Reinventing Kiev’s Terrorist Attack on Novaya Kakovka

A same-day article discussed the made-in-the USA/Kiev implemented pre-dawn Tuesday terrorist attack on warehouses with fertilizers in the Kherson Region’s city of Novaya Kakhovka.

Conducted with intent to cause extensive damage and destruction of nonmilitary targets, along with maximum numbers of civilian casualties in Novaya Kakhovka, MSM reinvented the incident as follows:

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely claimed that “Ukrainian forces…bl(ew) up a Russian ammunition depot in the Kherson region(’s) (city of) Novaya Kakhovka” — a bald-faced Big Lie, followed by another as follows, saying:

Kiev “signal(led) that a wider counteroffensive is coming (sic).”

What the US-controlled regime hasn’t launched at any time since Russia’s liberating SMO began — before its military was greatly degraded and defeated — it’s surely unable to do now.

And this Times rubbish:

“Russia escalated strikes on civilians (sic)” — a US/NATO/Kiev tactic, clearly not how Russia operates.

No Russian “bombardment of cities and villages across eastern Ukraine” occurred at any time throughout its SMO.

And this from WaPo:

US-installed puppet Zelensky “taunted Russia on Tuesday evening (sic).”

“Kiev celebrated a (terrorist attack) on Novaya Kakhovka.” 

Falsely calling it a strike “on an ammunition depot in” Novaya Kakhovka reinvented civilian warehouses targeted. 

And this WaPo rubbish, quoting puppet Zelensky, saying:

Russian soldiers are “truly afraid (sic).” 

They “already felt very well what modern artillery is, and they will not have a safe rear anywhere on our land (sic).”

Separately, WaPo defied reality by falsely claiming that defeated Ukraine can “win (sic).”

And this WaPo rubbish:

“Ukrainians (meaning civilians) are being slaughtered every day (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

“Ukraine has no shortage of volunteers willing to fight — and, if necessary, die — to defend their homeland (sic).”

WaPo called for pouring lots more weapons and munitions into Ukraine, including up to “100 HIMARS or other multiple-launch rocket systems to win the artillery duel” — what’s impossible against vastly superior Russian firepower.

And this WaPo denial of reality:

Hegemon USA’s “goal should not be averting a Ukrainian defeat (sic).”

“It should be enabling a Ukrainian victory (sic)” — no matter how impossible.

And this WSJ fake news:

“Ukrainian forces struck ammunition depots (in Novaya Kakhovka) (sic) as Russia shelled Ukrainian cities in the east (sic).”

Claiming Kiev “destroyed ammunition, artillery and armored vehicles (sic)” ignored large numbers of civilian casualties from destruction and damage to nonmilitary sites struck.

And this WSJ rubbish:

“Ukraine aims to liberate its southern regions (sic)” — no matter the degraded state of its defeated military. 

Britain’s owned and operated BBC reported the same thing in its state-approved propaganda rubbish on what happened in Novaya Kakhovka.

Ignoring the toll on civilians, the beeb falsely claimed that “dozens of (Russian) soldiers (were) killed (sic).”

It further lied by falsely claiming that it’s “not possible to verify the extent of damage or casualties (sic),” as well as calling indisputable evidence of powerful explosions “unconfirmed (sic).”

And this beeb rubbish:

“Russia’s bombardment of Ukrainian cities claimed further lives (sic).”

Most everything misreported about Russia’s liberating SMO has been fake news propaganda, including this CNN trash.

Claiming Russian and Ukrainian forces are “exhausted” applies to the latter alone, clearly not rotating Russian troops to keep them fresh.

The same reality applies to saying that both sides “have taken huge losses (sic).”

Compared to Ukraine’s greatly degraded military, attrition among Russian forces has been minor.

And this perversion of reality by the so-called, Washington-based, Institute for the Study of War — run by failed Pentagon commanders now retired, falsely claiming:

“Russian forces remain in a theater-wide operational pause in Ukraine sic).”

“Russian forces continue to regroup, rest, refit, and reconstitute (sic).”

Russia’s liberating SMO continues to advance as depleted Ukrainian troops retreat on their back foot.

And nary a day goes by without Kiev calling on US/Western regimes to send more weapons and munitions — because Russia destroyed most of what’s already been sent.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s National Defense Management Center head, General Mikhail Mizintsev, explained how Ukrainian Nazis fight, saying:

They “rigged with mines bridges across the Seversky Donets River in Nikolayevka of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which they plan to blow up.” 

“(A)nd using a tried and tested scenario, (they intend to) accuse Russian armed forces of allegedly indiscriminate strikes on critical transport infrastructure.”

“(A)nd then seek broad coverage of (their handiwork falsely blamed on Russia) in Ukrainian and Western news media.”

“(A)pproaches to (Donetsk) buildings are rigged with mines, but the local population was deliberately not notified about this.”

In DPR areas they control, “local residents are prohibited from leaving their apartments, and all attempts by citizens to evacuate to safe areas are severely suppressed.”

They “set up firing positions on lower and upper floors of residential buildings…in schools” and at other civilian locations.

And whenever committed, their crimes of war and against humanity are automatically blamed on Russia — by US/Western ruling regimes, Kiev and their MSM press agents.

It’s time for Russia to go all-out to eliminate them once and for all — wherever they’re located in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

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