Britain Training Ukrainian Troops to Kill Russians and Donbass Civilians

According to the UK Defense Journal (UKDJ), Britain intends to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian troops every 120 days.

Its 2015 Operational Orbital trained over 22,000 Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops to wage forever US/NATO proxy war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

Before defrocked and publicly disgraced, a statement on behalf of scandal-ridden BoJo said the following:

The soon-to-be-former prime minister told puppet Zelensky that Britain would train thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to face the power of Russia’s SMO, ensuring “that its (degraded and defeated) armed forces) have the resilience they need to be victorious” in the battle they already lost.

“The UK program (intends to) train and drill” Ukrainian troops to kill Russians and Donbass civilians, “using (dirty) battle-proven British army” war tactics, while preparing them to be Russian cannon fodder for a lost cause. 

When they last met, BoJo told Zelensky the following:

His visit to Kiev “sen(t) a clear and simple message to the Ukrainian people.”

US vassal state Britain “is with you, and we will be with you until” Nazified Ukraine no longer exists, until its greatly eroded freedoms are eliminated altogether.

What BoJo called “chang(ing) the equation of” Russia’s liberating SMO is all about pretending that defeat can be transformed into triumph.

Last weekend, UK war secretary Wallace welcomed the first group of Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts troops to be trained by Britain’s military, saying:

“Using the world-class expertise of the British army, we will help Ukraine rebuild its forces and scale up its resistance as they defend” Nazified tyrannical rule over governance of, by and for all Ukrainians equitably, according to the rule of law.

Over 1,000 Britain military personnel will indoctrinate and otherwise prepare batches of up to 10,000 Ukrainian recruits at a time to die, be disabled or wounded by Russia’s overpowering firepower and expertise.

According to the London Guardian:

Britain’s program “will take place at four undisclosed MoD sites across the north-west, south-west and south-east of the UK.”

State-owned and controlled BBC propaganda said Ukrainian recruits will undergo “basic soldier training.”

Hegemon USA has a similar program at Fort Levenworth, KS.

Considered a frontrunner to replace defrocked BoJo, war minister Wallace said Britannia must prioritize spending for war-making.

On Sunday, AP News reported the following:

Training for the first batch of Ukrainian recruits began as the Kiev regime “races to replace troops killed and wounded” by overwhelming Russian firepower.

According to a UK sergeant involved in the program:

“All these guys were (truck) drivers or they worked in quarries or they were shopkeepers.”

“I’ve been in the army 14 years and I chose to join.”

“These guys are all civvies.”

“We are investing everything we can because we know they are going to need it.”

No matter what the US, UK and other Western regimes throw at Kiev in the way of weapons, munitions, related equipment and training to use what’s supplied, Ukrainian troops are no match against vastly superior Russian forces in all aspects in what’s needed to triumph against an adversary.

2 thoughts on “Britain Training Ukrainian Troops to Kill Russians and Donbass Civilians

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “Just Pull This Little String
    And I’ll sing you a song..
    I’m your Puppet…!”

    Fux BoJo
    And the whole Shittenkaboodle

    A fitting end to the Treachery and Duplicity ..

    BoJo the Clown got Framed Up
    By the Deep State

    MI 6.

    MI 6 runs everything in UK
    Just like the CIA does here.

    Can’t waste anymore Brain Cells on the Clown and the traveling
    UK Pedo Circus..!


    But excellent example of Western Duplicity and Hypocrisy.

    Watching Ret Gen Jack Keane
    On three Fox Shows
    Talking out his ass

    The US Fleet over in S China Sea
    To curb Chinese Aggression.


    Yo Jack..
    Are you smoking Crack

    Notice the USA is 5,000 Mike’s from Home..

    Curbing Chinese Aggression right on China’s Doorstep.

    Kinda sorta exemplifies who is actually the Aggressive Party


    Wait ..who asked the USA to come over and be the Sheriff one did.

    They’re the Self Appointed Sheriff..

    Over in Asia.

    Imagine…the Gangsters grow and sell 9,000 tons a year of Afghani Heroin..

    WAIT ..
    Is that legal ..?

    And then put on their Badge
    And act like the Sheriff…!



    Busting China for being too Aggressive..


    The Baboons actually make me laugh ..

    They’re so wacky.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Friday the 15th..

    Sputnik just reported
    The Ukrainian FM

    Made threats towards
    PM Vucic of Serbia..!

    Apparently, he said something the Uki Nazi didn’t like.

    What..will he send out a Hit Squad..?

    He Keeps a Death List.

    He’s already attacked people!

    I ASK ..

    Herr Scholtz..

    This is what you’ve spawned?


    This Filth..

    This Nazi Filth

    Threatening other
    World Leaders..

    Like Gangsters..

    Probably has the okay from the Washington Gangsters..the CIA!

    Maybe he’ll be angry at Germany
    Some day…soon.

    As your President was insulted by the pipsqueak Comedian.

    The Nazi Comedian,

    With the Totemkampt Logo
    As his picture on his Website.

    ( Now taken down so the CIA and CNN can sell the Story..,)

    Empowering and
    Putting more Insane
    Nazi Mad Men on your

    Political Assassination
    The New Trend for you
    Serial Killers…?

    Maybe that’s an aspect of the hit on Abe of Japan..

    Have us get used to it..
    Inured by it,

    Making it Blase.

    Put no Crime Beneath
    The Gangsters ..

    You do you remember
    They not only spied on Merkel

    They tried to assassinate her twice.

    She wanted..
    and was steadfast for
    Nord Stream II ..

    The Gangsters wanted her gone.

    She got the message..

    Quit much earlier than she had too

    Lucky to get out alive
    Fuxing around with
    the DC Killers…!

    My Advice
    If you’re in bed with

    These Blood Simple maniacs…
    Professional Killers…

    JustThree Words..


    Maybe that’s

    This is


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