Cross-Border Terror-Shelling by US-Supported Ukrainian Nazis

While Russian forces greatly degraded Ukraine’s military, their troops continue cross-border shelling of Russian Federation and Donbass residential areas with killing civilians and destroying infrastructure in mind.

Last Sunday, Ukrainian cross-border shelling of Belgorod, Russia damaged “424 apartments in 28 apartment buildings and 65 private houses,” according to the city’s mayor.

Tochka-U missiles with banned cluster munitions were used.

While Russian air defense systems destroyed the missiles in mid-air, fragments were responsible for damage.

Then on July 4, according to the Donetsk News Agency:

“The enemy used Grad MLRS, artillery and mortars including 155 mm NATO systems, to target Donetsk, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, and numerous neighboring townships.”

“Five civilians were killed by Ukrainian shelling,” around 30 others injured.

“Fourteen houses sustained damage.”

“Power supply to 20 transformer sub-stations was cut off, leaving 321 customers without electricity.”

“Multiple households and infrastructure facilities have been damaged as a total of 16 cities and towns came under fire.”

DPR Defense together with Russian forces destroyed three of the enemy’s Grad MLRS, three trucks and more than 60 personnel. 

“Russia’s Aerospace Forces destroyed nine command centers of the Ukrainian army in the occupied Artyomovskiy district.”

“A Russian fighter jet downed Ukrainian Su-25 in an air battle over Yasnaya.”

“Ukrainian command lost control of retreating units of the 10th mountain assault brigade, 72nd and 115th mechanized  brigades and 118th territorial defense brigade.”

And this on Monday from the DPR’s  First Deputy Minister of Information, Daniil Bezsonov:

“Ukrainian Nazis staged an information diversion.”

“They sent messages about the mining of shopping centers in Donetsk in order to increase pressure on the Emergency Situations Ministry forces, which are now actively engaged in eliminating the consequences of the shelling.” 

What’s going on continues daily. 

Russia earlier vowed to eliminate Ukrainian decision-making centers wherever located if attacks on its territory continue.

It’s long past time to destroy them entirely, along with Ukrainian missiles and rockets wherever they’re located.

If not, cross-border terror-shelling of residential areas of Donbass and Russian territory will continue.

Separately on Monday, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, said the following:

“Over the past two weeks, losses of the Ukrainian army amounted to 5,469 people, 196 tanks and armored vehicles, 12 aircraft and one helicopter.”

“The AFU abandoned 39 units of tanks, 11 guns and mortars, 48 anti-tank missile systems during (its) retreat.”

“(U)nits that took part in active hostilities and achieved success, victories in the Lugansk direction, should rest (to) increase their combat capabilities.”

“And other military formations…must perform their tasks according to previously approved plans.”

Separately, Sergey Lavrov said Russia “remain(s) open to talks” with the West.

While I greatly respect Lavrov, I strongly disagree with the above view.

Since the Soviet Union dissolved over 30 years ago, hegemon USA and its Western vassals sought dominance over the Russian Federation, not cooperative relations according to the rule of law — notably by expanding NATO menacingly to its border after vowing otherwise.

Time and again, the US-dominated West proved that trust isn’t one of its attributes.

Nor is the pursuit of peace, stability and cooperative relations with the world community of nations.

Russia’s only sensible course is to abandon the West as a lost cause, focusing East and elsewhere.

Over 30 years of betrayal clearly proved that the West can never be trusted, that it’s foolish and self-defeating to believe otherwise.

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes virtually forced Russia to launch its liberating SMO.

It came after 8 years of good faith diplomatic efforts failed to end Kiev’s US-orchestrated and directed aggression on Donbass — killing thousands of civilians, destroying or damaging vital infrastructure.

Direct intervention by Russia has been the only way to halt it, along with liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation.

What Vladimir Putin authorized in February, he should have signed off on years earlier.

How US-dominated NATO responded showed that their ruling regimes are mortal enemies of Russia — clearly not “partners” or “colleagues.”

No evidence suggests the remotest possibility of their ruling regimes shifting from confrontation to cooperation ahead.

Barry Goldwater once said that “(e)xtremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” 

“And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Russia’s Mr. nice guy policies in dealings with the US/West failed across the board since neocon hardliners gained control of US foreign policy in the 1990s.

Toughness today is the only language that both right wings of the US war party and their Western vassals understand.

Short of East/West war that assures losers, not winners, it’s long past time for Russia to deliver a bellyful. 

One thought on “Cross-Border Terror-Shelling by US-Supported Ukrainian Nazis

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Lisichansk was a tremendous Victory for the Allies.

    It was the flip side of Severodonesk..

    4 Days after the Game Changer
    At Gettysburg

    The Union..
    General Grant

    Broke thru at Vicksburg..!
    The flip side

    Notice the Red Army
    Didn’t pause..

    No tactical reset needed.

    But hit the Road for Slavayansk and Kramatorsk immediately.

    Tells me the Allies have a well defined plan..

    No Wondering about,
    “This way …or that way ”

    No small unforseen
    Uki exigencies to disrupt their Strategic Plan.

    Everything is set..!

    “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
    Keep them Doagies Rollin !”


    Here’s something Personal
    Empirical, as it were.

    Some of my acquaintances
    here support the Nazis.

    I’d say it’s about
    67% …..Russia

    Mindful ..that roughly

    30% don’t care..
    Or don’t express an opinion

    And half of them don’t know what planet they’re on..!

    The Point:
    An intelligent German Friend
    Actually my friend..

    Who supports the Nazis said


    Why don’t the Ukrainians have the Right to Fire missiles back
    At Russia…

    Since the Russians are firing at the Ukraine…!”

    I gave him a quick lecture
    Starting on the CIA invasion of the Ukraine in 2011..

    The Coup..etc
    Maybe 5 minutes worth

    Difficult to teach a Semester Class in Moral Equilavency..

    And Historical Justification
    In 5 minutes.

    But I think it’s the mantra
    Of the Lame Brained

    My friend reflects a broad demographic.


    Liked by 1 person

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