Return of the Big Scare

Over 800 Hollywood films have return in their title.

They range from horror films to sci-fi, to romance, to comedy and other themes.

They’re mostly must avoid v. gotta see.

Most scary is what Hollywood should feature but won’t touch, notably return of more scariant than variant flu/covid strains. 

Omicron in so-called BA.5 subvariant form is the latest one rolled out to scare more people to self-inflict greater harm — even if already jabbed, re-jabbed and boosted.

Dubiously called the most transmissible variant, NYT fake news fear-mongering falsely claimed the following:

It “threaten(s) a fresh wave of infections in the US (sic), even among those who have recovered from” flu/covid and have natural immunity — the most protective shield of all against reinfection.

Omitted from MSM reports about so-called flu/covid variants is that they’re all virtually alike.

Not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishes one from others.

To admit what’s reality according to science would adversely affect Pharma’s bottom line so it’s suppressed.

Yet former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases, Dr. Michael Yeadon, earlier explained that no matter how many flu/covid variants are around, differences among them are “no more than .003%.”

In other words, no matter what they’re named, no matter the hype rolled out with them, they’re more scariant than variant — at a time when the only pandemic around is among the jabbed.

Yet according to more Times fake news, citing the Pharma-controlled CDC, flu/covid outbreaks are “increasing in much of the country (sic).”

Jabbed individuals, especially multi-jabbed ones, comprise the vast majority of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths attributed to flu/covid.

And much of the time, what’s called flu/covid is something else entirely, diseases caused by kill shots.

And this from Pharma-connected molecular medicine professor Eric Topol:

Defying science, he falsely claimed that “there’s an under-appreciation of what (the newly hyped omicron subvariant is) going to do to the country, and it already is exerting its effect (sic).”

Warning about the risk of them busting out all over, including by infecting individuals with natural immunity, is fear-mongering rubbish.

Biden regime anti-public health agencies are approving new kill shots — on the phony pretext of protecting against newly rolled out omicron subvariants.

Unavailable so far, they will be in September as things now stand.

Claims about so-called omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants driving a new wave of US flu/covid infections are all about pushing more people to self-inflict harm from kill shots crucial to shun.

And no drug for any purpose should be approved for public use without extensive testing and peer-reviewed evidence of its efficacy.

Yet flu/covid kill shots, old and new, have been inadequately tested and rushed to market with state-sponsored diabolical aims and Pharma profiteering in mind — ignoring the hazards they pose.

Throughout the post-WW II period, Pharma caused more harm to more people worldwide than merchants of death.

Drug companies lied about results of their clinical trials for kill shots.

They lied claiming that adverse events and deaths among jabbed individuals were unrelated to flu/covid shots.

Most everything vital to know about all things flu/covid was fabricated.

According to MSM fake news — based on state-approved talking points on the alleged more scariant than variant omicron BA.5 most transmissible of all subvariants (sic), calling it the dominant flu/covid threat, ignored that it’s virtually no different from other viral strains.

Claims about it being three or four times more resistant to antibodies is rubbish.

Or that it risks greater numbers of hospitalizations.

With state-sponsored, MSM-proliferated flu/covid fear-mongering in summer when seasonal flu outbreaks are low compared to from October to May,  imagine what likely lies ahead when fall arrives in a few months.

In early July, Dr. Vernon Coleman explained the following:

“(I)n March 2020, (UK government advisors) officially downgraded covid to the level of the flu.” 

It’s renamed flu and “not a plague.”

“It was and is no more than an over-promoted version of the flu” with a scary new name. 

There’s been “no pandemic” — except among jabbed individuals. 

Numbers of alleged flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths throughout the West have been artificially inflated.

Individuals who died from something accident related, a leading cause of death, who tested positive for flu/covid, what’s nearly always false because of how tests are administered, officially died from the viral illness despite not having contracted it.

In early 2020 Britain and the US, masking was considered dangerous and ineffective.

Yet its use continues to be promoted. They’re widely worn.

Whenever I visit a doctor’s office in Chicago for a routine med appointment, I’m not allowed in unless masked.

Everything flu/covid related is over-hyped and most often fabricated with destroying health, not protecting it in mind.

According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, we’ve been deliberately lied to and mass-deceived about all things flu/covid.

Along with irreparably harming health, Yeadon believes what’s going on aims for greater societal control for ill, not good.

It’s been known for years that spike protein in kill shots “causes adverse effects in humans.”

It’s toxic and causes irreparable harm.

Yet it’s in kill shots anyway — “even though it violated all of the ‘rules’ (related to) creating a safe and effective product.”

It wasn’t a mistake. It was intentional with causing maximum harm to maximum numbers of people.

Mass-jabbing “is the wrong answer,” Yeadon stressed.

Spike protein in kill shots risks harm to all bodily organs.

US/Western public health officials knew all along that what they’re promoting harms health.

That’s the dirty truth about all things flu/covid, especially kill shots crucial to shun.

A Final Comment

WaPo editors allied with return of the big scare fear-mongering, saying:

“The worst (flu/covid more scariant than variant) just arrived,” adding:

“The (fake) pandemic” continues.

Nonexistent “(w)aves of infection (did not) t(ake) millions of lives.”

Kill shots are worlds apart different from what’s “highly effective.”

They likely caused millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of adverse events worldwide instead of providing protection as falsely claimed.

Outbreaks are not “speeding up once again…evading immunity and still on the march (sic).”

“Arrival of (the so-called) subvariant (omicron) BA.5” is all about pushing crucial to shun kill shots, not the other way around.

No “huge wave of (flu/covid) infections” exploded throughout the West and elsewhere.

Heavily hyped claims otherwise by the CDC, other Pharma-controlled anti-public health agencies and their MSM press agents are fake news fear-mongering rubbish.

We’ve had a bellyful of it since seasonal flu was renamed covid over three-and-a-half years ago.

And like a bad aftertaste, it’s happening again with the same diabolical aims in mind.

It’s crucial to shun kill shots and all else publicly hyped about flu/covid to protect health over the other way around.

One thought on “Return of the Big Scare

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Very interesting
    The Return Headers ..

    “Return of the Jabbers”
    The movie on now.

    Wait.. I’m confused

    did BA.5
    Replace Monkey Pox?

    Monkey Pox was to kinky
    So the Killers in Marketing

    Rebranded it.
    CIA Marketing

    Like making .

    al Qaeda into ISIS..
    Or ISIS into al Nusra..
    Or al Nusra into al Shams

    All Shams..!

    What a fuxed up World it is with the Gangsters

    These Capitalist Gangsters
    Ruining our health
    Our lives

    And our country
    And the Whole World.

    Need to get rid of these
    Nazi Collaborators…!

    Getting rid of them..

    It will be the Beginning of History ..!


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