Russia a Pariah at the G20 Ministerial Gathering in Bali?

Pariah status applies to decadent, depraved US-dominated Western regimes, not Russia.

The Biden regime’s scheme to pressure, bribe and bully G20 foreign ministers to demonize and shun Russia at the Bali ministerial gathering flopped as expected.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, explained that best laid Biden regime plans splattered egg on its face instead, saying:

Hegemon USA’s attempt to organize a boycott of Russia in Bali, Indonesia “failed.”

So the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies shifted to Plan B — getting its MSM press agents to pretend that Russia was treated as a pariah in Bali, Zakharova explaining the following:

“As soon as (the US and its Western vassals) realized that they were in the absolute minority, (they chose) other tactics.”

They “unleashed (their MSM) to make up something.”

Saluting and obeying their higher power, MSM scurried “around the hall holding notebooks and even watches.”

“They tr(ied) to figure out who was in the meeting room, who had walked out, who and how long (some ministers were) outside (the hall) during sessions, and so on.”

“They were trying to (concoct) the best (fiction) of (an anti-Russia) boycott” — even though there was none, other than by Western regimes in lockstep with their US imperial master.

Instead of focusing exclusively on major issues of the day with intent to work on fostering peace, stability, equity, justice and cooperative relations among nations, according to the rule of law, the Biden regime tried and failed to transform the G20 gathering into a Russia bashing session.

According to press agent for wealth, power and privilege NYT:

“Russia’s Lavrov (was treated as a) pariah” in Bali…but only by some” — Western foreign ministers alone, no others, adding:

“He was like a skunk at the tropical resort party (sic), shunned by many (meaning G7 foreign ministers alone), though by no means all” — meaning the other 13 G20 foreign ministers.

The Times and other MSM ignored Russian involvement in promoting mutual cooperation among the world community of nations, Lavrov saying the following at a plenary session:

“Russia will consistently contribute to building cooperation not on a ‘play of muscles,’ but on a well-calculated balance of interests, respect for cultural and civilizational diversity and the right of peoples to determine their own destiny.”

“We will promote a unifying agenda.” 

“The logic of ‘rivalry of powers’ on the principle of ‘who us, the one against us’ is futile.”

“(T)oday, more than ever, creative partnership of sovereign states is in demand.”

“Unions of a new type, based on true equality, without leaders and followers — BRICS, SCO, EAEU —can serve as examples.”

The letter and spirit of the G20 was reflected in Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s motto, stressing:

“Recover Better Together” and the importance of transforming the motto into reality.

US imperial aims are worlds apart from the above, what the vast majority of world community of nations support.

Lavrov stressed that during G20 talks, Western regimes failed “to address global economy issues, and to reach agreements to find solutions related to sustainable development within the UN.”

Instead they focused on Russia bashing to the dismay of non-Western nations — with perversions of reality like the following:

Interventionist Blinken once again reinvented Russia’s liberating SMO as “unprovoked aggression against Ukraine (sic).”

He ignored over 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Nazified Ukraine against Donbass civilians, killing thousands.

He said nothing about Kiev’s breach of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements as ordered by its US master.

Or anything about years of good faith Russian diplomacy to restore peace to Donbass — undermined by the empire of lies and forever wars.

Nor did he explain that over 100,000 (US-directed) Ukrainian troops were mobilized to invade Donbass and Russia’s Crimea last February.

Moscow’s only option was acting defensively to prevent what would have been disastrous.

In Bali, Blinken and his Western counterparts recited pre-scripted Russia bashing lines, a litany of bald-faced Big Lies like most always when commenting on nations free from hegemon USA control.

The Biden regime failed to isolate Russia at the G20, embarrassing itself instead on the world stage.

A Final Comment

On Friday, the G20 ministerial gathering ended with no joint statement, no final communique, no consensus Russian bashing agreement sought by the empire of lies.

According to host country Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, discussions focused mostly on Russia’s SMO in Ukraine without consensus on what’s going on.

When G20 summit leaders meet on November 15 and 16, much the same result is likely.

4 thoughts on “Russia a Pariah at the G20 Ministerial Gathering in Bali?

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Continuing MZ

    ” The best laid plans of
    Gutter Rats and Men..

    Oft go astray..!”

    The Gutter Rats..
    Shun the Light.

    The Filth.
    The Bacterium

    Mass Murderers

    Who’ve invaded 35 Countries
    Since 1945..

    Killed 25-35 Millions..

    No remorse
    No apology

    Straight Forward
    Wrath and Destruction

    By History s Greatest Collection of Human Filth.


    Here’s what’s so absurd.

    Where’s Zelensky’s deed to the Ukraine..

    Some rag from a CIA coup..

    A CIA coup to install
    Pure Human Filth .

    Where’s the Azov Battalions

    From the Same CIA

    Nothing but smoke.

    That’s all you got ..?

    Mr Lavrov has a 1000.yr old Deed to the Property.

    Russia…1000 yrs
    Nazis………30 yrs

    Going back to the CIA CLOWN.

    Drunk Yeltsin
    Sitting on top of a Tank
    With 150 people

    That’s all you got.

    You got nothing but a dirty title and a Gang of Nazis..

    Wall St..J Street.

    Nazis …

    Created in their own image.

    I laugh at the piousness of these little War Criminals

    They won’t be so implacable

    When the Freezing And Hungry Citizens

    They completely fuxed..

    chase them down the Icy Roads!


    Coming soon.

    Astonishing.. how criminally Stupid these Snobs are.

    Nazi Collaborator Snobs…!


    Human Filth
    As Snobs..


    Lastly, as I’ve said many, many times before..

    ” This is the Stupidest
    Ruling Class in all of History!”

    Astonishingly stupid..!

    Maybe they’re embarrassed to even be in front of the brilliant Mr Lavrov..!




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  2. Mr Lendman


    Any Meeting of World Leaders
    Anywhere in the World..

    If it doesn’t have Russia and China there ..

    It’s completely worthless.

    Might as well have stayed home.

    The Looters are lucky the Angels even show up.

    To sit with the Gutter Rats
    The murderous Lying Rats

    That’s a testament to the Benevolence of the
    Two World Hegemonic Powers

    They suffer these fools
    And their never ending lies.

    Look into incipient faces of
    The Fundamental Darkness.

    Hear the Jackels cackle.

    Go Russia and China..
    Angels of Truth and Justice..

    To Total Victory….!

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