All State-Approved Propaganda All the Time

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT continued its daily assault on all things Russia — by making stuff up.

Indeed Ukrainian troops have been “badly mauled,” attrition in its ranks continuing daily.

Claiming that Russian forces have been similarly degraded reflects how the Times — and other MSM — turned truth on its head throughout their liberating SMO.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“(I)t remains unclear how far President Vladimir Putin intends to press the offensive (sic), or how much more loss of men and materiel his military can absorb (sic) without needing a long pause to rebuild (sic).”

Putin and other Russian officials explained that Russia’s SMO will continue until its publicly stated and repeated objectives are achieved.

Ukraine’s greatly — and virtually defeated — military is near collapse from heavy losses.

In desperation, it’s using young teenagers and older men up to around age-60. Some women as well.

They’re deployed to front line duty as cannon fodder with little or no training and no support from Kiev, including inadequate supplies of weapons, munitions, food, treatment of the wounded and virtually everything else.

In stark contrast, Russia rotates its forces to keep them fresh.

They’re very well trained, armed and supported by its Defense Ministry and the Kremlin.

Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters are performing most front line duty — greatly supported by Russian precision airpower and long-range artillery.

Losses of its forces are a small fraction what Ukrainian troops sustained.

Claims otherwise by the Times are fake news — its longstanding specialty.

Buried in one of its Tuesday reports was the following kernel of truth.

Citing a Ukrainian conscript, his company “lost more than half” its force strength.

Quoting him, he said:

“What support? There was no support.”

And this buried Times kernel of truth, saying:

“Russian troops rarely advance without an overwhelming amount of backing, often in the form of heavy artillery bombardment.”

A Big Lie followed, falsely blaming Russia for mass destruction caused by Ukrainian troops before retreating or surrendering.

They’re clearly “exhausted” and badly beaten, not rotating Russian forces.

And this Times fake news, citing unnamed Western officials, falsely saying:

Russian forces “are suffering hundreds of casualties a day (sic).”

Again no corroborating evidence cited because there is none.

Loss of morale infests Ukrainian, not Russian forces, what the Times failed to explain.

And this Times rubbish:

“Ukrainian troops are displaying a willingness to continue fighting, no matter the cost (sic).”

Hundreds surrender or desert their units daily.

And this Times fake news like many times before, falsely saying:

“Russian forces have increased their shelling of population centers near the front lines in recent days (sic).”

The Times and other MSM know that Russia strikes military targets alone — yet publish fake news rubbish, falsely claiming otherwise.

And this perversion of reality by the Times, falsely claiming:

“Russians deemed insufficiently patriotic are being snatched up by security forces (sic).”

“Nearly anyone is now punishable in…Russia (sic).”

The above rubbish is one among many examples of how low Times fake news stoops — inventing all sorts of ways to bash Russia by making stuff up.

And this Times perversion of reality a day earlier:

Referring to Russia’s liberating SMO against US-colonized, Nazi-infested, tyrannically run Ukraine, Times fake news falsely claimed:

“A democracy (sic) came under attack,” adding:

“US special operations veterans are training Ukrainians…”

“An unknown number are fighting on the front lines.”

“Others volunteer to be members of casualty evacuation teams, bomb disposal specialists, logistics experts and trainers.”

“At least 21 Americans have been wounded…”

“Two have been killed.”

“Two have been captured and one is missing in action.”

Military analyst Larry Johnson explained the difference between Special Forces and Special Operations Forces.

The former includes Green Berets and Army Rangers.

The latter includes Delta forces and Seals.

The Times article headlined:

“In Ukraine, US Veterans Step In Where the Military Will Not”

Johnson called the Times article “nonsensical.”

It’s an “example of a reporter’s ignorance about the current state and operation of our military.”

“More importantly, he does not have a damn clue about what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.”

“A Special Ops ambush is not going to save the day.”

Clearly not against vastly superior Russian firepower over Nazified Ukraine’s virtually defeated military.

2 thoughts on “All State-Approved Propaganda All the Time

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    UkiNazis are now only able to mount essentially
    piddley shit counter attacks..

    Small Ambushes.

    No Strategic Plays but can be deadly on a micro level.

    The Saints..
    The Angels..
    Can lose men.

    I pray for every Allied Soldier

    (Every drop of Russian blood )

    To return home alive and well to Momma…A Hero ..!

    The entire path forward is covered with NaziFuxs

    Dig in..

    Or hiding on the Side of the Road
    In the Woods


    The ones in the Woods
    Have the camouflaged
    Armor, Mortars and Howitzers

    Personal Suggestion:

    Having grown up in the Woods

    Running around in the Foothills of the Appalachian Forests..

    I wonder why Russia doesn’t have K-9 units..?

    Or use them..?
    Haven’t seen em.

    Nothing like a good hunting dog to flush out your prey

    Yes.. UkiFuxs have been bombed
    Living in Shithole bunkers.

    Stinking and leaking
    And low on rations and Ammo
    And About everything.

    But there ain’t nothing
    This side of Hell

    Like Vicious Dogs
    Comin at you

    Outta the Dark
    At 3:00 am in the Morning.

    Gottdamn dawg..
    Tear your ass up, boy!

    Fear Factor

    Go Russia.!
    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    See where Josep Borrell is telling Europeans they need to suffer..

    To get off being reliant on Russian Energy..!

    Why, what’s so bad about being reliant on Russian Energy?

    Seems to work fine for Europe.
    Best thing that could happen.

    I guess it’s not good if you’re a Wall Street Puppet like Borrell.

    Here’s the Choice the
    Spanish Fascist offers..

    1)..You can Freeze to Death
    To Hurt Russia..

    2)..or you can Freeze to Death to have no alternative..

    but Freeze…

    And still doesn’t matter to the Russian Economy.

    They’ll just sell it their energy to other buyers.

    Borrell will be in hiding by February 2023…!


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