NY City and State Unsafe and Unfit to Live in

Undemocratic Dem New York Governor Kathy Hochul and likeminded NYC Mayor Eric Adams support mandated kill shots for kids — with intent to destroy their health and shorten their lifespan on the phony pretext of protecting them.

In June, the pro-kill shots NYT endorsed Hochul’s reelection campaign instead of forthrightly  opposing the menace she represents to state residents. 

Her public health-destroying reign of terror is worlds apart from what the Times falsely called “a competent, steady hand who put the interests of the public first (sic).”

No flu/covid “pandemic” exists in NY state or anywhere else as the Times falsely claimed — in support of Biden regime fear-mongering.

It’s a diabolical scheme to inflict irreparable harm on maximum numbers of people from kill shots, what are crucial to shun.

New York requires teachers, staff and healthcare workers to self-inflict harm from kill shots.

If Hochul and NYC Mayor Adams mandate kill shots for kids — what’s likely coming — parents should resist by civil disobedience or any other means to protect their kids by shunning what no one should tolerate.

In the infamous footsteps of former NYC mayor de Blasio, his successor, Adams, said he’ll mandate health-destroying kill shots for kids by end of summer or early fall.

No ambiguity about them exists. 

They’re responsible for the overwhelming majority of flu/covid outbreaks and any one or a combination of other serious health issues — while providing no protection against contracting the viral illness or anything else.

Mandating or promoting them is an indisputable crime against humanity.

According to Nuremberg Code Principle One:

All things health related require voluntary consent — no exceptions permitted.

According to Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR):

“(N)o one shall be (involuntarily) subjected…to medical or scientific experimentation” — what flu/covid mass-jabbing is all about.

Rights of others to swing their fist end where our nose begins. 

The same goes for unlawful mandates by ruling US regimes at the federal, state and local levels v. our rule of law guaranteed rights.

Our bodies are inviolable. No one may legally order anything affecting them — for good or ill — without our voluntary consent.

Going the other way is one of the most flagrant breaches of personal liberty.

It’s how hegemon USA operates — a despotic police state exceeding the worst of all others in world history with mass-extermination and elimination of fundamental freedoms in mind worldwide.

On all things health related, undemocratic Dem-run states like New York, California and Illinois where I live are worst of all.

If ever mass resistance was needed in the US, it’s now.

Countless millions were already harmed.

The only solution may be popular revolution to halt mass jabbing, masking and all else flu/covid once and for all — along with holding fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and all others pushing kill shots accountable for supporting depopulation on an unparalleled scale.

Separately along with tens of billions of dollars already given Pharma for kill shots, the Biden regime is throwing $9 billion more at Pfizer to supply more of the same — what most people are now shunning.

According to CDC data, nearly 170 million flu/covid doses are unused.

The original Pfizer deal paid the kill shot producer $19.50 per dose.

The new deal with the Biden regime is for $30.48 pre dose — over a 50% increase.

Investigative journalist, Jordan Schachel, explained that while Pfizer has record-breaking profits, it’s “gouging” every buck possible from US taxpayers with no say on what’s going on at their expense.

Before Pfizer’s new sweetheart deal with the Biden regime, the Pharma profiteer was on track for $100 billion in revenue and $32 billion in profits this year.

The firm acknowledged that it virtually transformed itself into a flu/covid kill shot business.

Its new logo falsely claims that it “shift(ed) from commerce to science (sic).”

That its mission is producing “breakthroughs that change patients’ lives” — for the worst by destroying their health and shortening their lifespans by kill shots left unexplained.

One thought on “NY City and State Unsafe and Unfit to Live in

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman.

    A very powerful little article.

    Social Revolution is the only
    Way we will survive.

    Let’s be frank ..
    They mean to annihilate us.

    Kill us off like the genocide on the Native American.

    We’re Special..?

    They didn’t think twice Killing 3000 Americans on 911.

    8,000 when you count the
    First Responders who died.

    Like they gave a fux.

    Government Grade Thermite.

    Kills you

    Like they Give a Fux.

    Trust me..
    Is rather be Surfing..

    If we’re to survive
    Better get busy organizing .

    In fact, Organize like your very life depends on it.

    When in the Course
    of Human Events

    Requires the bands that bind us together…need be broken.

    I think it’s the only solution
    There are no other options.


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