Britain’s Scandal-Ridden BoJo Resigns

The UK owned and controlled BBC reported the following:

On Thursday, BoJo announced his resignation as Tory prime minister.

Yet if he gets his way, he’ll continue as PM “until autumn to allow a Tory leadership contest to take place in the summer (sic).”

Following mass cabinet resignations, he appointed “Greg Clark (as) new Levelling Up Secretary while Kit Malthouse is Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster.”

“James Cleverly becomes the third education minister in three days.”

Labor demands an immediate BoJo resignation, warning:

Otherwise, the party will call for a no-confidence vote in parliament.

So-called BoJo regime foreign secretary Truss is returning to London from the Bali, Indonesia G20 ministerial gathering of foreign ministers.

She won’t be missed, especially if replaced straightaway on arrival back home.

The worst of outcomes would be if she seeks and becomes BoJo’s successor.

A failed foreign minister, an embarrassment to what the job calls for, she’d be a disastrous PM.

On Tuesday, BoJo-appointed chancellor, Nadhim Zahawi, said he must “go now.”

Announcing his resignation on Thursday, BoJo said  it’s “the will” of most Tory MPs, adding:

A time table for choosing his replacement will be announced next week.

Saying he’s “proud of his achievements” was despite nothing remotely to be proud about.

The London Guardian reported that he began a “cabinet reshuffle ahead of his resignation” announcement.

Because of one regime scandal after another throughout most of his time in office since July 2019 — including accusations of harassment and international law breaches, a No. 10 spokesman said:

“The prime minister will make a statement to the country today” — before BoJo made it official.

Any number of Tory aspirants may compete to replace him after he privately announced his intention to step down.

The Guardian quoted Tory business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, saying:

The party needs “a new leader as soon as practicable.”

“Someone who can rebuild trust, heal the country, and set out a new, sensible and consistent economic approach” — along with maintaining no letup in inventing reasons to bash Russia. 

Since abandonment of his regime began, more than 50 ministers resigned.

One after another, along with back-bench MPs, called for BoJo’s immediate resignation.

Deputy Labor leader, Angela Rayner, said the following:

At this time, “we don’t have a functioning government.” 

“The chaos of the last three days is more than just petty Tory infighting.”

“These actions have serious consequences for the running of our country.”

Green Party co-leader, Carla Denyer, called for a general election to replace BoJo, saying:

“That it has taken so long and so many scandals for us to reach this stage is a travesty.”

“I hope that (BoJo’s) resignation will bring to an end this shameful and unedifying period of British politics.”

“It is clear though that this resignation has come far too late to avoid doing lasting damage to” the Britannia ship of state. 

BoJo “was not just one bad apple. The whole tree is rotten.”

“The public lost confidence in this (regime) and that is why it is so important that we now have a general election to give people a say on how they want their country run.”

According to Tass:

The BoJo regime “has been mired in” forever scandals.

The latest one involves deputy chief whip Chris Pincher —  accused of “grop(ing) two male colleagues while drunk.”

“Truth emerged later that Pincher was the subject of similar complaints earlier, but Johnson kept promoting him, even though he was aware of the facts.”

BoJo regime defections are greater in number than during the tenure of any of his predecessors since 1932.

At this time, he reportedly retains support from only around one-sixth of Tory party member.

Whether he steps down right away or in the coming days or weeks, his three-year reign of terror is over.

Yet the deplorable ship of state he’ll no long lead remains afloat — instead of going down with him where it belongs.

2 thoughts on “Britain’s Scandal-Ridden BoJo Resigns

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Petty little Fuxs .
    “Much Ado About Nothing”

    What.. BoJo had a Xmas Party

    The British Inmates

    And he didn’t even wear a mask





    Because they’re servile

    And Stupid for believing anything the Ruling Class tells them.

    Big Pharm Professional Killers

    “Stay home
    Yes..wear a Mask even Indoors

    No.. don’t touch anything until you spray it down w chemicals

    Yes.. Vax Babies

    Yes Monkey Pox ..

    Is coming to make a monkey out of you..
    Listening to the Serial Killers on TV ..

    Wait…can Monkey Pox
    linger in the Air for 12 minutes

    Like the Original Covid 19…?”

    BoJo goes down.

    First of many

    Looming on the European Horizon.

    Absolutely Theater of the Absurd.

    Colony Collapse around the corner.

    No real issues discussed

    Like are we Sleepwalking into WWIII…?


    What is BoJo’s Crime..?

    BoJo didn’t wear mask to his own Xmas Party.

    At his home .

    Oh my God.


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