Hegemon USA Orders Nazified Ukraine to Wage Long War on Russia

Made-in-the-USA Nazi-infested Ukraine — a virtual empire of lies colony — was ordered by its occupying master to wage long war on the Russian Federation no matter the human toll on Kiev’s own military personnel.

Its aim is to kill as many Russians as possible by proxy war on its forces and cross-border terror-shelling of residential neighborhoods in Donbass and the Russian Federation.

Defying reality as in all his public remarks, so-called Biden regime coordinator for strategic communications at its national security council, John Kirby — a dubious figure paid to lie for the empire of lies and mass deception — stuck to the fabricated official narrative as follows, saying:

Powerless puppet Zelensky “gets to determine (sic) how victory is decided (sic) and when and on what terms (sic)” — even though he has no say over anything related to Russia and US-controlled Ukraine.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners “continue to make sure that — although defeated beyond the ability to turn things around — Ukrainians can succeed on the battlefield (sic) so (they) can succeed at the table (sic).”

“(E)ven (puppet) Zelensky will tell you — as directed by his US master — that the time is not now for those discussions” because hegemon USA wants forever war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

In early May, a Ukrainska Pravda report said the following:

After Britain’s BoJo met with Zelensky in April, the US-installed Ukrainian puppet was ordered to halt conflict resolution talks with Russia.

Reinventing reality, BoJo falsely told Zelensky that Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal (sic).”

“He should be pressured, not negotiated with (sic).”

Even if Zelensky and those around him want conflict resolution agreement to halt Russia’s SMO, Putin wants it continued at the expense of peace (sic) — according to BoJo’s Big Lie.

Then and now, his fabricated claims are all about wanting hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s proxy long war on Russia continued endlessly.

Three days after BoJo gave Zelensky his marching orders, Vladimir Putin said that talks with Ukraine reached “a dead end.”

Days later, Russian business tycoon, Roman Abramovich, arrived in Kiev to tell Zelensky that two security agreements with Moscow are on the table.

One relates to coexisting peacefully with Russia. The other concerns security guarantees.

On April 12, Vladimir Putin said talks with Ukraine reached a “dead end.”

Kiev does not want peace, head of Russia’s conflict resolution delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said weeks later, adding:

The Zelensky regime “does not bother to provide a formal response.”

It failed to “notify us verbally that it is taking a pause.”

“I therefore (conclude) that (the US-controlled regime) does not want peace” — as ordered by its master in Washington.

That’s the reality of how things are on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

US-dominated NATO proxy war with Russia is one thing.

What’s at risk is the ominous possibility of crossing the line to direct East/West confrontation with nukes it things are pushed too far.

What little remained of peaceful Russian/US-Western relations — pre-Feb. 24 when Moscows’s SMO began — no longer exists.

Since Russia’s 1917 revolution, ending centuries of czarist rule, the US-dominated West targeted its ruling authorities for regime change because of Moscow’s independence from higher power control.

US/Western hostility hardened after Vladimir Putin became Russia’s president.

And after he launched Russia’s liberating SMO on Feb. 24, hegemon USA’s gloves came off entirely.

A virtual state of war exists between the US-dominated West and nonthreatening Russia.

More than any other time since WW II ended, the threat of another global war is ominously possible because the empire of lies wants all nations free from its control transformed into vassal states.

A Final Comment

Reciting lines scripted by his US master on Tuesday, puppet Zelensky again reinvented reality as follows, saying:

“Russia views the territory of our country as a foothold for capturing other European states (sic).”

“Which means, to ensure the security of Ukraine is to provide longterm security for the whole of Europe (sic).” 

Moscow spent eight years trying to avoid what’s going on now.

Its good faith diplomacy failed because the empire of lies and its Western vassals want perpetual war by hot and other means to soften up Russia for regime change.

Peace and stability are considered detrimental to hegemon USA’s aims.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu once again stressed that ongoing SMO operations will “continue until tasks set by the supreme commander-in-chief are accomplished in full,” adding:

“The main priorities for us today are the lives and health of the military personnel and the safety of civilians” — along with eliminating the menace posed by Nazi-infested Ukraine.

3 thoughts on “Hegemon USA Orders Nazified Ukraine to Wage Long War on Russia

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Great Summary.

    And yet..
    The West is utterly UNABLE to force it’s Will on Russia.

    They’re Helpless.
    Sanctions that hurt them many more times than Russia

    The Famous Boomerang

    Also known in History
    As “The Baboonery..#”


    Crusty the Heroin Pushing Clown Show..

    playing, ” Simon Says..”

    “Hey Boys and Girls

    The Mis Leadership of Europe..

    Simon says, put your hand on your head..

    Simon says wiggle your Fingers

    Simon says cut off your Genitals

    See..it hurts Russia..!

    Here’s the Point

    A very serious point.

    See where the Russian POWs
    Held by the UkiNazis

    All Got Tortured.

    I won’t even mention the bizarre mentally deranged forms of torture the Sick Nazi Fuxs used

    Taught to them by the Nazis of NATO..USA..FRANCE..MOSSAD and little bottom feeder england

    It’s so sickening.

    Hey you Motherfuxing
    Rules Keepers..

    What happened to the Rules?

    The Geneva Accords..?


    Were Any Ukrainian Soldiers
    Harmed in any way..?

    In fact, you can ask them
    They got excellent treatment

    From Medical
    to Nourishing food
    to clean and safe housing.

    Gottdamn Fuxin Nazis..
    These are your Heroes

    You Fuxing despicable
    Ass licking CIA FILTH

    And every Nazi Collaborator
    Leader in the West is responsible

    WAIT ..

    Why send you Heinous Criminals
    One Drop of oil or gas.


    You Human Pigs
    Torture our Soldiers

    And you expect us to

    Keep you warm
    Keep your War Factories going

    Send you fertilizer, sunflower oil and Grain to feed you..?

    You want to kill us.
    Torture our Men

    And then expect what.

    Here’s what you deserve


    Except a Date on the Docket
    in Nuremberg 2..

    Where were the Rules when you tortured our Soldiers

    No where.

    That’s where you’ll find your Next Russian Care Package.

    Everything is turned off

    Call Jens or Joey.
    Or Boris or Ursula

    Maybe they can feed you.

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Only sending more weapons
    To kill more Russians.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman..

    Upon Reflection
    The above diatribe

    Is extremely important for the Russian War Ministry to employ

    I believe the counter posing of the Treatment of Uki POWS

    And the treatment the Ukis gave the Russian soldiers

    Is a Bombshell..!

    Calls into question all the lies the Nazi Collaborators used

    From Buchia to the Hospital

    Couldn’t be a better focus.

    Like finding a Perfect Lawsuit to take before Supreme Court.

    Nothing could tear away the
    Fig Leaves faster.

    than that dicotomy..!.

    Expand and Expound on that

    Keep in mind…and also
    I Guarantee..


    No matter how much vitriol
    The CIA NEWS has pumped into the Duped Masses..

    Nobody can stomach
    The Torturing of Prisoners!

    American People can’t…!
    It makes them sick.

    Nazis torturing People, again

    Poor bound and gagged
    Young blond Christian Soldiers..



    That’s the Ace of Spades Russia is holding in their Hand!

    Play it.

    Play it often
    Play it Loud.

    The World Needs to Hear it.

    And you can take that to the Bank..

    If you have any room left to stash all the Money…!


    And the Biggest Harvest
    In a Decade.. Coming Up ..!

    Mother Russia
    Fecundious and Divine

    Giver of Life and Light
    And Purity of Mind and Spirit..

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    Got a War..
    Got A World To Win..!

    Liked by 1 person

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