New Voice of Ukraine Propaganda

The so-called New Voice of Ukraine calls itself the (US-installed regime’s) “premier independent English-language (fake) news resource, providing Ukrainian coverage of the latest” Russia bashing rubbish instead of truth and full disclosure it prohibits.

On Sunday, it featured fake news by emeritus professor of war studies at King’s College London, Lawrence Freedman.

Asking “Can Ukraine Win” — when its military already lost — it was all downhill from there with remarks like the following:

When Russia launched its liberating SMO, Freedman defied reality by saying:

“Vladimir Putin made a huge blunder (sic).” 

“Russia (cannot) win,” adding:

He “reached this judgement only in part because Moscow had apparently not achieved its immediate objectives (sic) when they enjoyed the advantage of surprise on 24 February (sic).”

Freedman referred to what he and others falsely claim about Russia’s alleged failure to seize and control Kiev.

Ignored was that this wasn’t Russia’s aim then or now.

Deploying its forces near the city without entering it was a tactical strategy to tie down Kiev troops while preparing its campaign to liberate Donbass entirely and gain control over Ukraine’s industrial, resource-rich east and southeast.

What Freedman falsely called “Russian military incompetence (sic)” ignored its battlefield successes.

And his claim about not “tak(ing) down the (US-controlled Kiev regime) and replac(ing) it with a puppet” ignored reality.

Hegemon USA installed puppet rule in Kiev.

Russia’s SMO strategy has nothing to do with replacing it.

Saying “(t)he survival of (puppet) Zelensky and his (regime) was the first major setback to Russian plans (sic)” showed ignorance of its SMO aims.

What he called “serious (Ukrainian) resistance) continues to crumble in the face of steady Russian advances.

Moscow’s “definition of victory” is all about how its SMO is proceeding and what it already impressively accomplished.

Donetsk is mostly liberated. Freeing it entirely from Nazified occupation is just a matter of time.

Not according to Freedman’s perversion of reality, including about liberated Kherson.

What already occurred Freedman falsely said “will not be forthcoming (sic).”

And this Freedman rubbish:

“Putin underestimated the resilience of his opponents (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

Russia “paid a high price to take relatively small amounts of (Donbass) territory (sic).”

And this: 

Greatly degraded and defeated Ukraine “preserved the bulk of its experienced manpower (sic).”

And claiming that Ukrainian troops are “making…advances” turned reality on its head.

And this ignorance of reality:

“Russia (is) running low on stocks of precision weapons (sic).”

No Russian strikes occurred on Ukrainian civilian targets as Freedman falsely claimed.

No large-scale Russian “troop losses” occurred.

Nor are Lugansk and Donetsk freedom fighters used “as cannon fodder by the Russians (sic).” 

Kiev is losing many more than “100-200 men per day.”

Saying “motivation (of defeated Ukrainian troops) remains high (sic)” turned reality on its head.

Nor have US/Western weapons “ma(de) an impact” on the ground.

Nor are “drones…play(ing) an important role (sic).”

When airborne, they’re easy targets for Russia to spot and destroy — over 1,500 of them so far, nearly all Ukrainian warplanes and most of its helicopters.

And claiming that “the prospect at the end is of a much more capable (Ukrainian) force” ignored that it’s already defeated.

And this Freedman rubbish:

“Ukrainians (are) themselves up for counteroffensives (sic).” 

What they failed to do throughout Russia’s SMO before its troops were defeated, they’re in no shape to do now.

Undaunted, Freedman continued to embarrass himself with remarks like following:

“(T)he Russians are unlikely to keep on fighting should it become clear that they are likely to be defeated (sic)” — even though they already won. Ukraine lost.

Once again Freedman asked: “Can the Ukrainians win?”

Saying “yes” ignored that they already lost.

Given his perversion of reality about all things Russia and Ukraine begs the question about what he taught students in his study of war classes before retiring.

As for the so-called New Voice of Ukraine, its daily editions include regime-approved propaganda on issues covered exclusively, truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight.

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