MSM Misreporting on All Things Russia and Nazified Ukraine Exceeds Star Trek

Dominant 4th estate propaganda on Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass reached unparalleled lows of fake news and mass deception.

Collectively they exceeded Star Trek — going beyond the worst of where they went before.

Daily reports on all things Russia and Ukraine feature fabricated state-approved talking point to the exclusion of truth and full disclosure.

Whenever hegemon USA goes to war or plans one against invented enemies — directly or by use of proxy foot soldiers — truth is the first casualty.

Yet never in modern memory was MSM fake news as over-the-top extreme as in support of Nazified Ukraine and against Russia’s liberating SMO.

Pathological lying infests NYT reports.

Its fake news with mass deception in mind ranks with the worst around, including rubbish like the following, saying:

Russian “devastated several Ukrainian cities (sic), caused a humanitarian crisis (sic) and fueled insecurity around the world (sic).”

All of the above and more of the same apply to US-dominated NATO’s longstanding war on humanity domestically and abroad, clearly not Russia.

On all Times reports about the Russian Federation, the Big Lie is featured exclusively over news fit to print.

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record falsely accused Russia of striking “an office building in central Ukraine on Thursday morning, killing at least 12 people and wounding 25 (sic), adding:

Russia struck “a civilian target in Ukraine that did not appear to have a direct military objective (sic).”

One again, the Times ignored that Russian forces exclusively attack Ukraine’s Nazi-infested military, its weapons, munitions, equipment and related infrastructure.

And this from puppet Zelensky from his Polish hideout, quoted by the Times:

“Every day, Russia destroys the civilian population (sic), kills Ukrainian children (sic), directs rockets at civilian objects (sic).” 

“What is this, if not an open act of terrorism (sic)?”

Scripted Big Lies for him to recite wore thin long ago.

Virtually everything he says lacks credibility.

The same goes for Times fake news.

Ignoring Russian and other US political prisoners, ones denied due process and judicial fairness, declared guilty by accusation instead, then mistreated behind bars, the Times reinvented reality about Brittney Griner’s arrest after arriving at Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport in possession of cannabis oil, an illegal narcotic.

According to Russia’s criminal code, possession of illegal substances is punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years.

Yet according to reinvention of reality by the Times, Griner is “ensnared in what some (unnamed) US officials call a sham trial (sic) influenced by the geopolitics of a war (sic).”

Pleading guilty to possession of an illegal drug, she dubiously claimed that it was packed in error.

Suggesting a possible prisoner swap ahead — what Russia should only agree to if all its illegally held nationals in the US are unconditionally released and allowed to return home — the Times mentioned swapping her for Viktor Bout alone, falsely saying:

He’s “a Russian arms dealer (sic) known as the “Merchant of Death (sic),” serving a 25-year federal sentence in Illinois for conspiring to sell weapons to people who said they planned to kill Americans (sic).”

The above rubbish is a bald-faced Big Lie.

Bout faced multiple false charges, ones no credible evidence supported, including weapons sales to narco-terrorists, the Taliban and al-Qaeda, money laundering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, and six separate counts of wire fraud (sic).

All of the above charges were invented for political reasons.

Calling him a “merchant of death” and “lord of war” was fabricated rubbish.

His “crime” was being a Russian national, nothing else.

When the empire of lies and forever wars goes after a targeted individual like Bout and other Russian nationals, innocence is no defense, guilt automatic by accusation.

Operating legally, Bout ran a legitimate air cargo business.

A DEA sting operation illegally entrapped him.

He’s been imprisoned in the US for over a decade doing hard time made harder by mistreating him — along with other Russian political prisoners.

The Times declared him guilty by accusation, suppressing indisputable evidence of his framing.

And this Times trash:

Russian authorities “interrogated, detained, and forcibly deported between 900,000 and 1.6 million Ukrainian citizens, including 260,000 children, from their homes into Russian territory (sic).” 

Interventionist Blinken’s Big Lie was quoted, falsely saying the following:

“The (nonexistent) unlawful transfer and deportation of protected persons (by Russia) is a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians and is a war crime.”

Nothing of the sort occurred. 

Notorious serial liar Blinken, the Times and other MSM falsely claimed otherwise.

And this Times fake news:

So-called “testimonies…by (nonexistent) deportees who escaped Russia (sic) included descriptions of filtration sites (sic) accounts of interrogations (sic), beatings and torture (sic) of those deemed to have ties to Ukraine’s armed forces, and of disappearances (sic).”

All of the above and more of the same is some of the worst Times trash on all things Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time, the broadsheet consistently suppresses indisputable evidence of Ukrainian war crimes — including torture and bodily dismemberment of Russian POWs held by regime Nazis.

On virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues, the Times and other MSM operate as virtual ministries of state propaganda.

Featuring fake news exclusively, truth and full disclosure is suppressed.

The above applies in the extreme about all things Russia and Ukraine throughout the run-up to and after Moscow’s liberating SMO began.

Lost Times credibility has been far too discredited for too long to ever be restored again.

It’s more propaganda rag than newspaper, state-approved fake news its specialty.

With attribution to the late Chicago Sun Times reporter, Mike Royko:

“No self-respecting fish would (permit itself to) be wrapped in” Times newsprint.

He said it about Rupert Murdoch papers.

Times rubbish on major issues exceeds the worst of what he published.

A Final Comment

The Times assaults all US invented enemies by fake news, including Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution, ending a generation of US control and exploitation.

On Wednesday, it defied reality by falsely claiming that “Russia reach(ed) out to (the Islamic Republic for help in countering the (US-dominated) West (sic).”

Both countries have had longstanding mutually beneficial political, economic and trade relations.

On July 19, Vladimir Putin will visit Tehran for talks with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts.

His trip has nothing to do with countering the West.

When meet bilaterally, Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will discuss longstanding economic cooperation between both countries.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times made up a fake news report to bash both nations in service to hegemon USA’s  interests.

3 thoughts on “MSM Misreporting on All Things Russia and Nazified Ukraine Exceeds Star Trek

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Bout or Bush..?

    Who tried to sell Weapons
    to kill Americans…?

    Because Bush did
    And did actually kill Americans

    About 3000 on 911..

    Counting the First Responders
    Of whom they let die..

    Knowing that Thermate would cause a painful death. .

    About 7,500.

    Like they give a fux..

    911 got the Serial Killers over to the Heroin of Afghanistan.

    That’s what’s important to them.

    BTW…Big Pharm
    by the end of the Jabber

    Reign of Death

    Will have killed more


    Than all the Wars and Tyrants combined..!

    Sick Planet.
    Everything Upside Down.

    The Killers..

    The Criminals
    Are the Cops…

    Everything is Rotten to the Core

    The Court that convicted
    Viktor Bout …

    ” Bring Me the Man .
    We’ll fit the Crime ..!”

    Our Judiciary
    A Slave Owners Mentality

    Since inception in the
    Great Democracy

    The Courts and Justice Dept
    Totally Rotten..!

    The Legislative
    All Zionist Controlled

    That’s tells you everything.

    Our School Shootings
    False Flags like Uvalde

    Clearly the Cops
    Were on Stand Down.

    Clearly an FBI FALSE FLAG.


    Our Secret Police..

    The FBI plan and execute
    95% of the Mass Shootings

    A Former Leading FBI agent reported that.

    The Executive Branch..

    The Bottom of the Barrel

    Rome had it’s 5 Good Emperors
    We’ve got our 5 Serial Killers..

    And Getting Worse..

    Completely Stupid like



    ” For the Honor of the Holocaust?”

    BTW..See where the Doctor who administered the Cognitive Test

    To Trump, now a Congressman

    Rep Ron Jackson..

    Said Joey should take the same test?

    He implies that he doesn’t think Joey would pass.


    An Addendum
    A Freudian analysis might say

    Joey was Honoring the Holocaust

    The Zionist Holocaust on the Palestinians…!


    If Americans
    Stopped and thought about it

    When you boil down the Advantages of Living in the Shithole

    Known as the Degenerated USA

    Very few good things pop up.
    The Bad outweighs the good.

    Like Never Before…!

    Hey maybe that’s why
    the Polls say 87% of Americans are DISSATISFIED …!

    Like Spindletop…
    This Pop Stand is gonna blow.

    That’s why in the
    Greatest Democracy..

    Where 10 people own as much as the Rest of America..

    .00001% own 95%

    That democracy..
    World’s Greatest

    USA With 125,000,000
    Hungry Citizens

    And Congress gives tens of Billions to Nazis to kill Russians

    The Nazi Collaborators didn’t have a nickel for Americans

    For an Infrastructure, huh?

    That’s why Americans are under Total Surveillance

    No outside News Can get in

    All Russia’s media banned.
    Too Truthful.

    And the Real Hoax of a Democracy

    You get to choose in November
    For one Zionist Candidate

    Or the other Zionist Candidate

    Both War Mongers
    Both serve Tel Aviv and Wall St

    That basic a Scam.
    Go figure.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Wait a Second..
    Let me get this Straight

    Germany Cancelled
    Nord Stream II

    Right before the launch of Operations

    And Now Blames Russia for the Energy Crisis..!



    Are they insane..?

    Hey Germany
    Did Russia tell you to cut your dick off..?

    No it was the CIA.
    Why not blame them.

    Of course Germany
    you are the Fuxing Moron

    To take orders from those Criminals..

    Maybe you deserve to freeze.

    CIA and Wall St don’t give a fux.

    I was Flabbergasted to learn
    The Average German Household is now paying $3,500 more per year for Energy.

    That’s Some kinda Stupid…!
    Boy or Boy..

    Gotta Work extra hard to be that stupid..

    What kind of Stupid do you think it is Colonel..?

    “It’s Criminally Stupid..!”


  3. ‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo — 7/9/22 —

    PCR has called John Pilger the most important voice on the planet. Pilger says this is not journalism in regard to the propaganda that is killing us.

    The Atlanta Fed registered a downturn in GDP in the first and second quarter. Two downward quarters makes it a recession, yet the felonous/bribed psuedomedia acts like it might happen. The NYT is just part of the blackout media that poisons us with its contrivances


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