Impending Russian Onslaught?

According to daily NYT propaganda war on Russia, its “forces are laying the groundwork for an onslaught” on Donetsk towns, villages and their people (sic).

Throughout Russia’s SMO since launched, strikes by its military have been exclusively on military targets.

Phony claims otherwise by US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents continue to reinvent reality on the ground.

The Times falsely accused Russia of killing “at least seven civilians in the last 24 hours (sic)” — no evidence cited because none supports the phony claim.

No Russian missiles, rockets or artillery shells target populated residential areas.

It’s in stark contrast to US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass communities since April 2014 — killing around 14,000 civilians.

MSM pretended not to notice.

For 8 years, they reported nothing about what’s gone on.

Then when Russia launched its liberating SMO, they falsely blamed its forces for war crimes committed by Kiev against Donbass communities and their people.

On Thursday alone, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

“Ukrainian armed formations shelled Donetsk People’s Republic settlements 47 times over the past 24 hours, expending 243 rounds of ammunition, the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC)” explained, adding:

“Seven civilians were killed and another 28 were wounded in Ukrainian strikes; 43 houses and seven civil infrastructure facilities were damaged.”

“In the previous 24-hour period, Ukrainian armed formations fired 508 rounds of ammunition at the DPR killing four people and wounding another 12.”

“Twenty-five houses and 16 infrastructure facilities were damaged.”

Much the same has been ongoing daily since Russia’s liberating SMO was launched.

On Friday, DPR deputy commander, Eduard Basurin, reported the following:

“Russian and DPR forces have destroyed three fire positions of Ukrainian armed formations and killed up to 30 Ukrainian gunmen over the past 24 hours.”

“The following enemy weapons and hardware (were) destroyed: a D-30 howitzer, an M-777 howitzer, two cross country vehicles, two armored personnel carriers and up to 30 personnel.”

“Three Ukrainian fire positions were silenced in the Peski and Opytnoye settlement areas north-north-east of Donetsk.”

Separately on Thursday, reciting lines scripted by his US master, puppet Zelensky hyperventilated as follows, saying:

“Ukrainians are not ready to give up their land as new territories of the Russian Federation (sic).”

“This is our land (sic). We have always said this, and we will never give it up (sic).”

What’s controlled by Russian, DPR and LPR forces is no longer Ukrainian territory.

A rump state alone exists. 

Its predominantly Russian-speaking industrial and resources areas are liberated from Nazified control or will be in the coming weeks.

Their people want no part of being part of Ukraine again.

Separately on Wednesday, Turkey released an alleged Russian-flagged cargo ship it detained for several days in response to Kiev’s false accusation of it carrying stolen Ukrainian grain, a Zelensky regime statement saying:

“The Ukrainian side received the mentioned information with deep disappointment and appeals to the Turkish side with an urgent request to conduct an investigation into the mentioned situation and provide a comprehensive answer to the requests of the relevant authorities of Ukraine, as well as to prevent similar cases in the future by all means (sic).” 

Commenting on the incident, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“It is unacceptable to try to create this crisis artificially.” 

“There are no problems with the export of our grain, our fertilizers, except for the problems created by the Western sanctions.”

Separately on Tuesday, head of Zaporozhye region’s Russian-established administration, Yevgeny Balytsky, said the following:

The Zhibek Zholy cargo vessel falsely accused of carrying stolen Ukrainian grain “was not seized,” adding:

“We, our grain company, did not have an injunction on this cargo ship.”

“The contract was concluded between Tallinn-based and Turkish companies in this case.”

“It is unlikely that anything negative will happen to this vessel in terms of law.”

No Russian theft of Ukrainian grain occurred, as Kiev and the empire of lies falsely claimed.

The issue was resolved as explained above.

On Thursday, neocon Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal posed for the latest hegemon USA photo-op stunt with puppet Zelensky in Kiev.

He showed up from his Polish hideout for the occasion, Graham defying reality as follows, saying:

“A (nonexistent) counteroffensive is possible soon (sic) if we give the Ukrainians the right weapons…to keep this fight going.”

Blumenthal sounded delusional, claiming that “(t)he American people rightly see themselves in Ukraine (sic).” 

“They see the fierce effort to defend the homeland (sic), to secure freedom and independence (sic).”

And this from WaPo:

Saying hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s Ukraine project “is in danger of failing” was short of explaining that it was doomed once Russia’s SMO began.

Saying “(t)he West needs to…adjust its strategy” failed to admit the defeat of Ukraine’s military by vastly superior Russian firepower.

No matter how much more in the way of weapons et al the US/West supplies to Kiev, nothing on the ground will change.

The only unknowns are how much more relentless pounding Russia will inflict on Ukraine’s military, and how many more casualties will Kiev permit before it admits defeat and surrenders.

Phony claims about heavy Russian losses, dwindling supplies and related fake news are propaganda rubbish — what’s increasingly falling flat in the face of continued advances on the ground by Russian forces and Donbass freedom fighters.

Supplying Kiev with more weapons and munitions won’t reinvigorate Kiev’s degraded and defeated military.

Nor does the WSJ’s phony accusation of an alleged “Russian secret network to steal Ukrainian grain” hold up in the light of day.

Since Moscow launched its liberating SMO, it’s been assaulted by all sorts of made up stuff — by hegemon USA, its Western vassals, Nazified Ukraine and their MSM press agents.

And this Journal perversion of reality:

Russia’s SMO has nothing to do with “upend(ing) the global supply of grain” and other commodities.

US/Western sanctions war on Russia bears full responsibility for shortages of goods, soaring inflation and disrupted supply chains.

And sharply reduced US investments in fossil energy sources caused shortages and higher prices, what began long before Russia’s SMO.

According to David Stockman:

Market valuations of the four largest US oil and natural gas companies dropped “by more than half.”

The same goes for their capital expenditures.

“Since 2015, industry analysts Hayes and Boone listed nearly 800 exploration and production companies, oilfield services, and midstream oil and gas companies that filed for bankruptcy.”

Energy prices are high and going higher “because the fossil investment/supply development process has been short-circuited.”

Biden regime policies are “destroy(ing) the fossil fuel industry” to prevent the myth of climate change. 

Will the nation’s food supply be adversely impacted by wrongheaded policymaking and/or willful sabotage by burning down more processing and storage facilities than already.

The Biden regime’s wrecking ball agenda already caused irreparable harm to millions of US households in multiple ways.

Will launching WW III against Russia be the next shoe to drop?

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    All Hell breaking out at G-20

    USA proclaims China
    As the Enemy…

    And furthermore

    States China is
    Stealing Technology

    Every Channel Covering it ..

    I have to laugh..

    China’s about 20 yrs ahead
    And Sammy is accusing China of stealing..

    But here’s the Big Laugh.

    1000 yrs ago
    Marco Polo era

    The European
    Fork Tongued Devil

    Showed up in China..

    smelled like a goat
    Infested with lice
    And infected with VD

    And felt superior in his ignorance

    Here’s what the Rascally Rascal stole from China

    2)..Moveable Type Press
    3)..Paper Money
    4)..Eating Utinsles
    5).. Government Bonds
    6)..Maps of the Molaccans and Spice Isles .. invaluable
    7)..Golden Wove Cloth and Silk
    8)..Sewage & Road Construction
    9).. Horticulture

    10).. and Amazingly…
    taught the Barbarians to simply take out their garbage..!

    Europe didn’t do that .!

    And gave the Human Filth
    Lye Soap.

    Imagine that.

    Europe used a form of
    Human Urine and vinegar..
    For cleansing.

    Not kidding.!


    The Chinese came out of the Stone Age

    8,000 yrs before Europe..!

    When the European lived in Caves with his dogs..

    China had cities of a Million
    Roads that went 1000 miles

    And a Civil Service..
    With Courts and Administration
    And even a Postal service…!

    Remember..they had Paper.


    Chinese are the Original Civilization Builders.




    Savages showed up..

    Just there to help them.

    We’re gonna Help them..!




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