The Scourge of MSM Fake News

Polls show overwhelming public distrust of MSM.

A June Gallup poll revealed only 16% public confidence in newspapers, 11% in television for good reason.

On virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues, the dominant 4th estate consistently features managed news misinformation and disinformation fake news over truth and full disclosure.

Why anyone has confidence in their mind-manipulating rubbish is for them to explain.

Fake news is their stock and trade.

It’s clearly the case on all things related to Russia’s liberating SMO in Nazi-infested Ukraine and Donbass.

A cesspool of examples show up daily.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT once again turned truth on its head, claiming:

A Russian “missile strike hit an apartment complex in the eastern Ukrainian village (sic) of Chasovoy Yar, leaving at least 15 people dead (sic).”

Big Lie No. 1: Chasovoy Yar is in the People’s Republic of Donetsk, not Ukraine.

Bigger Lie No. 2: US/Western supported Ukrainian Nazis and conscript troops terror-shell Donbass residential areas daily.

Russia strikes military targets alone. No evidence disputes this.

On Sunday, Tass reported the following:

“Ukrainian troops and (Nazi) units organized combat emplacements in dwelling houses in Chasovoy Yar in Donbass after Russian forces destroyed a hangar with US howitzers and up to 30 militants, who were shelling Donetsk’s residential quarters, a source in law enforcement agencies told TASS on Sunday,” adding:

“The two five-story houses that were hit by Russia’s air forces had been used for temporary deployment of Ukrainian troops in the settlement of Chasovoy Yar.” 

“They actually were turned into military facilities.”

“According to reports coming from there, only bodies of Ukrainian soldiers are being retrieved from under the debris.”

“There were no civilians there.”

Russia’s Defense Ministry said high-precision missiles destroyed a Ukrainian hanger where US/Western-supplied 155 mm howitzers and munitions were stored.

Around 30 Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts were killed, ones involved in terror-shelling Donetsk residential areas.

Ukrainian and US/Western media reported fake news claims about an attack by Russian forces on a residential building, killing civilians.

The Times compounded its Big Lies as follows saying:

“A string of towns and villages c(ame) under bombardment in the last week as Russian troops, turn(ing) their firepower further west after seizing control of Lugansk (sic). 

“The attacks often seem random and without purpose (sic).”

WaPo reported the same fake news, falsely accusing Russia of killing 15 civilians in Chasovoy Yar (sic), “trap(ing) dozens under rubble (sic).” 

Its source? The Zelensky regime, of course.

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Russia has not managed to advance farther in Lugansk (sic).”

The republic was fully liberated by Russian and LPR freedom fighters.

WaPo pretended not to notice — nor how Donetsk is being deNazified in similar fashion.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

Ukrainian Nazis WaPo falsely called “defenders” are not making what its fake news falsely called “a powerful impact on the Russian army (sic).”

It’s steadily advancing, smashing Ukrainian troops, while survivors of its onslaught are on their back foot retreating.

And this puppet Zelensky rubbish from his Polish hideout:

Russia targets “the residential sector…deliberately…at ordinary houses and civilian objects (sic).”

And this fake news by Britain’s war ministry, falsely claiming:

“Russia is moving reserve forces from across the country and assembling them near Ukraine for future offensive operations (sic).” 

“A large proportion of the new infantry units are probably deploying with MT-LB armored vehicles taken from longterm storage as their primary transport (sic).”

Russia considers its tanks “unsuitable for most frontline infantry transport roles (sic).”

“Despite President Putin’s claim that the Russian military has ‘not even started’ its efforts in Ukraine, many of its reinforcements are ad hoc groupings (sic), deployed with obsolete or inappropriate equipment (sic).”

Like hegemon USA and Nazified Ukraine, Britain consistently turns truth on its head about Russia’s liberating SMO.

Separately at the now concluded G20 foreign ministerial gathering, interventionist Blinken urged his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, to break from Russia and ally with the empire of lies.

How do you say go to hell in Chinese — in diplomatic language, of course?

According to the WSJ on Sunday, Ukraine’s war minister Reznikov called for more US/Western weapons because of “the high…frontline…attrition rate.”

“(W)e had a lot of losses,” he admitted.

So did the Journal, saying:

“Ukrainian forces in Donbass have been outgunned and outmanned by Russian forces.”

A Final Comment

On Friday, a Pentagon statement said that hegemon USA isn’t opposed to Kiev’s use of NATO-supplied weapons to strike Russian territory, including the Kerch bridge that connects its Crimea Republic to the mainland.

Moscow warned the Zelensky regime against striking its territory —in stark contrast to US support for retaking Crimea by brute force.

Separately, former NATO commander in Europe, retired US general Philip Breedlove, said the following:

Destroying the “Kirch bridge would be a huge blow to Russia. (It’s) a legitimate target” for Kiev to strike.

The Zelensky regime is unlikely to take this step without US permission and encourage.

Russia would surely retaliate harshly if Kiev’s military managed to badly damage or destroy the bridge.

Given US rage for proxy long war on Russia, to kill as many of its nationals as possible, nothing is likely to be off the table ahead.

3 thoughts on “The Scourge of MSM Fake News

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    The Big Fakery going down today…

    On every CIA Channel..

    Across the Full Spectrum of Discredited Old Narratives

    World needs an Old Age Home for Losing CIA Narratives..!

    Here’s the Skinny:

    The Nazi Collaborators
    In their Stupidity

    Accuse the Russians of using Gas as a Political Weapon..

    Wait a minute…

    You stupid Fuxs..
    Yes you in the dirty lederhosen

    You’re so stupid it’s barely worth wasting any Brain Cells..

    But ..think dumkupft..

    What are Sanctions..
    Are those Political Weapons.

    Was Shutting Down
    Nord Stream II
    With Sanctions..

    Was that Using Gas as a Political Weapon..

    That was supposed to
    destroy Russia ..?

    What was that .
    You stupid Motherfuxers.



    Now you’re talking more Shit
    Badmouthing Russia again



    And you expect Russia to save you.

    Even if they do…
    You will be right back

    Lying and spreading Hate against Russia again…


    I would Strongly suggest
    You don’t deserve a drop

    Nor should you get another drop.


    Your own People will tar and feather you…

    And throw you in the Dumpster

    When that’s done..

    The Shit has been shoveled out of the Barn.

    Turning on Nord Stream would be

    the easiest,
    most rational
    Most sane thing to do

    Only a Moron, a CIA Clown or a
    Wall St Freak doesn’t know that.


    Just like what they had in store for you ..




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