, more prosperous and more united nation (sic).”

And she called its tyrannical, one-party, rule “a strong, thriving and cutting-edge democracy (sic).”

Overnight Sunday in a pathetic attempt to imitate Douglas MacArthur, puppet Zelensky sounded buffoon-like saying:

“We will return” — referring to Lugansk now controlled by Russian and LPR freedom fighters, what’s lost to Kiev and won’t be regained.

And this Zelensky perversion of reality on Sunday:

“We are gradually moving forward — in the Kharkov region, in the Kherson region and at sea (sic).”

“There will be a day when we will say the same about Donbass (sic).”

Sunday on US television, Germany’s so-called chancellor Scholz pretended that Russia intends to strike other nations.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests it.

Aggression is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates, clearly not Russia or other nations free from imperial control.

And this WSJ rubbish, saying:

The Biden regime and US installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg vowed to support “Ukrainian forces for as long as it takes for Kiev to prevail (sic), adding:”

Hegemon USA’s perpetual war “planners are studying weapons, tactics, logistics and other factors for insights that can give them an edge on the current battlefield (sic)—and in future conflicts (sic).”

Ignored is already defeated Ukraine militarily.

Yet according to the Journal’s perversion of reality, Russian and Ukrainian forces are “roughly evenly matched (sic).”

Throughout Russia’s SMO, things have been hugely one-sided in its favor, what clearly won’t change ahead.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that its forces are “running low on” munitions.

Britain’s so-called chief of general staff Patrick Sanders sounded delusional saying that the BoJo regime and NATO allies must prepare to wage war on Russia.

No “clear and present danger” to the West exists from Moscow.

Compounding his perversion of reality, he added:

“In all my years in uniform, I haven’t known such a clear threat to the principles of sovereignty and democracy (sic), and the freedom to live without fear of violence (sic), as the brutal aggression of President Putin and his expansionist ambitions (sic).”

Along with hegemon USA and apartheid Israel, Britain committed every imaginable crime of war, against humanity and related atrocities throughout the post-WW II period and earlier.

With a figure like Sanders heading the UK’s military, Britannia is woefully ill-led and ill-served in sharp contrast to vastly superior Russian firepower and tactical strength.

Like hegemon USA, Britain wants Ukrainian foot soldiers to do its killing and dying in advancing its long ago eroded imperial ambitions.

Since WW II, the US, Britain and other NATO regimes couldn’t defeat third world nations on the battlefield.

There’s no ambiguity about how catastrophic things would be for their forces if challenged Russia’s military superiority.

And if challenged China in similar fashion, or either nation alone, the sun might set on Britannia for the last time.


4 thoughts on “MSM Independence Day Fake News on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    World Newspaper Headlines
    DATELINE..July 4, 2024..

    “Jens Found Hiding

    in a Fish Processing Company
    Off Shore from Spitzenberg..!


    Nuland found hiding under
    in Picasso’s Restaurant in
    Tel Aviv..!

    Borell found in a Spyder Hole
    In Zaragoza, Spain

    And Ursula still on the Run..

    Last sighted at an Odessa File bar in Metz, France..Nov 2023.

    The Diodochi of Destruction..!


  2. Mr Lendman..


    All of these current shootings
    Are False Flags..

    From Copenhagen 3 days ago

    To the Sniper Murders in Chicago that just happened

    All with no motive..

    And directed at random individuals..

    Not a Boss
    A Fellow Employee

    Or somebody having an
    Affair with your wife .

    Or a person involved in
    previous argument or fight
    in a bar ..

    Motive driven..

    vengeance Killings..

    No, none of that ..
    Just spur of the month
    Impulse Killings..!

    All Government False Flags..!

    Important to note
    All of these are part of the
    Mad Man’s

    Operation Northwood 2.

    Yes, him again, the guy who runs everything.

    This is simply an old fashioned Terror Campaign on the Public

    The Purpose of course
    Is to keep everyone scared

    And more Pliable.

    Less likely to ask any questions
    When Snipers are out

    Shooting People.
    The Same Model Nuland used

    The Drug Czar and Kaganites
    Use the same Playbook.

    Play on the same team.

    In essense,

    Have the Shuffling Masses
    ” keep their Heads Down..!”

    During the Run Up to War..
    We’re only 8 to 10 weeks away.

    And of course,

    Pose the Cops
    Posture the State as your Savior

    The People who are murdering you…now rush in to save you

    Pure Dick
    Pure Bush Whack.

    As the Nazis Speed towards a War..

    The Gangster always wraps a few shootings of the Public around his Wars.

    Old School
    OG Gangster

    Don’t want any questioning
    Of their Designer War

    Just another Criminal
    “Rush to Judgement”

    No ” Designated” person

    Nor a real dedicated victim.

    Just haze…
    Just smoke..
    All Contradictory at Best.

    Another Hallmark
    Another Finger Print

    of every one of the Mad Man’s mass Murders.


    1) Denmark..
    How did the Shooter get his expensive rifle?

    Very very very Difficult in Denmark.

    Mind you
    A troubled 22 yr old
    known for years

    to be “Mentally Unstable!”

    State had 100s of Pages on him

    How could he so easily slip thru the Cracks..?

    Something is Rotten in Denmark..!

    Ostensibly, looks like they had some CIA Ultra program going.

    But why Denmark?

    In 2019..2020

    It was Discovered that the CIA was spying on Angela Merkel?

    First of course,
    The CIA blamed the Russians..

    of course!

    But it turned out.. it was in Conjunction with Denmark?

    Then we discover
    Denmark was Spying on


    (Using Israeli Spyware..!)

    EIN so .. Denmark is Dirty from The Get Go..!

    And Copenhagen
    Is perfect..

    It’s Right between
    Sweden and Finland ..

    Like Goldilocks said:

    ” This Porridge
    Is not too hot
    Not to cold..
    Just right…!”

    Staging it in either Sweden or Finland might be overwrought

    Too obvious, “Overkill..!”

    Plus, the CIA connection there is apparently a strong one.

    Example #2:

    Chicago Contradictions
    Still coming in..on the

    Nuland style Sniper Attack
    On the July the Fourth Parade..

    But this curious piece of Data
    Struck me as odd..

    When a Reporter asked the Cops

    ” Where the Sniper Rifle was found..

    On top of which Bldg..?
    He not only didn’t know that..

    And he went haywire in Confusion….!

    BTW .

    Wouldn’t you know that?
    Absolutely you would

    BTW..what kind of Sniper
    Just leaves his rifle?

    Never happens.

    Why leave a trail for
    Law Enforcement?

    Unless of course,
    You want to plant or substantiate that point.

    Another Passport floating down…

    unscathed by the Explosion

    The Official Story…says
    blew up the Plane on 9-11.

    Everything our Government tells us is a lie

    Moreover, never had


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