Hegemon USA Intends Forever War in Ukraine

The Biden regime vowed to keep throwing billions more dollars worth of weapons and munitions at Ukraine to continue proxy long war on Russia indefinitely — no matter the human toll neither wing of the US war party gives a damn about.

According to Russia’s US embassy:

Hegemon USA intends no end to using Ukraine as a platform for proxy long war on Russia.

“This decision is based on Washington’s fierce desire to drag out the conflict at any cost and, by using its weapons’ supplies, to compensate for increasing multiple casualties among (Nazified and conscript) Ukrainian troops.”

The above statement followed the Biden regime’s announced intention to supply Kiev with another $400 million worth of weapons et al — a US war department statement saying:

Four additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) high-precision artillery rounds and related equipment will be sent to the Nazified regime.

“Included in this latest set of gear and supplies is something the US has previously not sent to Ukraine: 1,000 rounds of 155 mm artillery billed as having greater precision.”

Also included is “additional ammunition for those HIMARS systems, (as well as) some tactical vehicles, demolition munitions, spare parts and other equipment.”

“It offers Ukraine precise capability for specific targets.”

Hegemon USA intends to keep Ukraine weaponized for “months and years.”

The latest announced package is the 15th one since last summer. 

Yet 1,000 rounds of 155 mm artillery is only around one-fifth the number of shells used by Ukrainian troops daily.

Russia destroyed at least 2 of 8 HIMARS sent to Ukraine, according to its Defense Ministry, adding:

“Sea-launched precision weapons eliminated two Harpoon coastal missile launchers in the area of the settlement of Liman in the Odessa Region delivered from Great Britain.”

A Kremlin statement said that Russian forces are closely monitoring what weapons enter Ukraine — to be targeted and eliminated.

Ukraine’s 80th air assault brigade troops engaged near Artyomovsk reportedly laid down their weapons, refused to fight and surrendered.

On July 7, Russia’s Defense Ministry said around 350 Ukrainian troops, 20 armored vehicles and other weapons were eliminated near Artyomovsk in eastern Donetsk.

Separately on Friday, Russian forces displayed a sample of abandoned weapons by Ukrainian troops, a statement saying the following:

They include “a self-propelled artillery system (Carnation).”

“There are tanks T-62s, (and) BMP-2s.”

“There are dozens of pieces of equipment…abandoned by Ukrainian troops during their retreat” or surrender.

When attempts were made to “break through” Russian, LPR or DPR lines, Ukrainian troops and weapons were eliminated or captured.

A British armored car was displayed, along with vehicles for transporting troops to the front, as well as various US/Western supplied weapons. 

What was displayed was a tiny fraction of what Ukrainian troops abandoned.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry uncovered evidence to show that Ukrainian troops intended to use bioweapons in Donbass.

As directed by the Pentagon, the regime’s own military personnel were likely involuntarily used as guinea pigs to test the toxic effects of dangerous pathogens.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said it continues to “analyz(e) military-biological activity of the USA and its allies in Ukraine and other regions of the world in view of new information received at the liberated territories and at the branch offices of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) that form a unified information network.”

“We previously stated that the Ukrainian project of the Pentagon does not meet the pertinent healthcare problems of Ukraine, while their implementation has not led to any improvement of the sanitary-epidemiological situation.”

Illegal Pentagon bioweapons research has been ongoing in Ukraine for years.

During Russia’s SMO, documents were discovered to show what went on.

Along with elsewhere worldwide, hegemon USA used Ukraine as a bioweapons lab for developing them with intent for use against invented enemies.

US military personnel earlier admitted using chemical, biological and other banned weapons in Korea, Southeast Asia and other Pentagon war theaters.

On Friday, Russia’s US embassy stressed that “(t)he goal of the Russian Federation(’s SMO) is to put an end to the terror of the Kiev regime,” adding: 

In stark contrast, hegemon USA “is (using Nazified) Ukraine to” kill as many Russians and Donbass residents as possible.

3 thoughts on “Hegemon USA Intends Forever War in Ukraine

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Yes sir.
    You said it.

    You said it perfectly.
    Couldn’t say it any better.

    Gonna go in indefinitely..
    Until the one morning

    Pres Putin wakes up after some tragedy has befallen the Noble Russians..

    And says,

    And the Architects
    The Instigators
    The Real Criminals

    Who’ve destroyed Whole countries and continents

    Never even giving it a
    Second thought

    Who always just Walk Away..

    “Just Walk Away, Renee..”

    Scott Free

    Not only never get harmed..
    But made a bunch of money.

    IN THE GAME ..!


    Until one Sunday Morning
    When Pres Putin is Straight

    Straight up angry.
    Fed Up.


    Gives the Gangsters some Medicine.

    Strong medicine.
    Kamchatka Kickapoo Juice


    That will be the day it ends .

    In fact, it’s the Number One LESSON OF THE UNIVERSE





  2. Mr Lendman

    Suddenly getting inundated with pictures of Abe Assassination.

    Honestly on Abe..
    Starting to look like a Snuff Film.

    Too much.

    Keep in mind this Deformation
    The Period we’re in..

    Where everything a lie and a Swindle by the Human Pigs

    also know as our Ruling Class.

    Something Profoundly
    Non descript ..

    yet omnipresent.

    “Something Evil..
    this Way Comes”

    Aspirating the Epoch

    To illustrate my point by example of analogy

    The Political Union is the UK..
    But the Culture is English.

    The Paradigm is Bourgeois but a Gangster Culture has taken over

    This sinister Trend is something that always grows in a Sick Society..

    A reflection of the cruelty and callous Criminal Ruling Class


    Azov Nazis..
    Who Burned a Swastika on a poor woman’s stomach.

    These are the Heros..

    Of our Deranged
    Nazi Collaborators
    Who pose as Leaders .

    Snuff films
    Probably this year’s new fad.

    When you stop and think..

    Just Sanctions alone..

    Cause Starvation for 100s of Millions or Billions of People.

    Nobody bats an eye.

    And it’s all mundane
    So ordinary

    It’s assumeed
    Taken for granted

    It’s so prevalent.

    We’re a very troubled and Degenerated Society.

    Not fit to Survive.
    Chances are we might not

    With the Criminally Insane
    Bedwetters running the Show.

    Putin and Russia were extremely lucky to get isolated from this bacteria.


    Lastly, My deepest condolences to the Abe Family and his friends

    He was certainly no hero to me.

    But we always condemn this type of terrorism..

    Against anyone.

    It’s something that doesn’t belong amongst civilized people

    That’s why It’s so dreadfully wrong for Filth like Pompeo to assassinate Soleimani.

    Besides the obvious

    That Pompous Pimpio is a gutter rat

    And Soleimani a Great Man..!

    Because It breaks down
    the very foundation and tenets of our Civilization..

    And sends us back into the
    Dark Ages.

    The World where our
    Ruling Class Serial Killers live.


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