On With the (Liberating) Show

On July 4, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, reported the following progress in ongoing SMO Operations:

From June 19 to last weekend, Russian forces successfully carried out an offensive operation to liberate Lugansk from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Over this time period, Russia “encircled and destroyed groups in the Gorskoye cauldron, around Lisichansk and Severodonetsk.” 

“Twenty-five localities have been taken under control, the largest of which are Severodonetsk, Zolotoye, Gorskoye and Volcheyarovka.”

“The operation ended (on July 3) with the liberation of Lisichansk, one of the largest towns in the Lugansk People’s Republic.”

“A total of 670 square kilometers of territory were taken under control during the offensive.”

Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts paid dearly for Russia’s triumph.

Kiev’s losses included “5,469 personnel, including 2,218 killed and 3,251 wounded, 196 tanks and other armored vehicles, 12 aircraft, one helicopter, 69 drones, six long-range surface-to-air missile systems, 97 multiple rocket launchers, 166 field and mortar artillery pieces and 216 vehicles of various purposes.”

Weapons and equipment abandoned included 39 tanks, other armored vehicles, 11 artillery guns and mortars, 48 Javelins and NLAW anti-tank missile systems, 18 Stinger systems, and three UAVs.

Lisichansk is being demined.

Large-scale humanitarian aid is being delivered to its residents, including medical treatment as needed.

On with the show. 

Russia’s SMO continues until its goals are accomplished.

Shoigu stressed it, saying:

“The special military operation will continue until the tasks set by the supreme commander-in-chief are accomplished in full.”

“The main priorities for us today are the lives and health of the military personnel and the safety of civilians.”

Over the weekend, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russian forces involved in liberating Lugansk “achieved success, victory (and now) should rest (to) increase their combat capabilities.”

Ukrainian Nazis, conscripts and mercenaries suffered heavy losses in the battle for Lugansk — in sharp contrast to minimal attrition for Russian forces.

Their next task at hand is entirely liberating Donetsk. 

It’s just a matter of time before Putin and Shoigu can once again announce mission accomplished.

And this Shoigu reality check:

“The number of foreign mercenaries and staff of private military companies operating (in Ukraine) dwindled as a result of the successful advance by the Russian army and units of the (Donbass) people’s republics.

In the past 10 days alone, 170 mercenaries were killed.

Another 99 abandoned their front line positions and left Ukraine — no longer willing to die or be disabled for a lost cause.

In mid-June, an estimated 3,200 foreign mercenaries had joined the ranks of Kiev’s military.

Since that time, inflows virtually stopped. Outflows continue.

At the same time, Russia restored peace and stability to liberated parts of Donbass.

A longterm process continues, including reconstruction of what Ukrainian troops destroyed or damaged.

Liberated Mariupol’s offshore waters were completely demined.

Shipping into and from the port city can proceed safely through two Russian-established humanitarian corridors.

Overall in Donetsk and Lugansk, Russian forces liberated 3,700 hectares.

Over 46,000 mines and other explosives were uncovered and defused.

And this on Tuesday from the Biden regime’s so-called press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, saying:

Hegemon USA aims “to make sure that (Nazified) Ukraine in the most strongest kind of position so when there is that opportunity to do those negotiations, they’re able to do that (sic),” adding:

Our (long war) approach does not change.”

“We are going to continue to support Ukrain(ian) (Nazis).”

“We’re going to continue to help (the US-installed) fight for their (fantasy) democracy, fight for their territorial integrity (sic).” 

What’s lost is permanent. 

Predominantly Russian speaking areas will either join the Russian Federation or become independent republics.

Indeed “fighting” most likely will “be prolonged and protracted” — because hegemon US wants forever proxy war waged on Russia, no matter the human cost to Ukrainian troops.

Russians are overwhelmingly able to achieve their goals.

While battered and defeated Ukrainians continue the futility of going up Russia’s vastly superior firepower, it’s just a matter of time before they exhaust the will to go on and collapse.

A brave face displayed by US, Western and Ukrainian regimes belies reality on the ground.

A Final Comment

According to a new Civiqs poll, the fake Biden’s approval rating plunged to a new 30% low.

Nearly twice as many respondents (58%) disapprove of his wrecking ball domestic and geopolitical agenda.

Among respondents aged 18 – 34, his approval rating is a dismal 22%.

It’s little better among respondents aged 35 – 49 at 27%.

His highest approval is among individuals aged-65 and older at 39%.

Only 2% of Republicans and 19% of independents approve of the mess his regime made over the past 18 months.

At the rate he’s going, his approval rating may reach an unparalleled low — if he lasts the full four years of his illegitimate term.

An imposter/imitation head of state, he’s the most pathetic example of so-called leadership in US history.

And that’s quite a dubious achievement, given strong competition from among a rogue’s gallery of former dreadful White House occupants.

One thought on “On With the (Liberating) Show

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Joey’s a goner.
    He’s off the Board..

    Will he Ever climb back into the Favorables..

    He’s toast.

    Hear Cronkite:

    “No..he’s lost the confidence of
    The American People..!”

    But Here’s my Point

    Coming into the Media Desk

    Typhoon blowing in…
    from the Mighty Peninsula

    Crisp cold Clean Air
    Filtered Mountain Air..

    Should bottle it for the World..!

    The Point..
    Turning on all the Electronix

    I see where a Russian General
    Is explaining

    Russia fired about
    Six Rockets .

    All of them shot down.

    Which leads directly to the Headline:

    ‘”USA Providing Intel to Ukraine?”

    Well Hell Yes…

    Satellite Communication

    Elon Musk’s Satellites
    What are those.

    The Trillionaire who supports the Nazis ..a Nazi Collaborator..!


    But of course..the CIA is running real time Intel.

    Used Satellites to hit the MOSCOW

    Course they are .
    Duh .

    They’re all in .

    It’s a War
    Call it WWIII

    Prelude to War..

    That’s what it is .


    The General said in so many Words.

    That’s a Game Changer..!

    Bottom Line..

    It’s All or Nothing
    For the Imperialists

    They bet everything
    On this one roll of the Dice

    So blinded
    They were by Hate

    Satan makes his minions
    Wear Blinders

    All the Asslickers wear them

    So blinded by hate

    The NaziFuxs didn’t even have gas for their car …

    Or gas to run the Factory
    To make the Car..

    That’s how desperate they are !
    The Robbers of the World

    Now turn their lonely eyes to you

    To Carve you up.
    Suck all the Value out

    Strip you naked.
    Just like the Wall St Gangsters

    Fuxed you in 91!

    Won’t loan you a penny on the Dollar to Even…

    save Basic Infrastructure

    So they could rob it.
    Embezzle it.

    Remember how they Laughed
    And Bragged how they Fuxed Russia..

    Boris Yeltsin
    CIA Drunk
    The Clown
    Giving away the Ranch.

    Beat Up Russia like Gangsters!

    Pistol Whipped Russia
    Like a bitch

    Beat Russia like a Runaway Slave .

    Left Russia broken.
    Stripped naked.
    All the Enormous Wealth stolen.


    Never got a Chance to Pay the Bastards back yet

    Huh, Russia ..?

    All the Needless Pain and Agony
    And loss.

    Only to gorge themselves on Wall St..

    The Blood Suckers..!

    I wouldn’t sell them anything

    Not a drop of oil or gas
    Or a grain of Wheat.

    Sanction them..
    See how they like it…!

    Almost 30 Years Later.

    Russia is Back on Top

    Arising like a Phoenix from the Ashes..

    The Seventh Wonder of the Modern World..

    Russia..the Center of Free World

    Goes to the Ukraine
    Has become a Shit Hole

    Like the Aenid..
    So Profound..

    Or Homers Saga .
    Odessius comes back to Ithica

    30 yrs later..
    Only Telemachus

    Knows it’s his Father..
    And what his Father has come for…

    Comrade Tovarish
    Those are the Lands of Mother Russia

    All of them..
    As far as the eye can see.

    A 1000 years old.

    Who’s permission do you need
    To verify that..?

    Take them..
    Their your’s anyway..

    Don’t need to splain nothing to the Serial Killers.

    What ..Yo Sammy…
    Hawaii.. when you leaving?

    Is that part of the USA
    5,000 miles away in the Pacific

    When you giving that back.
    The Hawaiians want you to leave.

    Even Voted on it in 2014.
    Wanted the Kingdom Back.

    Oh… England
    Sure give back Ireland to the Irish after 800 years.

    Scotland wants out.

    Here’s the Point:

    Russia takes Odessa
    There’s no reason for the Ukraine to exist.

    Will Poland Fill the Void.
    Will Russia..?

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


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