On the Wrong Side of History

Along with regimes they serve, MSM are on the wrong side of all things related to war and peace, corporate empowerment, the rule of law and journalism as it should be.

It’s most apparent domestically on kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

The mother of all state-sponsored Big Lies refuses to die.

Abroad, hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s sanctions and proxy long war on Russia is top priority — no matter the risk of pushing things beyond a point of no return to East/West war with nukes.

Since the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies replaced democracy in Kiev with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny in 2014, US regimes poured tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al into Ukraine for long war on Donbass and Russia, on the latter since launching its liberating SMO.

The Biden regime regularly pours more of the same into the country to keep Russia perpetually at war over restoring peace and stability to Europe’s heartland.

Like virtually always before, NATO vassals follow the lead of their imperial master — no matter the harm to their economies and people.

Regardless of how much more military and related aid US/NATO regimes throw at Ukraine, its degraded force continues on a virtual suicide mission against vastly superior Russian firepower.

Greatly pummeled and defeated, it’s just a matter of time before it collapses altogether.

Yet US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents defy reality by pretending otherwise — to continue proxy long war on Russia, knowing it’s a lost cause.

Time and again, MSM falsely blame Russia for war crimes and atrocities committed by Nazified Ukrainian thugs.

Russia bashing by making stuff up continues daily — based on state-approved talking points.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT pretended the following:

“(T)he outcome of (Russia’s virtual defeat of Ukraine’s crumbling military is) unknown (sic).”

“(U)ndaunted by heavy casualties,” the US-installed, Nazi-infested regime, intends to turn things around — by foolhardy wishful thinking.

And like all Ukrainian crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities, the Times falsely blamed Russia for “shelling of cities in Donetsk” by Kiev troops.

And ignoring celebratory joy by residents of Donbass cities and towns liberated by Russian and DPR forces, the Times turned reality on its head, falsely claiming:

Freed from Nazified control, civilians “would rather lose everything than live under Russian control (sic).”

Russia’s SMO aims to liberate occupied Donbass areas so their residents control their own lives — free from Nazified tyrannical rule.

No “Russian scorched-earth tactics” have gone on — how hegemon USA-dominated NATO, Nazi-infested Ukraine and apartheid Israel operate.

No outpouring of Donbass civilians headed for Ukraine-controlled territory or the West exists.

And this WaPo Russia-bashing rubbish:

Citing an unnamed “military analyst,” WaPo reinvented Russia’s SMO, falsely calling it “military callousness (by an) authoritarian culture where nobody trusts anybody (sic) — a culture of irresponsibility (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality, falsely saying:

Russian forces are responsible for “atrocities (sic)” — committed by Ukrainian Nazis, as orchestrated and directed by their US handlers.

And this trash:

Russia believes that “brutality is a form of strength (sic), (that) cruelty and savagery are legitimate or natural war weapons (sic).”

And this bald-faced Big Lie:

A “potential Putin weapon is starvation (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

“(O)rderliness and prosperity” depend on “policing the global commons, the oceans (by hegemon USA’s) na(val)” war-making machine.

And, of course, Russia is to blame for made-in-the-USA soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains and shortages of essential goods — caused by hegemon USA’s unparalleled sanctions war on Russia.

And this WSJ fake news:

“Moscow’s armies tried to make daring thrusts deep into Ukrainian territory (sic).”

“They largely failed and lost elite units in the process (sic).”

So a “tactical shift in Ukraine” occurred (sic).

The above rubbish is fiction, not fact.

Russia never had any intention of controlling Ukraine’s heartland, including Kiev.

Liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified rule has been its aim all along.

Its forces tied down tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops to defend against the illusion of a Russian attack on Kiev never intended or launched.

All the while as analyst Larry Johnson explained, “(t)he scale and scope of (Russian tactics were) remarkable.”

Its forces “captured territory in three weeks larger than the land mass of the United Kingdom.” 

“They then proceeded to carry out targeted attacks on key cities and military installations.”

They’re wasn’t “a single instance of a Ukrainian regiment or brigade size unit attacking and defeating a comparable Russian unit.”

“Instead, (Russia) split the Ukrainian Army into fragments and cut their lines of communication.” 

Its forces “secured all approaches on the Black Sea.”

“Ukraine (was) cut off in the south and north.”

The above and what followed showed overwhelming Russian firepower and tactical superiority over Ukraine’s military — virtually defeated in short order after Moscow’s SMO began.

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals are desperate.

Everything they threw at Russia failed.

Pentagon and CIA elements are directing Kiev’s military.

Along with using mostly outdated Soviet era weapons, Ukraine has western ones.

Its troops have been trained by the US/West.

Yet Russian forces rolled over them throughout its SMO.

Believing that Ukraine’s degraded and defeated military can turn things around with more US/Western weapons et al is delusional.

Yet according to Journal fake news, “Ukrainian forces are seeking to slow the Russian advance, wearing them down and preparing to counterattack when they can bring more Western weapons to bear (sic).”

If made-in-the-USA proxy long war on Russia continues throughout the summer and fall toward yearend — by throwing more Kiev manpower of all shapes, sizes and ages into the fray as cannon fodder — Ukraine will likely become more of a wasteland than already.

One thought on “On the Wrong Side of History

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Excellent Article..
    So jam packed, as well.

    Let’s be clear..

    Russia is fighting the CIA
    And all of World Imperialism

    The Ukrainians already lost..!


    The minute they took the CIA
    Money and became fodder..

    ” Nazi Jihadis ”

    For Wall St and J Street
    And Raytheon.

    They lost.

    And now
    who knows how many killed and wounded NaziFuxs there are ..

    They’re losing for real.

    I hesitate to say, “Lost” already
    Which is the official mantra

    For this reason:

    No Ladies and Gentlemen

    The HIMARS and CAESARS aren’t the Game Changers

    But US Intel is.

    I REPEAT..


    Russian General Staff
    Said it…

    They Know..

    CIA Satellites offer the Nazis

    Complete Wrap Around Defense

    Split second

    positioning of Missile Strikes..
    On Russian Forces..


    CIA and the Seven Dwarfs
    ALL IN …


    They are perfectly fine saying they are at War with Russia..!

    And Please be mindful..

    This is a Totally New Kind of War..

    Total Transparency…and
    instantaneous Communication !

    No place to run
    No place to hide..

    The Big Eye is now..

    90% Of your Battle Axe
    Sir Galahad..!

    One small note..
    To digress..

    In the early 1700s in England

    the Royal Societies of Scientists, inventors, mathematicians,

    were formed

    At the Behest of the Lord Admiralty..

    Astonishing new
    Scientific inventions such as Harrison’s astrolabe..

    A clock that worked on Greenwich

    No matter where you sailed in the World…!



    New War..
    New Horizons.

    I would form a Special Group
    Of Scientists

    Cross pollinated
    With a Dozen Other Fields

    To better landscape the coming
    Epoch of Modern Warfare.

    Everything we know
    Or think now about warfare

    Has a Shelf Life..

    Lots of Small Divergent pieces fell off the Table

    For instance,

    There’s anti Drone Device
    Sitting on a Design Board

    Since the 1970s that a Polish
    Sci Fi writer created.

    Sitting there like a Xmas Turkey.

    BTW .. there’s about a Dozen
    Elon Musk’s in the World

    Some probably less than 21

    Half might be in India..
    Iran or DPRK..


    All we know .
    Is that we don’t know.

    The Futures cloudy
    For this essential reason

    This Collapsing Hegemony
    Is like none before..

    They are more than capable of taking down the World

    In their insanity.

    ” Scared and Frought with desperation ..

    everywhere they turn..!”

    Says Yoda..

    Moreover, will to risk WWIII

    rather than have their enormous Nazi Crimes x 10

    Uncovered by the People…!

    Every Leader of every
    Current NATO country

    Would be on trial at Nuremberg
    We’re it 1945..!

    Name one that hasn’t done or condoned almost everything the German Nazis did ..?

    NATO ..The Furthest Extension of Hitler’s Dream…

    Script Adapted by Wall St !

    Go Russia..
    To Complete and Total Victory!


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