Made-in-the-USA State Terror Against Novaya Kakhovka

Pre-dawn Tuesday, a Biden regime orchestrated/Kiev implemented terrorist attack occurred on warehouses with fertilizers in the Kherson Region’s city of Novaya Kakhovka — the area liberated by Russian forces. 

The incident damaged or destroyed nearby industrial and residential buildings, along with a hospital and targeted facilities.

A factory for producing hydroelectric equipment was also badly damaged beyond repair.

Its remains will have to be taken down, the facility rebuilt, Leontyev explained, adding:

Kiev’s “terrorist act against the civilian population (is a crime) that will make its way into the history books” because of large numbers of casualties, as well as extensive destruction and damage it caused.

At least 7 civilians were killed, nearly 200 others injured, the human toll likely to rise as more bodies are found beneath rubble.

Around 270 area civilians are now homeless.

One of more of the warehouses struck stored saltpeter.

When stored in large enough amounts, it can have dangerously explosive properties.

According to Professor Jacqueline Akhavan, an explosive chemistry expert, saltpeter when ignited or detonated can cause “a supersonic shock (when) traveling through the atmosphere.”

“The blast wave would contain pressures of GPa (Giga Pascals) and temperatures over 3,000C.”  

“The blast wave can travel great distances, causing damage to buildings, cars, and people etc.”

“If you are close to the blast wave, it would lift you off the ground and throw you in the direction of the blast wave.”

“The pressures would cause damage to the ear drums, lungs, organs, and result in broken bones.”  

“The high temperatures would result in burns to the skin and lungs.”

Professor of Energy Engineering Geoffrey Maitland explained the following:

“In itself, (saltpeter) is quite innocuous, being non-poisonous like sodium chloride and when stored properly (in water-tight containers) is relatively stable.”  

“Its main applications are as a fertilizer and as a component in explosives used, for instance, in mining.”

“If it comes into contact with an intense source of heat and ignition, such as a detonator or an intense fire for some time, and is present as a large bulk mass (e.g. confined within containers or sacks, which may themselves be flammable) and in a confined space, such as a warehouse, then it can explode” and cause widespread damage.

Around 2,700 tons stored at the Port of Beirut in 2020 exploded, causing billions of dollars in property damage, killing over 200 people, injuring thousands more — leaving around 300,000 city residents homeless.

Other major incidents involving detonation of saltpeter included the following:

Oppau, Germany in 1921 – leaving 400 dead, 2,000 injured and 700 homes destroyed.

Texas City, TX in 1947 – causing 600 deaths, 5,000 injuries and 500 homes destroyed.

Toulouse, France in 2001 resulted in 30 deaths, 2,000 injuries and 500 homes damaged.

West, Texas in 2013 – causing 14 deaths, 200 injuries and 150 homes damaged.

Tianjin, China in 2015 – leaving 163 dead, 798 others injured.

Novaya Kakhovka is the latest city to be greatly impacted by detonated saltpeter.

According to its administrator, Vladimir Leontyev, a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher supplied to Kiev Nazis by the Biden regime carried out the attack to cause maximum numbers of civilian casualties and damage to nonmilitary related facilities.

Russian media reported that around 35 tons of humanitarian aid were also destroyed by the terrorist attack.

As ordered by hegemon USA, the puppet Zelensky regime falsely claimed that a Russian munitions depot was targeted — a bald-faced Big Lie.

What is Russia waiting for?

Why haven’t its forces eliminated Ukraine’s command and control HQ in Kiev.

No matter that it’s surely infested with US/NATO military and perhaps other personnel.

What more incentive does Moscow need to strike and eliminate everything involved by Kiev in attacking civilians and nonmilitary targets in Donbass and areas of Ukrainian territory controlled by Russian forces.

The longer its Defense Ministry holds back, the more likely that there’ll be more incidents similar to what happened in Novaya Kakhovka.

Toughness is the only language that US-dominated NATO understands.

Because of devastation to Novaya Kakhovka, along with daily Kiev strikes on Donbass residential areas, it’s long past time for Russia to deliver a clear message that its gloves are off.  

That its forces will do whatever it takes to slay the made-in-the USA, Nazi infested, Ukraine monster — first and foremost by eliminating the regime’s command and control HQ in Kiev.

3 thoughts on “Made-in-the-USA State Terror Against Novaya Kakhovka

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    “We Control the Vertical
    We Control the Horizontal ..!”



    This is it ..the Final Conflict

    This is the War of Legend..
    Between Pure Good vs Evil..!”

    Krishna description of his battles
    in the B’gvida

    The Narrative..
    Is Paramount

    This is the Classic War for Hearts and Minds.

    That being said.
    It covers no new ground

    We know that…

    But do we understand it the Biggest One in History ..?

    After one or the other Contestants is victorious..

    The Defeated Party will be vanquished…

    As never before.

    This will be the Biggest Defeat of World Capitalism ever in History..!

    250 Years ago the Bourgeoisie overthrew the Aristocracy

    Took State Power away from them..

    Currently we’re at
    The end of a Long Historical Process..

    Which started in the 1600s
    In the Spanish Lowlands

    when the Burghers of Amsterdam broke away

    from Hapsburg Spain !

    (Visualize the Cigar Box
    With the Dutch Masters )

    They’ve been aintaining the Paradigm

    The Narrative
    And the Petro Dollar..

    The Solid Foundation

    Bourgeois Property and State Power..

    Up Until now..

    THEY DO ..

    It’s the Perfect Storm.

    Amazingly in our Lifetime..!

    (As the Legend described)

    Maintaining their Dominance for almost 250-300 yrs

    Culminating now in the
    Downhill trajectory
    of the Bonesman…

    The Ferris Wheel is on the Way Down..

    Not only the Arrogance and Stupidity of the Ruling Class

    To attack Russia..
    But like Rome

    The Behemoth
    Is Saddled with all the ills

    The ” Infections”
    The Maladies of Ancient Rome:

    Swamped with Debt
    Falling Rate of Profit
    Falling Rate of Amortization
    Of Capital
    Contradictory Process of Distribution
    Some markets Glutted
    And some torn asunder .
    Ripped up..
    Never to be replaced
    Off the Chart Chaos

    Haven’t Expanded the Means of Production to anywhere needed or to potential.

    A dud.

    Needless to say,
    Covered in Lies

    And the Beleaguered
    Working Class is waking up

    And Restless.
    I might add, Angry

    Gonna get alot more Angry.

    The Liars Club

    Losing the TalkSpeak
    The ” Story ” is tired, redundantly boring.

    Half the Country See’s thru it already.

    And very important to note:

    When Rep Green from Georgia
    And Rep Gaetz from Florida

    Turn against this Bankers War
    This Wall and J Street War
    This Nazi Collaborators War


    Whee Doagies..
    That Demographic

    That’s the Ballgame Right THERE ..!

    Like Honey Over Biscuits..!
    And That Tucker Crowd .

    Here it
    The Perfect Storm..!



    The World’s on Fire..!



    In fact, the End of


  2. Mr Lendman

    The Nazi Terror Bombings
    No different than Guenica..!

    What Is To Be Done..?

    All With US Weapons.

    This is a War between the CIA
    And Russia.

    The USA is De Facto is in a
    War on Russia.

    Duh ..
    Have to be dead dumb and Blind not to understand that..

    The USA and their Vassals are completely anchored to this LOSER

    They’ve never been so in such a trepidatious position..

    No gravy left
    Bone Dry

    Covered in Debt
    And Back Against the Wall

    And with a Financial Tsunami coming like Wabash Cannonball

    It’s the Gottdamn Wreck of the Hesperus..

    But Wait..

    Here’s the Point of my Polemic

    US Weapons
    Killing Russians

    The Gordian Knot..





    What is Russia gonna
    do about it…?


    The entire World is troubled by this…
    And perplexed …!

    Like Solon..
    Let your voice be measured


    In that you’re deciding for the Phygirians, Memphis and Corinth..all of whom are foreign.

    First off …

    Apparently, you don’t want to tear the War Mongers in DC
    A new Asshole..

    That’s the Easiest Remedy

    Deserved and absolutely Historically justified.

    But I understand your reservations completely

    Not that I agree with them .

    Next …let’s go into History for a
    Medical Prescription

    Let’s take a Dose of the Russian
    Men of Steel

    Imagine if you will..
    Let’s say after June 22, 1941

    A Politbureau Mtg..

    Comrade X…asks Stalin..

    “Are we going to keep shipping material to Nazi Germany…?”


    “Hell no ..
    Why would we continue to ship material to Germany

    They’re trying to annihilate us?”

    And of Course they didn’t.

    I ask ..

    What’s different from the NATO NAZIS

    And the Original German NAZIS.


    I only council
    Russia must do something.

    One or the other.

    Perhaps before the cow is in the Barn ..

    You might wind up doing both .
    I’d say it’s 50-50 right now !

    Any illusions of working with the Nazi Collaborators in the future

    Is Delusional.

    Until the Current
    Nazi Collaborators are replaced

    It’s impossible.

    They’ll be replaced by their own Citizens!

    Actually my Final Answer, Regis

    The Gordian Knot

    All in your mind .

    It’s really just one whack of the Blade .

    And one turn of the Screw..

    Each Complimentary of the other..!

    This whole War on Russia
    Is nothing but a huge Fraud

    That’s been building for at least two decades ..

    The Pirates
    On their Nazi Pirate Ship

    The Sea Dogs Gonna sack

    The Gold laden lands
    The Russian Main

    War on Russia is the Final Adventure …

    Trip to the Bottom
    The Tomb of Davy Jones.

    Wait..Shit Floats..
    Better call Roto Rooter…!

    Go Russia


  3. Mr Lendman

    Here’s the $64,000 Question

    That no Asslicker in CIA MSM
    or Asslicker in AIPAC Congress


    “Yo Senator Butz ..

    Does taking a Trillion Dollars every year

    And giving it to the Pentagon
    Cause Inflation..?

    ( Officially a TRILLION
    Probably TWO TRILLION)

    Like Throwing MONEY
    down a rabbit hole..

    1000 times worse

    Than throwing it down a rabbit hole.

    It’s being used to kill people..
    The American Way.

    See that Trillion
    Trillion in a half
    Every Year ..

    Could be used making socially necessary products..

    Building Infrastructure

    “Planting the Trees for Future”

    Not in Nazi Held America

    All the Money goes to Oil War and Zio Wars.

    In 2021 apparently the USA couldn’t afford to spend a
    Penny on Infrastructure

    But the Nazi Collaborators
    Found the Exact same money

    That didn’t exist for Infrastructure

    And gave it to the Nazis in the Ukraine..


    And the American People are supposed to pay $6..7..8…$9
    A gallon..?

    Can’t even afford food..
    And the American People

    Are supposed to suffer

    So the Nazi Collaborators can fight Russia..

    Hitler’s Dream..
    Wall Streets Dream ..!

    I ask,

    “Ain’t that something,
    All that money to the Nazis

    American mothers can’t even Get.Family Leave after giving birth ..

    Who’s running this show..
    Whoever they are .

    They’re the Enemies of the American People ..!


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