Rock Bottom Confidence in the Fake Biden

The fake Biden represents the most pathetic example of illegitimacy and non-leadership in US history.

It showed in results of Gallup polling from June 1 – 20.

Since it began measuring confidence in US institutions in 1973, annually since 1993, Gallup said the following:

“This year’s poll marks new lows in confidence for all three branches of the federal government — the Supreme Court (25%), the (fake) presidency (23%) and Congress (7%).”

Other US institutions at their lowest point in decades include “newspapers (16%), television (11%), big business (14%)” and the criminal justice system (14%).

Since the 1970s, confidence in US institutions overall declined from “at least 40%” to 27% currently.

Throughout new millennium years — especially since Bush/Cheney’s aggression on Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq — overall US confidence was weighed down by protracted Main Depression conditions, partisan gridlock, all things flu/covid, along with current economic weakness, soaring inflation and shortages of basic goods.

“Americans’ confidence in institutions has been lacking for most of the past 15 years, but their trust in key institutions hit a new low this year,” Gallup reported, adding:

Most institutions it tracks “are at historic lows,” notably federal ones.

“A near record-low 13% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the US.”

Given the current trend at a time when both right wings of the US one-party state are beholden solely to wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of the general welfare, things are more likely to worsen ahead than improve. 

Gallup put today’s reality this way, saying:

It’s “unclear if confidence will ever get back to the levels (it) measured in decades past, even” if economic conditions improve.

New Monmouth University poll results released Tuesday were as dismal as what Gallup reported.

A record low 10 of respondents said that the US is heading in the right direction, 88% believing otherwise.

Nearly half of respondents said inflation is their greatest concern.

It’s at a time when most US households are struggling to make ends meet, when millions are food insecure.

Only 7% of respondents identifying themselves as middle class said they’ve benefitted from Biden regime policies.

The most recent University of Michigan consumer confidence index was a record-low 50.2.

Once again on Wednesday, the fake Biden falsely blamed Vladimir Putin for wrecking ball economic policies pursued by the regime he nominally heads, saying:

“We’ve got a long way to go because of inflation, because of – I call it the Putin tax increase (sic) – Putin because of gasoline and all that grain he’s keeping from being able to get to the market (sic).”

No Russian responsibility for Biden regime wrecking ball policies exists.

No Russian blockage of Ukrainian exports.

Russia is a major producer and exporter of numerous commodities.

Yet illegally imposed US/Western sanctions on the country are responsible for their high prices — including for energy, fertilizer and grain.

Interventionist Blinken falsely accused Moscow of “using food as a weapon (sic).”

The fake Biden defied reality by falsely claiming that hegemon USA is “fighting like hell to lower costs on things that you talk about around your kitchen table (sic).”

Making matters worse on Wednesday, the Biden regime’s Treasury Department sanctioned 15 Iranian individuals and oil companies based in the Islamic Republic, the UAE and China.

Commenting on a move that may send energy prices higher, Iran’s Press TV said the following:

“The measures are yet another testimony to the Biden (regime’s) refusal to break with its predecessor’s failed policy of ‘maximum pressure’ despite claiming interest in diplomacy and undoing past wrongs.”

Along with continuing no end to decades of US war on Iran by other means — for remaining free from control by the empire of lies — newly announced sanctions represent another dagger in the heart of the landmark JCPOA with intent to kill it altogether while falsely pretending otherwise.

The most effective way to greatly reduce soaring US inflation is a policy the Biden regime rejects — ending illegal sanctions war on Russia and Iran.

US dirty hands bear full responsibility for the dismal state of the nation.

Of greatest concern is the recklessness of a US agenda that risks East/West confrontation with nukes.

That’s where things are heading if the empire of lies and forever war on invented enemies fails to halt its wicked ways.


2 thoughts on “Rock Bottom Confidence in the Fake Biden

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Clearly all the Pre Conditions
    For Social Revolt

    Staring us in the Face.

    The Most urgent aspect
    Is taking that anger and angst

    Aspirating a Real Uprising
    In the Summer of Discontent..

    Turning that Social Revolt
    Into a Social Revolution..!

    When we give the Working Class the State Apparatus ..

    And an Agenda that serves the

    of the Overwhelming Majority
    of the American People..

    Rather than the Bankers..!

    BTW .

    No dynamic in History
    More powerful than the
    Fact that



    The Point,

    The One Absolutely Necessary Ingredient needed to take the Revolt to Revolution

    Is a Party

    A Workers Party.

    A Party that Represents the Working Class..

    A Leninist Party ..

    What does that mean..

    Because that is the
    Key Question ..

    It means the question
    Is Called.

    Put on the Table.

    Who will the Government Serve
    The Banks

    Or the Working Class ..?

    That simple.

    We the People
    In order to form a more perfect union..

    There comes a time to break the Bands that Bind us..

    The time is upon us
    The Fruit grows Rotten on the Vine.

    We Must Stamp Out those Vineyards were Grapes of Wrath

    And Wall St Nuland Nazis are stored

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    I for one Will Not Be Nailed to a Cross of Elvis Zelensky Lies .!


  2. I found southernprepper1 on YouTube several days ago and was impressed by the idea being executed by the channel. People from all over the country are reporting shortages and price increases they have witnessed. There are about 400 comments after being up about an hour.

    The link will go to today’s video that ends with the belief things will get worse: “Boots on the Ground….July 7th…Everything we use is going up in price.” —


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