Hegemon USA the Most Belligerent Nation in World History

Hegemon USA is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Defying reality on Wednesday, while together with his UK counterpart, Ken, McCallum, FBI head, Christopher Wray, falsely said the following:

China “poses the biggest longterm threat to our economic and national security (sic), and by ‘our,’ I mean (hegemon USA and vassal state Britain), along with our (other vassals) in Europe and elsewhere (sic).”

In April, Wray falsely accused China of posing “(t)he biggest threat we face as a country from a counterintelligence perspective…on a scale that’s unprecedented in history (sic),” adding:

“We are now moving at a pace where we’re opening a new China counterintelligence investigation about every 12 hours.” 

“It’s a measure of how significant the threat is (sic).”

“They have stolen more of Americans’ personal and corporate data than every nation combined (sic).”

At the time, 56 FBI field offices were conducting over 2,000 counterintelligence probes into Chinese activities.

In cahoots with US interests, McCallum, on Wednesday, said MI5 is running sevenfold more investigations into China’s (legal) activities compared to four years ago — citing invented foreign threats.

No real ones exist, no foreign attempts to act against UK interests, not by China, Russia or any other nations.

Yet McCallum falsely claimed the following:

He and Wray appeared jointly together because of what he falsely called “a massive shared challenge, China (sic).”

He lied accusing Beijing of exerting “covert pressure across the globe (sic).”

Saying China represents “the most game-changing challenge we face” reflects US/UK efforts to undermine its legal political, economic, financial, technological and military development.

In response on Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian minced no words as follows, saying:

Throughout its history from inception, “(t)he US was not at war for only 16” of its 246 years as a nation.

It’s “the most warlike nation in the history of the world,” adding:

In pursuit of its hegemonic aims, it’s “been violating the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and basic norms of international relations, abusing its economic, scientific and military dominance, waging wars in various places and stoking division and conflicts, (as well as) suppressing companies from other countries, including US’s allies.”

“This has brought huge turmoil and disasters to the world.”

“Facts have fully proven that the US is the biggest threat to world peace and development.”

US/UK accusations against China “are completely far-fetched, and so-called cases they listed are pure shadow chasing.”

“This is a typical example of a thief crying ‘stop thief.’ ” 

“We deplore this type of despicable and deceptive gambit.”

False US/Western claims about threats from China, Russia and other independent nations divert attention from the unparalleled threat posed by the empire of lies and its subservient vassals.

China’s Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, earlier stressed that hegemon USA’s Indo/Pacific strategy aims to foment confrontation with undermining China in mind.

China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, stressed the same thing, saying:

Washington’s “so-called Indo/Pacific strategy is essentially a strategy of creating dissension, fomenting confrontation and undermining peace” by pressuring, bribing and bullying regional nations to ally with its anti-China policies. 

Separately on Thursday, Wang accused the empire of lies of creating a “new Cold War” on two fronts — against Russia and China, adding:

In sharp contrast to US forever wars on humanity, Beijing forthrightly stands on the right side of history by promoting peace and cooperative relations among nations, according to the rule of law.

At the same time, China opposes US double standards — aimed at undermining its sovereignty, territorial integrity and relations with other nations.

And Beijing opposes US actions undertaken to undermine the interests of other nations in pursuit of its own at their expense.

Separately at the G20 foreign ministerial gathering in Bali, Sergey Lavrov said hegemon USA “ceased mutual contacts,” not Russia.

“We do not run after anyone, offering to meet.”

“If they do not want to talk, it is their choice.”

On the G20 sidelines, Lavrov briefed China’s Wang Yi on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine and Donbass, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement, adding:

Both “ministers emphasized that Russia and China continued to strengthen strategic interaction amid a difficult geopolitical situation, taking the same or similar positions on the vast majority of issues under discussion.”

“They confirmed their readiness to continue deepening foreign policy coordination.”

Lavrov stressed that Russia and China are supported by most other nations, adding:

“In contrast to the openly aggressive policy of the (US-dominated) West that seeks to maintain its privileged position in global affairs, our stance is gaining increasing support and appreciation among participants in international relations.”

Lavrov also stressed that US-controlled Ukraine shuns conflict resolution talks with Russia because the empire of lies opposes peace.

It wants a permanent state of proxy  war on Russia, what risks direct confrontation.

Head of Belarusian military intelligence, General Ruslan Kosygin, explained the growing threat, saying:

“Poland as well as the Baltic states (are) being turned into a staging ground, from which the US plans to unleash a new bloody conflict in Europe, targeting the Russian Federation and its allies.”

Kosygin believes that US-dominated NATO is preparing an attack on Belarus and Russia — on the phony pretext of deterring Moscow from invading Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, adding:

Everything the US/West threw at Russia failed.

Ukraine was armed and trained to wage US proxy war on Russia.

It failed so according to Kosygin: 

Hegemon USA is preparing Poland and the Baltic states to confront Russia in similar fashion to how it’s been using Ukraine since 2014 for this purpose.

The risk of global war 3.0 has been simmering for years. 

If erupts, it’ll be made-in-the-USA — with potentially catastrophic consequences.

5 thoughts on “Hegemon USA the Most Belligerent Nation in World History

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Imperialists have failed in every aspect.

    1)..Losing on the Battlefield

    2)..Losing the Public trust of their own constituents..

    3)…Drove China and Russia even closer together

    4)…Drove India and Russia Closer to Together

    5)… Drove China and India closer together

    6)…Drove Half the World into the China and Russia Polarity.

    7)…BRICS is the Hot Ticket to the next Geo Political Paradigm

    8)…Started the ALTERNATIVE SWIFT

    9)… Expedited the Death of the Dollar Hegemony by tenfold

    10)..Made the Ruble the Strongest Financial Instrument in the World

    11)..Shifted the entire World perspective into a much clearer understanding

    Europe needs Russia
    Russia doesn’t need Europe

    Or the West….!


    Flipped the World on its head




    It’s the World Flipped upside down.

    New Sheriff’s in town, baby..!
    New Paradigm not only coming..

    Now we can say,
    ” It’s Here Virginia..!”

    Moreover .
    As you stated,

    This has been planned a long time ago.

    In fact, the Entire War of Russia
    Is only a Cover for the inevitable

    The inexorable decline and demise of US Capital

    But more..


    A Pilfered
    Brokedick Country

    From by a Criminal Mob
    Who have Embezzled everything..

    All the Public Wealth looted.

    The USA a Rogue Pariah
    Terrorist State.


    QE PAPER..

    A HOAX

    The Roof not only not fixed from the Previous Crash in 2008..

    But leaking worse now.

    We’re in the Lacoon.

    The Reset
    FASCISM, in a Word.

    A Total Police State
    Total Surveillance
    Total Black Out of all truth

    Makes McCarthyism look like Disneyland.

    The third Prong of the
    Zio Kaganite Agenda ..
    Big Pharm

    Extinction Agenda..
    Our Extinction.

    1)..Man Made Plandemics



    The Gangsters Agenda
    in a Nutshell.

    Needless to mention

    Pushing Drugs
    And Gun Running.

    Takes up some time on their agendas

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!

    The Illiterates have failed drastically in every aspect.

    Fools and their Empires
    Soon part ways ..!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman


    See the Typo..

    My phone is a Comedian

    No.. Uncle Sam isn’t pushing Pesos..


    Sammy is Pushing Pedos.

    Botchie Boys.

    The Same thing
    Grisiline Maxwell is gonna do 20 yrs for …

    The CIA did for 20 yrs
    In Afghanistan..!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noted with appreciation for the forthright and accurate reporting. To be a bit wry, Wray should just “butt out” of any intelligent analysis or discourse. He has his head up his butt….


  4. There is a video in Russian of the trophies captured at Lisichansk. It is evidence of a tremendous budget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dgqpXaWMEA

    A Russian court ordered a Caspian Sea oil pipeline closed because of leakage. It is a loss of a million barrels of oil to Europe for a year. In Finland there is a strike by workers in natural gas production and the pump stuck in Canada because of sanctions will cause a loss of pumping gas along with scheduled maintenance that will see Nordstream 1 shut down in a few days. I am not trying to make a report on the situation when any German could give much better account in explaining his concern over the possibility of freezing to death and his strategy on eat or heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The FBI-MI5 joint declaration that China is top menace proves that USA-UK is the Babylonian “Beast with 2-horns like a lamb, and he speaks as a dragon” as mentioned in Revelation 13:11.

    Germany was destroyed in WW1 and WW2 while Japan and Italy suffered the same fate in WW2 because they were all technologically ahead. Just look at Formula 1 cars today.

    After WW1, Germany relied on export to pay reparations for a war it did not start yet the only country to pay war reparations. USA applied broad tariffs on German goods to make Germany default on payments and thus an excuse for war on Germany. Never mind the ensuing self-inflicted Great Depression and mass unemployment. These actions and hostile rhetoric convinced Hitler that war was coming and Germany re-armed. Hitler is a hero in Germany to this day.

    The same broad tariff and sanction strategy was applied to Chinese goods by puppet Trump but didn’t work out as intended because it has nasty side-effects, just like all pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

    Dumb puppets Biden and NATO leaders sanctioned Russia but the self-inflicted side-effects are nastier and showing up everywhere. Russia and China have antidotes.

    Evil Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire and brimstone. There is a penalty for being evil. The same fate awaits evil NATO.

    Long time passing! When will they ever learn?

    Liked by 1 person

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