Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Other Issues

According to Russia’s deputy director of its Foreign Ministry Information and Press Department, Alexey Zaitsev (AZ) below:

Russian, LPR and DPR forces continue to “to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine, to liberate Donbass and eliminate threats to Russia.”

Many cities, towns and villages “have been liberated from Ukrainian neo-Nazis and foreign mercenaries and are returning to peaceful life.”

Lugansk is fully liberated, Donetsk to follow ahead.

“Relief efforts are underway to deal with the aftermath of hostilities.” 

“Water, energy supplies and economic activity are being restored.”

Transport services are being resumed. 

Schools, outpatient clinics and hospitals will reopen in the coming days.

Mariupol, Lugansk is being rebuilt.

Russian “military construction specialists are taking part in this effort,” AZ explained.

“Residential buildings and civil infrastructure facilities are being built fast.” 

By yearend, a thousand or more residential units are expected to be available for city residents.

As ordered by his US master, puppet Zelensky and others around him aim to obstruct efforts to restore normality to long-suffering Donbass residents.

Ukrainian troops terror-shell Donetsk medical facilities, food stores, farmer’s markets, factories and residential buildings with US/NATO munitions — daily.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals regularly announce their intention to supply Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops with more weapons and munitions for protracted proxy war on Russia.

Conflict resolution is off the table in favor of continued fighting to the last Ukrainian.

AZ stressed that what’s going on “shows the importance of demilitarizing Ukraine and liberating it from neo-Nazis who continue to terrorize the people of Donbass and to generate threats to Russia’s security.”

“The special military operation is aimed at fulfilling these goals.”

Efforts by the empire of lies to undermine strong Sino/Russian ties that bind are exercises in futility, said AZ.

He noted that the Biden regime “threatened to punish China for cooperating with Russian economic operators in circumvention of illegitimate anti-Russia sanctions, imposed by Washington and its allies.”

“They are exerting serious pressure on China, and this pressure often assumes brazen forms.”

Commenting on the upcoming accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, AZ said increasing the war-making alliance’s membership from 30 to 32 nations is “another step towards a political and military escalation in Europe.”

By joining US-dominated NATO, the leadership of both states will be forced to obey its hegemonic will, their independence lost.

If they and other alliance members threaten Russia’s security, they’ll “be met with a response from the Russian side,” AZ stressed.

Asked about the status of US WNBA player Brittney Griner, AZ explained the following:

She was “arrested at Sheremetyevo Airport upon her arrival from New York, is accused of illegal trafficking and possession of cannabis oil, which is a narcotic.”

“It is a serious violation confirmed by indisputable evidence and punishable with a prison sentence of up to 10 years in accordance with paragraph (с) of Article 229.1 of the Russian Criminal Code.”

Perhaps she’ll be able to return home ahead in exchange for the release of one or more illegally held Russian political prisoners in the US.

Konstantin Yaroshenko, Viktor Bout and others were arrested on bogus charges, denied due process, declared guilty by accusation, illegally imprisoned and otherwise mistreated because of their nationality.

Griner is a high-profile figure in the US.

Whether the Biden regime is willing to release one or more Russian political prisons in return for her ability to return home is unknown at this time.

4 thoughts on “Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Other Issues

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’m not a Lawyer
    But I play one on TV

    Ms Griner could walk into any Head Shop and buy Cannabis Oil in

    California, Oregon, Washington

    Even Health Food Stores..!

    It’s considered a Medicine in half the World

    Probably 3/4 of the World

    In 1968..
    Coming back from surfing in Mexico Spring Break

    In Mazatlan and
    San Blas, Nayarit

    In Zacatecas
    In a Restaurant

    I remember distinctly watching an “elderly ” woman

    Probably about 50..



    I remember watching her rub Cannabis Oil into each elbow!

    Gee..must be a reason.

    It’s the Best Natural Medicine!
    God Given.

    All Native Peoples use it.

    Duh ..

    Wait don’t use the Natural Herbs

    Use Merck or Pfzer or Bayer’s

    Maybe spray some
    Monsanto Shit on your elbow

    So I’m not sure if the Punishment

    Really represents the ” Crime”
    I should be her lawyer.

    No Charge.

    She’s a Spectacular Athlete
    One of a Kind

    Never in any prior Trouble.

    No threat of more Serious infractions.

    Perhaps she deserves some
    dispensary Considerations.

    Given the Cultural Disparity from the US Laws to Russia’s.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    One last thought on
    Brittney Griner.

    I’m reminded by the statement
    of Charles Darwin,

    “Mother Nature doesn’t care
    about the individual…only the Species..”

    I apply that to Ms.Griner languishing in a jail cell..

    “How does it help Russia..?”

    I ask again .. furthermore

    “How can it be used to help Russia..?”

    Perhaps she should be detained in Russia..

    And rather than be incarcerated

    Be teaching Russian women how to play Basketball..!

    For that matter..
    She could teach men as well..!

    If she can be traded for US held political prisoners

    Perhaps that would be the best resolution..

    But in the meantime..

    How can her “Experience” be used to help Russia..

    Rather than simply punishing her.

    Moreover, she’d go back to the USA with a much better attitude about Russia.

    Jus sayin…


  3. Mr Lendman


    And “What To Do Next..?
    Looms heavily on the Agenda.

    Briefly, one Point:

    I think Die Linke and others

    should start Demanding that Nord Stream II be Reconnected!

    LePenn in France

    Anyone Sane ..!

    (The Chili on the on the Hot Dog
    Should be hot..Real hot..!)

    Example :

    “We’re supposed to freeze
    So our Nazi Collaborators

    Can fight WWII again..?


    Listen up you Criminals..

    Either you turn it back on..
    Or Get Out ..

    Or We’ll throw you out..!


    With People who represent us
    Not Wall St and the Pentagon!”

    Aspirated and motivated with
    Extreme Prejudice …!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..

    Run with Football now..

    For the First time in 77 yrs ..

    Time for a Touchdown..!

    All the World
    All the Fans .
    All the Gods ..
    Cheering for you ..!.


    Make it Hot…baby..


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