Fake Biden in Apartheid Israel

Like hegemon USA and its Western vassals, Israel is a fantasy democracy, the real thing banned.

Jewish state Palestinian citizens are treated like fifth column threats.

Throughout Israeli history, they’ve been systematically denied rights afforded Jews — because they’re unwanted Arabs.

Israeli regimes transformed Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison — terror-bombing, shelling and invading the Strip at its discretion.

The West Bank and East Jerusalem have been illegally occupied for over half a century.

US/Western regimes pretend not to notice.

Former Israeli official, Abba Eban, once remarked that “(t)here’s no business like Shoah business.”

The myth of unique Jewish suffering persists.

Holocaust imagery rationalizes crimes of war and against humanity, daily occupation harshness, dispossessions, and other flagrant international law violations.

Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day promoters are mindless of far greater genocides than what Jews endured in the run-up to and during WW II by Nazi Germany.

During the war, three times as many Slavs died as Jews. 

Along with the African holocaust from slavery and related atrocities, America’s Native American genocide was one of the two largest-scale ones of all time, taking around 100 million lives.

What’s been unmatched will only retain that status until deaths by kill shots take an unimaginable toll of lost lives worldwide — their numbers mounting exponentially.

Yet on arrival at Tel Aviv airport on Wednesday, the fake Biden mumbled and bumbled the following:

“Later today, I will (visit) the hallowed ground (sic) of Yad Sh- — Vashem to honor the 6 million Jewish lives that were stolen in a genocide and continue — which we must do every, every day — continue to bear witness, to keep alive the truth and honor (sic) of the holocaust — horror of the holocaust, honor those we lost so that we never, ever forget that lesson, you know, and to continue our shared, unending work to fight the poison of anti-Semitism wherever it raises its ugly head.”  

“Wherever we find it in the world, we make real on the promise of ‘never again’ by taking it on.”

What he left unsaid matters most. 

The poisonous ugly head of Russophobia, similar poison against other invented US enemies, its agenda of forever wars by hot and/or other means against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nations is OK.

It’s been longstanding policy by the empire of lies throughout its odious history.

Countless tens of millions of lost lives attest to its megalomaniacal drive for global hegemony — no matter the human toll. 

On Wednesday, B’Tselem said it “put up billboards and digital screens in the West Bank cities of Bethlehem and Ramallah…reading:

“Mr. (fake US) president, this is apartheid,” adding:

Hegemon USA “treats Israel as though it were running two separate regimes side by side:” 

“(A fantasy) democracy (within its  borders) and militar(ized) occupation (in the Occupied Palestinian Territories).”

From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, apartheid Israel “impose(s) Jewish supremacy over (long-suffering) Palestinians.”

Without hegemon USA/Western political, financial and military support, the Jewish state “would not have been able to politically, geographically and demographically re-engineer the area under its control.”

Nor would it have been able “to impose militar(ized) rule over millions of” Palestinians, brutalizing, exploiting and denying them international law affirmed rights “for 55 years.”

Nor would Israel have been able to illegally annex East Jerusalem or discriminate against its Palestinian citizens in countless other ways.

B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad earlier stressed the following: 

“The human rights community reached an updated consensus, shared across the board by Palestinian, Israeli and international organizations, that reality” in the Jewish state and territory it illegally occupies “constitutes apartheid.” 

Yet one US regime after another — since Harry Truman recognized Israeli statehood on stolen Palestinian land on May 15, 1948 — “back(ed) Israel with international support and immunity.”

Turning a blind eye to its apartheid viciousness, the world community of nations largely accepts its human rights breaches without demanding accountability. 

When and if the empire of lies and its Western vassals “change (their) attitude to(ward) Israel…so will the regime,” said B’Tselem.

It stressed that it’s long past time to call the Jewish state “what it is: apartheid.”

Separately, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel said the following:

Ahead of the fake Biden’s visit to the apartheid state, “descendants of original owners, who include US citizens and Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, demand the immediate cancellation of (a) joint US-Israeli plan for (an empire of lies) embassy in Jerusalem on (stolen) Palestinian private property.”

Time magazine said the following:

The fake Biden’s visit “is a textbook case of sacrificing values for realpolitik.”

Claiming that he’ll discuss a two-state solution with Israel ignored longstanding US/Jewish state opposition to the notion — with no joint regime support ahead for what’s always been rejected.

Instead on Thursday, the fake Biden and PM Lapid will sign a joint declaration for continued US handouts of annual billions of dollars in support of Israeli apartheid and regional war-making against invented enemies.

They’ll also sign a joint pledge to prevent Iran from going nuclear — knowing that the Islamic Republic’s program isn’t militarized.

Nor is there any intention to change what’s been longstanding policy.

Along with hegemon USA’s military presence in the Middle East, apartheid Israel is the region’s only nuclear armed and dangerous country.

While Iran and Russia intend to increase mutual nuclear cooperation, it’s strictly for nonmilitary applications by the Islamic Republic.

Separately in response to reported US-coordinated regional efforts that are hostile to nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran, its parliamentary speaker, Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, said the following:

“Evidence available to us shows that this trip has been fully arranged by the Zionists and that the (fake Biden) is implementing agendas and projects that the Zionist regime, which is the biggest enemy of the region’s nations, has outlined and dictated in full detail.”

“Turning into an executive of Israeli policies in the region will be a historic and strategic mistake on the part of (hegemon USA), one which will be detrimental to the Biden (regime) before anyone else.”

His visit to the apartheid state further affirms unbending US support for its hostile to regional peace and stability agenda — along with its viciousness against long-suffering Palestinians.


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  1. Number one, those so called occupied lands were taken by conquest. They are the property of Israel. Number two, how would you treat a minority that likes to wear suicide vests (many only children) to fight a guerrilla war against them. I would treat them like 2nd class citizens too. Plus, they could emigrate elsewhere if they wished. Yet they stay.


  2. Thank you, Mr. Lendman for remembering many others lost to genocide as you write:

    “Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day promoters are mindless of far greater genocides than what Jews endured in the run-up to and during WW II by Nazi Germany.

    “During the war, three times as many Slavs died as Jews.

    “Along with the African holocaust from slavery and related atrocities, America’s Native American genocide was one of the two largest-scale ones of all time, taking around 100 million lives.

    “What’s been unmatched will only retain that status until deaths by kill shots take an unimaginable toll of lost lives worldwide — their numbers mounting exponentially.”

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  3. Mr Lendman

    “The Honor of the Holocaust!”

    Spoken by the idiot..

    The Perfect Poster Boy
    For the Collapse..

    The Collapse of the
    “American Dream … Narrative”

    And Not Edward Albee..

    USA .the Enormous Force for Evil

    The Largest to ever
    Stalk the Earth ..!

    In a Word, a Plague on
    All Humanity!

    The USA ..the illiterates
    Aby Ghraib Buttfuxers..
    The Heroin Pushers
    The Nazi Collaborators

    And the little faux Ubermann
    The “Abused Children ”

    Perpetrating their sickness

    And all their Poor unfortunate Neighbors

    Neighbors who could be viciously attacked at
    Any time.

    As they might pose an Existential Threat..
    To the insane Zio Serial Killers

    The Zios
    Have Attacked everyone of their neighbors

    While living as Squatters

    Of Palestinian Land .

    Zios are big on starting Wars.
    US Taxpayers foot the Bill

    Why ..don’t ask me .

    Ask the 534 of 535
    AIPAC selected Congress

    Now Organized as the Axis
    With vassal Nazi Collaborators
    Supporting the Azov Nazis..

    Yes..their way .
    At random
    Zionist Pre emptive Strike

    The Zionist Way..

    Preparing as we speak
    To start murdering people in Iran

    Why because

    Same exact lie the Zionists have used for 40yrs.

    Over and over again

    by Professional liars
    Serial Liars and Killers

    Iran isn’t seeking nuclear weapons..

    They have no Military Component to their legal and Peaceful nuclear program.


    Ironic that the Zionists want to start a War ..

    To start murdering more innocent people

    To steal their land .

    Based on the lie of Iran developing nukes .

    the LIARS..


    Not one Person or Powerful Countries ever point that Contradiction out.

    To their ETERNAL SHAME..!

    The Stink pervades Heaven.of Heinous Zionist Crimes .

    And not a peep from the inmates

    Entombed in the Zionists Cages
    Like monkeys

    The Fourth Reich.and their
    Jewish Totemkampt

    The Jewish Einsatzen to persecute Palestinians..!

    No warning
    When the Zionists come..

    Just Death and Destruction
    Issued by the Chosen People

    “The Special People…!”

    Above all International Law
    Recompense and impugnity

    While the Zio USA and the little Coke Whore Israel exist

    There is no law.

    The Zionist are the Deniers now.

    No doubt..Dirty Joe..
    The Stupid Fux..
    Your Selected President

    Is there with his Heroin Generals
    To go over

    Zios making Fortune selling Weapons in the Ukrainian Scam

    Not to mention the Money
    Sen Schumer and McConnell

    Already Schnizzled to the Zios under the Table.

    Big Plans.

    Like Everything Else the USA touches it will all turn to shit.

    The Ubermann
    The Jewish Nazis
    In the Apartheid Jewish State

    Tout their new Dome Defenses

    Hey Wait..
    Why Advertise..?


    This Dome.

    Thar Dome.

    Laser Dome.

    All Bullshit.

    Completely Unprepared.

    The Same System the Zios
    Are bragging about

    can’t stop Houthi Rockets from blowing up Saudi Arabia..!

    HAHA HAHA ..

    What..IDF is gonna knock out the Iranian Eyes first.


    WHAT..THE IDF doesn’t have Stealth.



    What …

    Gonna be the Same Boomerang AS the War on Russia..!


    The House of Israel will fall.


    77 Years..
    of Brutal Genocide on a People..

    Adolph Israel
    Time to Die…!

    Going ..Going…Gone…


    The House of Usher
    Will fall.

    Rabbi Kahn


    And congratulations on Joining
    The Shanghai Agreement

    Friends in High Places Never Hurts.


    And looks like you have
    #1 and #2 on your side..



    The Zionist Controlled USA
    And the

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  4. Mr Lendman

    Friday..some new info going around..

    Ostensibly…the USA and Israel
    Signed a Document that states:

    All US Military developments have to be shared with Israel.

    Don’t know if this Blatant Treachery is true or not..

    But wouldn’t be surprised.

    When you follow the “Story ”

    Of the Israeli Lasers they’re bragging about..

    Advertising like Crazy…
    Because they’re not perfected.

    The Jewish Nazis are offering to share their newly discovered Laser Technology with the USA!


    They’re hoping the US can rectify the problem.

    Like they Could with the F-35
    That still can’t be flown in combat.

    Too Risky.

    Or You Tell Me Why

    Every Country that
    got Scammed

    And bought dozens of F35’s
    Still have to fly F 16’s


    The MiG 21 was flying against the F-16…!


    Hey Just Imagine

    The Jewish Nazis giving something to USA Dupes..!


    As in all Nature..

    The Parasite eventually kills the Host..

    After they served their purpose.

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