Shinzo Abe’s Militarism

Lethally shot on Friday while delivering an election rally address, former prime minister Abe — the nation’s longest serving one from 2006 to 2007, then from 2012 – 20 — will be remembered as a working class enemy and for reviving Japanese militarism in cahoots with hegemon USA’s anti-China policies.

In March, he called for Japan to host US nukes, saying:

“Japan is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has its three non-nuclear principles, but it should not treat as a taboo, discussions on the reality of how the world is kept safe.”

Nukes make the world profoundly unsafe.

According to the International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), their use may be just “a temper tantrum away” — notably by the empire of lies, Britain, France and/or apartheid Israel.

Yet Abe falsely claimed that if (Nazi-infested) Ukraine kept its Soviet era nukes, the Zelensky regime could have deterred Russia by threatening their use — as well as deterring nonexistent Sino/DPRK threats.

Abe also urged Washington to abandon its one-China policy by declaring its intention to defend Taiwan if a conflict occurs between the mainland and what Beijing considers a breakaway province.

At the time, China’s Foreign Ministry said the following:

“Japanese politicians frequently spread fallacies related to Taiwan and even blatantly made false remarks that violate the nation’s three non-nuclear principles.”

“We strongly ask Japan to deeply reflect on its history.” 

Last December, Abe repeated  fabricated US claims about alleged Chinese human rights abuses in Xinjiang by making stuff up.

During his tenure as prime minister, Japan increased military spending annually — to defend against nonexistent threats.

Yet Tokyo allied with hegemon USA’s Asia pivot over the past decade to challenge China and Russia by advancing the Pentagon’s military footprint in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong — what risks unthinkable East/West confrontation. 

Japan’s current Fumio Kishida regime allies with hegemon USA’s militarism in similar fashion to Abe’s agenda when prime minister.

Kishida’s reported intention to greatly increase military spending will rank it third worldwide behind hegemon USA and China in the amount spent on their armed forces if follows through on what he vowed.

Like Abe, he and dominant Japanese hardliners aim to soften or eliminate Japan’s constitutional Article 9 pacifist clause, what forbids deployment of the country’s military abroad, stating:

“Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.”

“In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.”

“The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.”

During Abe’s tenure, Japan shifted from non-belligerence to “collective self-defense” as an appendage of Washington Indo/Pacific drive for hegemony.

His regime and successors sought to airbrush Japan’s imperial war crimes from its history.

Tokyo’s domestic policy follows US/Western neoliberal harshness, serving privileged interests exclusively by exploiting the vast majority.

If conflict erupts between the empire of lies and China, Russia or both nations, Japan may cross the line entirely from post-WW II pacifism to allying with hegemon USA’s aim to dominate other nations by brute force.

A Final Comment

According to head of police in Nara, Japan, Tomoaki Onizuka, where Abe was shot and killed:

“I believe it is undeniable that there were problems with the guarding and safety measures for former prime minister Abe.” 

“The urgent matter is for us to conduct a thorough investigation to clarify what happened,” adding:

“As the regional police chief responsible for safety and security of the region, I took necessary steps and built structures for security and guarding.”

He left unexplained why a gunman was able to lethally shoot Abe.

According to Nikkei Asia:

“Questions swirled in security circles over how the suspect was able to get so close to Abe as well as why police officers were not able to jump in and protect” him. 

Videos of the incident show no police “surrounding him as a barrier or rushing to protect him as human shields between shots.”

An unnamed “Metropolitan Police executive” was cited, saying that “the event appeared to lack sufficient (security) preparation.”

Abe was allied with Washington’s imperial agenda.

He was Japan’s prime minister for nearly a decade.

The CIA is infamous for assassinating independent foreign leaders.

Given Abe’s alliance with the empire of lies as Japan’s PM, it seems unlikely that hegemon USA would target him for elimination.

Yet unacceptably lax security begs the question.

Did he have internal enemies wanting him eliminated?

If so, it’s highly unlikely for wanting once again to become Japan’s PM.

In August 2020, he stepped down voluntarily for chronic health reasons.

At the time, he called it “gut wrenching to have to leave my job before accomplishing my goals.”

He referred to not having eliminated Japan’s constitutional Article 9 pacifist clause because of public opposition to the move.

In the fullness of time, more will be known about the motive behind his fatal shooting.

2 thoughts on “Shinzo Abe’s Militarism

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Great Article
    Totally Fascinating.

    So much to say.

    First off ..for me,
    It was Fukushima

    That happened in March 2011

    Abe completely covered that up.
    Of course..

    I’ll come back to that important event

    besides the veiled Tojo Militarism

    That still infects the MITI and Japanese Ruling Class..

    Remember they were never really expunged ..

    Rather Imperialist USA made
    a deal with Imperial Japan in 1945..

    With all my 5 trips around the world…

    This experience resonates with me..

    I have never met more AntiWar citizens anywhere in the World

    The Capitalist Ruling Class is so out of sync with the population.

    More than any other country..
    at the time.

    Remember, Dec 8, 1941
    “The Day of Infamy” in Japan

    The Citizens of Tokyo cried
    Not cheered.

    They are a tinder box.

    The War Mongers will have a difficult time tricking the People into another War.

    Never been a Revolution in Japan

    Only Restorations and Compromise

    Meiji Restoration to WWII.

    All Patch Up Jobs.

    Abe was the Elvis of the Japanese Fascists.

    Unapologetic about horrendous War Crimes and the despicable exploitation of Korean Women

    He even went to the Fascist Shrine to honor and worship
    the WWII War Criminals.

    No previous PM had done that
    ( Openly )

    I despise him for that and his postures towards Russia and China…

    Recently, Ukraine and Taiwan, most noticably !

    Wrong on everything.
    I detest him and his ilk for that

    A Qwick Aside..

    I strongly condemn his assassination ..

    I oppose all forms of
    Political Assassination

    As it leads to the very end of all law and Civilization.

    That said, I honestly shed no tears myself for this WarMonger

    Contrast Qadaffi..
    I still weep like a baby everyday!

    Better put,
    The World..

    What is..
    What could have been ..!


    Now 2011 ..Fukushima..
    ( briefly )

    Everything in the News was a Lie..

    The Sequence of Events all backwards.

    First the Nuclear Rods in the Generators #2 and #3 Exploded..


    Which caused the Earthquake
    Then the Subsequent Tsunami

    They have it backwards
    So it’s an ” Act of God..”

    So they’re not responsible!


    GE and Westinghouse
    Sold Tokyo Electric


    The Turbines were defective from the Get-Go .

    Made to Malfunction..!

    Part of the Oil Companies Hidden Agenda to destroy

    All and any Nuclear Power Plants

    that could compete with their

    Tokyo Electric Had been Covering up the Serious problems since the 1980s..!

    Abe his eternal discredit
    Put a Complete Black Out on Fukushima.

    It’s a penalty so severe you go to Prison for telling the truth.


    While the Shinjuku Serial Killers
    The Japanese Tojo Militarists

    Complain about DPRK’S
    Completely legal Peaceful

    After a Brutal Ruthless Japanese Occupation of Korea for 50 yrs

    Or China taking back Taiwan..

    a finger that was snipped off by the Imperialists..

    None of their business.

    Most important..



    FOR 10,000 YEARS..!


    ( Needless to say,
    There are 20 Million Angry Surfers Around the World)

    “And know I’m One!”

    Appeared to me as a Yakusa

    No Security, ostensibly
    That I could see,

    For a Former PM..
    And perhaps a Future PM

    And Assassinations so rare in Japan

    Particularly with Guns
    Particularly in Public.

    Looked like the “Big Boys ”
    Arranged something ..!

    The Yakusa are a Certain type of Royalty in Japan

    An extra legal ancillary of the
    State Apparatus ..

    Kept in place to beat up and beat down the Working Class.

    Perhaps that was the play..?

    Abe a Blue Blood
    An Aristocratic Family

    He wasn’t the Yakusa’s Champion ..

    Perhaps had some falling out or
    Some deeper problems with their role

    Mind you .

    Their role in upcoming events could be more significant

    Just like the 1950s..
    As the AntiWar Populace

    Will need to be broken.

    I End on this Tragic note:

    The Japanese Ruling Class

    Has chosen incorrectly two times now..

    Appears as though they have Chosen the Gangsters again..

    The same Barbarians that dropped Nukes on them

    Choosing rhe Evil .
    Dark as Night ..

    To fight China and Russia

    If so…three strikes you’re out
    In the old Ball Game.


    cousin of the Kamikaze Wind

    Told me that personally while surfing in Sumatra..

    The Three strikes..
    If they choose poorly again.

    Japan will destroy itself.


  2. Mr Lendman

    After I posted the saturation of Abe’s assassination

    Too much ..
    Way too much..

    it took on the rude patina of a “Snuff Flick”

    I mentioned it appear as a
    Snuff Film on Saturday

    On Sunday

    I see where the Chinese and Russian media led the pack..

    And Wisely decided not to show anymore Videos of the Terrorist

    Hit on a Political Figure.
    Gangster Culture.

    A reflection of the Ruling Class itself..

    in this Age of Distortion
    and Dystopia.

    and other World Press following:

    Decided against published


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