Ukraine Update

There’s no ambiguity about US/Western support for Nazism in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Russia’s National Defense Control Center head, Mikhail Mizintsev, explained one among countless examples, saying the following:

“In the settlements of Dobroslav and Krasnoselka of the Limansky district in Odessa Region, Ukrainian militants use hospitals and ambulance stations as command posts and barracks.”

“At the same time, all patients, regardless of their health condition, as well as maternity ward patients and their newborn children, were ruthlessly kicked out of medical institutions, while medical staff who tried to prevent the neo-Nazis’ cruelty suffered from physical violence.”

“Such actions of the criminal Ukrainian authorities show their complete indifference to the fate of their own citizens and absolute disregard for all moral norms and principles of international humanitarian law.”

US/Western MSM pretend not to notice.

They focus exclusively on proliferating the fabricated official narrative on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Separately, Russophobic undemocratic Dems reportedly want Nazified Ukraine supplied with $650 billion from the US-controlled loan shark of last resort IMF — in the form of so-called special drawing rights (SDRs).

That’s on top of countless tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons et al for Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts to continue waging US long war on Russia.

On Tuesday, the Biden regime announced an additional $1.7 billion for Kiev, a fake news statement by Treasury Secretary Yellen saying the following:

“This latest (US handout to) Ukraine is part of the (Biden regime’s) commitment to support…Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) as (they) defend (tyrannical rule masquerading as) democracy against Russia’s” liberating SMO.

“This aid will help provide essential services for the people of Ukraine” — in the form of perpetual US proxy war on Russia and people of Donbass.

More of the same so-called aid is virtually sure to continue being supplied regularly ahead.

And this from Ukraine’s imitation prime minister Kuleba:

As ordered to say by his US master,  he maintained the following fiction, saying: 

The so-called “objective (sic)” of the US installed regime “is to liberate our territories (sic), restore our territorial integrity sic), and full sovereignty in the east and south of Ukraine (sic).” 

“This is the end point of our negotiating position (sic).”

Left unexplained by Kuleba is that territory liberated by Russia and Donbass freedom fighters is no longer part of Ukraine.

Areas free from Nazified control will either form independent republics or join the Russian Federation.

Ukraine’s greatly degraded and defeated military has no way to retake areas liberated from Nazified rule.

And this on Thursday:

Russian and Donbass freedom fighters largely gained control over the key city of Seversk, a statement saying:

“(A)llied forces entered (the Donetsk city of Seversk.

“(T)he city is under (their) operational control.”

“Mopping up operations are underway.”

“Seversk will soon be totally liberated from Ukrainian troops.”

Taking control of the city is another major blow to what remains of Ukraine’s crumbling defensive line.

And this straight talk by analyst Larry Johnson:

Russian forces are “advancing steadily.”

Kiev keeps asking for more US/Western weapons and munitions “because Russia destroyed over 80% of (the regime’s) assets.” 

“And in the process of destroying tanks and planes and artillery pieces, Russia also killed the best of Ukraine’s troops.”

Its virtually defeated military “has not taken back and defended a single hectare of territory it once held.”

It mounted no counteroffensives since Russia’s SMO began, no pushing back of its steadily advancing forces.

The prospect of turning things around by Kiev ahead is virtually zero.

If anything is attempted, Russian forces will annihilate troops involved in short order.

And this Johnson reality check, stressing:

“At some point, the American public will awaken to (the) reality (that they’ve) supported a program of unilateral disarmament” by Moscow. 

“We sent many of our best weapons to Ukraine and the Russians are blowing them to hell.”

While the Biden regime keeps throwing billions of dollars at Ukrainian Nazis, it’s stiff-arming growing millions of Americans in need because of soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains and shortages of essentials at a time when protracted Main Street Depression conditions are likely ahead.

One thought on “Ukraine Update

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  1. Mr Lendman

    ” The Naked and the Dead..!”

    While the Allied Forces keeps rolling…

    A Real “Situation” is developing that has more ominous overtones.

    The CIA is clearly
    running the Show..

    CIA is at War with Russia
    WWIII ..

    The Prelude or the First Chapter

    US Intel not only provides the Satellite images

    They provide instantaneous Communication with Ukis

    The CIA has Soldiers on the Field using the Weapons

    CIA running the War
    From Soup to Nuts.

    Everything goes..
    Any Criminal Act against Russia is okay

    Anything to Kill innocent Citizens of the Dombass

    And Russians in Russia
    And Russian soldiers.

    It’s War..
    By any name.

    Just gonna get worse
    If it goes unchecked.

    Don’t have to be some
    genius to know that.

    What to do about it?
    What can Russia do ?

    Here’s one small baby step:

    Right after you read this Article




    Also Wipe Out
    Cheyenne Mountain

    Bunker Busters
    50 Megaton

    The exact same megaton the Gangsters are gonna drop on Russia in the Late Summer.

    Goodnight Irene.

    What will happen.

    Well the Gangsters are incapable of fighting a
    War With Russia..

    They ain’t got the hisses

    But in America

    Word gets out that the CIA HQ
    Has been destroyed..

    There will be Dancing in the Street

    Tens of Millions of People
    Will Celebrate..

    For Days…!
    People Will carry signs

    “Thank you Russia”

    So hated and despised by the American People they are

    Needless to say,
    Around the World

    The Party will go non stop.

    That’s a small tiny thing
    Russia could do.

    Historically justified,

    And certainly corroborated by the Bush Doctrine.

    Jus sayin..

    Or you can
    Complain some more.

    Say how unjust and unfair it is..
    Fot the 10,000 th. time.

    See if that helps.
    Hasn’t been very effective
    Up until now.

    GO RUSSIA..!

    On the Ground


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