The Russians Are Killing Civilians Big Lie That Won’t Die

Killing noncombatant men, women, children, infants, the elderly and infirm is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazi-infested Ukraine operate — not Russia.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT knows the above reality but pretends otherwise, falsely claiming the following Big Lies that won’t die:

“Russian forces in (Donbass, eastern and southern) Ukraine…continue to rain death and destruction on cities and towns (sic),” falsely adding:

They “stepped up haphazard attacks on civilian areas (sic) in one town after another across three fronts in eastern Ukraine (sic), a hail of seemingly random Russian strikes (sic), delivered by warplanes, artillery and missiles…kill(ing), maim(ing) and terrif(ying) residents (sic)…” 

The Times and other MSM know that Russia strikes military targets alone.

In diabolical contrast, Ukrainian Nazified and conscript troops have been terror-shelling Donbass residential areas since April 2014 — with intent to kill, maim and terrify maximum numbers of civilians in harm’s way.

For over 8 years, the Times and other MSM pretended not to notice.

After Russia launched its liberating SMO in February, they falsely accused its forces of attacking residential areas — never providing corroborating evidence because none exists.

At the same time, they’ve been providing press agent services for Ukrainian Nazi thugs and their US master.

Whenever Ukrainian Nazis or conscripts willfully and maliciously kill Donbass civilians, Russian forces are falsely blamed for what they had nothing to do with — including made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flags in Bucha and elsewhere.

And this Times fake news:

“Russia battered civilian targets (sic), but Ukrainian and Western officials say such attacks have grown more indiscriminate (sic), in part because Moscow is running low on modern, precision munitions (sic) and relying more on older, less accurate ones (sic).”

And this Times defiance of reality:

“Russia is desperate for more soldiers (sic).” 

And this defrocked BoJo regime fake news, cited by the Times:

US vassal state Britain “estimate(s) the number of dead Russians at 25,000 (sic) with tens of thousands more wounded or simply exhausted (sic).” 

All of the above Times trash is fake news, made up stuff based on Biden and defrocked BoJo regimes-supplied talking points.

Here’s more of the same from notorious Times prostitute of the press Thomas Friedman.

Ignoring how things are successfully going as planned for Russia throughout its liberating SMO — routing US/NATO directed Ukrainian troops, Friedman relied on his specialty — the Big Lie, saying the following:

“(T)he Russians have finally figured out a more effective way to fight (sic) since their incompetent early performance (sic) that got thousands of them killed (sic).”

Indeed its SMO is a “grinding war of attrition” — Russian forces doing the grinding, Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts bearing its brunt.

At the same time, their cross-border terror-shelling continues to kill and otherwise terrorize Donbass civilians, along with turning parts of targeted areas to rubble.

Russia’s operation is polar opposite how they operate.

Claims otherwise by Friedman and other paid-to-lie and mass deceive Times pseudo-journalists are bald-faced Big Lies. 

No such thing as what Friedman called “Vladimir Putin’s ‘winter strategy’ versus NATO’s ‘summer strategy’ ” exists.

He made it up like most all of his state-approved rubbish.

Truth and full disclosure are excluded from his propaganda stuff, what no responsible editors would touch — what Times editors feature regularly.

And this Friedman trash:

“It is obvious (sic) that Putin is ready to keep plowing forward in Ukraine, in the hopes that the soaring inflation in energy and food prices in Europe will eventually fracture the NATO alliance (sic).” 

“His bet seems to be (sic):”

“If average temperatures in Europe are colder than normal, and if average global oil and gas supplies are tighter than normal, and if average prices are higher than normal, and if electricity blackouts from energy shortages become widespread, there’s a good chance that European NATO members (will order puppet) Zelensky to cut a deal with Russia — any deal — to stop the fighting (sic).”

Hegemon USA and the Wall Street owned and operated Fed bear full responsibility for soaring inflation.

It’s the product of US sanctions war on Russia and Fed money printing madness.

Moscow’s SMO has nothing to do with it.

Russia is a major producer of many commodities, oil and gas the most prominent.

Lesser amounts of Russian goods bought by US-dominated Western vassals drive their prices higher. 

If Europe stopped buying Russia oil entirely — the stated aim of its ruling regimes — its price could reach $200 a barrel or higher.

If they stopped buying Russian gas entirely — a very unlikely prospect — they’d commit economic suicide.

And this Friedman perversion of reality:

“If…real hurt (is inflicted on Russia’s military (sic), (Putin) will accept a ceasefire (sic).”

And this rubbish:

“More than 1,000 Russian tanks and artillery pieces have been turned into scrap (sic).”

And this:

“Putin has nowhere near enough troops right now to try to break out of eastern Ukraine and seize the port of Odessa (sic).”

And this:

“NATO is clearly hoping that Ukrainian (Nazis and conscripts) can use can use (US-supplied) HIMARS to inflict…death and destruction on the Russian forces (sic).”

Russia already destroyed half of what was originally supplied, the rest to follow.

Here’s another example of how Friedman’s ignorance embarrasses himself, saying:

“Putin’s advances may not only stall but even lose ground (and), and (he) may feel compelled to agree to a ceasefire (sic).”

Russian forces already control territory far larger than Great Britain — and achieved it much faster than Nazi Germany’s WW II blitzkrieg against Soviet Russia.

Russian troops weren’t “stalled earlier,” as Friedman falsely claimed.

They’re surely not stalled now en route to accomplishing their SMO goals ahead.

Friedman is too detached from reality — and blinded by Russophobic rage — to understand reality on the ground.

It shows in all his propaganda columns.

2 thoughts on “The Russians Are Killing Civilians Big Lie That Won’t Die

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    The Whole CIA War on Russia is like the Twilight Zone.

    Never any Sanctions on USA

    When they invade Peaceful Countries..

    With no Provocations..!

    35 Countries since 1945..

    That’s about another Country whiped out and destroyed every two years..

    Murdered 25-30 Million People

    The Good Guys .with the Agent Orange and Sarin Gas..

    Invaded 3 Times the Countries Hitler invaded…!

    And not a peep out of any of the Rules Keepers mentioned above.

    Everything is a lie
    A hypocritical lie..

    Everything written in
    Silly Puddy …

    To be selectively enforced

    People are unaware the UK invaded Iceland in 1940.

    Peaceful Iceland.

    Was their any Public Outcry

    No .. England claimed it was necessary to protect themselves

    Hey What was Russia doing ..
    That’s Right… protecting itself.


    1980s the Malvinas..

    150 miles off the coast of Argentina…

    5000 miles from UK

    England claims them
    The Falkland islands

    Defying Imagination

    So Surely the USA
    With the Monroe Doctrine

    To keep Europe out of the Americas..

    Would support Argentina..

    No .

    The USA supported England..!

    How did that happen..?

    Is completely 180 degrees from the Monroe Doctrine..?

    Oh.. It’s because the Rules Keepers are so full of shit .

    Whatever they find expeditious
    At the time..

    That’s all that counts.

    Everything else.
    All Bullshit.

    Here’s the Rub…

    Russia should stop apologizing to the Nazi Collaborators

    Pescov always

    Fux them.
    Forget them.

    It’s like the Share Cropper speaking to the Slave Owners

    Who own the Big Plantation.

    Fux them.
    You owe them nothing.


    When the Fuxs accuse Russia of getting Iranian Drones..

    Pescov is apologizing.


    Why not say .

    So what ..
    Ukrainian Nazis are getting weapons from 30 Countries

    If Russia buys Anything from a Friendly Country..

    Who’s business is that…?

    Besides the Fact,

    EU and NATO are defacto at War with Russia..


    All Bullshit.

    Why must Russia..

    Always respond as if they’re the Criminals…?

    Diligently Explain..
    Over and over and over

    And yet it’s all ignored anyway.

    Fux them.
    It’s an idiots Game.

    When you don’t even respond
    They’ll know they’re losing.

    Better you punch em in the Nose
    Kick em in the Ass

    1000 times better

    That’s the only thing the
    Human Trash understands.

    Brute Force.


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