NYT Support for Apartheid Israel

Disdainful of Palestinian rights beyond hollow lip-service pretense otherwise, the Times supports apartheid Israel instead of denouncing its crimes of war, against humanity, as well as its ruthless persecution of Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens. 

Commenting on the fake Biden’s July 13 arrival in the Jewish state, the Times said he “received (a) rapturous welcome.”

For his part, the White House imposter showed determination to take “a back seat to no one in supporting Israel,” the Times reported — ignoring its longstanding history of criminality against long-suffering Palestinians, its repeated terror-bombing attacks on Syrian territory, and targeted assassinations throughout the region.

In response to interim Israeli PM Lapid calling the fake Biden “a great Zionist and” Jewish state friend, JB’s impersonator recited the following pre-scripted remark, saying:

“Our relationship is deeper…than it’s ever been.” Arriving in Israel is “like going home (sic).”

“Every chance to return to this great country (sic)…is a blessing  because the connection between the Israeli people and the American people is bone-deep, bone-deep (sic).”

“Generation after generation, that connection grows (sic).”

Separately, notorious Times prostitute of the press, Thomas Friedman, expressed his own support for Israeli ruthlessness — pretending that the Jewish state is run democratically.

And this Friedman pretense, saying:

It’s “great to see (the White House impersonator in Israel to) advanc(e) the (fantasy) peace process.”

Since initiated decades ago, it’s always been a colossal hoax, never the real thing.

It’s impossible to achieve because apartheid Israel and the empire of lies want Palestinians subjugated in perpetuity, not equitable conflict resolution.

Only two solutions are viable and equitable. 

The Jewish state and hegemon USA reject both.

1. Palestinian statehood within June 1967 borders entirely free from occupation, or 

2. One state of Israel/Palestine for all its people equitably.

Yet every time peace process talks occurred, they’ve always been a waste of time and effort.

US and Israeli regimes use the fantasy peace process to advance their exploitive agendas.

Chances for equitable conflict resolution are nil.

And this delusional Friedman statement:

Only (head-chopping, public whippings) Saudi Arabia and (ruthlessly persecuted) Israeli Arabs can save Israel(’s) (fantasy) democracy.

And Friedman pretended that the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies supports a genuine “two-state solution (sic).”

What’s not reality won’t change unless the US/West holds the apartheid state accountable for decades of human rights abuses and other high crimes against Palestinians and regional states.

That won’t happen because US/Western regimes support and otherwise operate in cahoots with Israeli crimes of war, against humanity and other abusive practices.

Like US/Western societies, Israel was never democratic from inception.

Friedman pretended otherwise, adding:

Israeli occupation harshness is “not be the same as South African apartheid” — ignoring what SA’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu said in 2004 as follows:

“What I see (in Israel) is worse than what we experienced (in SA) – the absolute control of people’s lives, the lack of freedom of movement, the army presence everywhere, the total separation and the extensive destruction we saw” firsthand.

Israeli “racist ideology is also reinforced by religion, which was not the case in South Africa.”

And this earlier from former Sunday Times of London editor, Mondli Makhanya, saying: 

“When you observe from afar, you know that things are bad, but you do not know how bad.”

“Nothing can prepare you for the evil we have seen here” in Israel. 

“It is worse, worse, worse than everything we endured” in South Africa. 

“The level of apartheid, the racism and the brutality are worse than the worst period of (SA’s) apartheid.”

Nothing remotely like the above candor will ever appear in NYT editions by its correspondents or columnists like Friedman.

While admitting that Israeli apartheid isn’t equitable, he bashed what he falsely called “progressives and Palestinian propagandists…on college campuses (for) being dishonest” about Israeli apartheid viciousness.

And he lied, claiming that Israel’s Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton “made peace overtures to Yasir Arafat to establish a demilitarized Palestinian state in most of the West Bank and East Jerusalem (sic) — which Arafat rejected” — for good reason, he left unexplained.

When they met in July 2000, Clinton and Barak offered Arafat four isolated West Bank bantustans on worthless scrubland under Palestinian administration — surrounded by expanding Israeli settlements and other Israeli-controlled land. 

They had no links to each other or to Jordan.

Gaza was left in limbo as a fifth isolated bantustan — much like its present dismal state. 

Yet Barak demanded that Arafat  sign a “final agreement” and declare an “end of conflict.” 

Going along would have renounced any legal claim to Palestine land.

Nothing at the time was put in writing. 

No documents or maps were presented. 

Barak wanted Palestinian land divided, its people rendered powerless.

Arafat’s only option was to reject the duplicitous Clinton/Barak deal.

It led to his death by assassination,

He was unfairly blamed for not going along with what no responsible leader could accept.

In November 2004, the Ariel Sharon regime eliminated him by radioactive polonium poisoning — what samples of his remains belatedly showed.

What Friedman should have explained, he suppressed — in support of Israeli apartheid viciousness.

And this Friedman perversion of reality:

“The Palestinians…shot themselves in the foot by splitting into two groups — the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Islamic fundamentalist Hamas in Gaza (sic).”

In January 2006, Hamas triumphed overwhelmingly in Palestinian Legislative Council elections, winning 74 seats to Fatah’s 45.

Apartheid Israel refused to accept its rule as Palestine’s legitimate government, a nonviolent freedom-fighting organization, not a terrorist one, not involved in any activities connected to terrorism.

Israel blockaded Gaza, installed Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian Authority president in 2005, and kept him office to the present day by remembering above all else who’s boss.

Throughout his tenure, he served Israeli and Western interests at the expense of Palestinian rights and well-being.

Friedman’s reinvention of history ignored the above reality.

As long as Abbas, or a likeminded Judas goat, betrays Palestinians as PA president instead of serving them, they’ll always be ruthlessly persecuted by the scourge of Israeli apartheid.

What Friedman should have explained, he ignored.

Instead, he maintains the fiction of Israel as a democratic state — what it never was from inception and surely isn’t now.

3 thoughts on “NYT Support for Apartheid Israel

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Any deal with the Zionists is a Hose Job.

    BTW..2005..when Dick was adamant about putting Abbas in the Chair..

    Abbas the Alcibiades of the Middle East

    Had deftly betrayed & sabotaged
    Anything Progressive

    Any tiny bit of Help for the Palestinians.

    A Real Piece of Shit..
    Nicely put.. politely put.

    Poor Arafat.
    The Scapegoat.

    2000 Election..Gore and Bush

    Dems and Repubs..
    Two Zionist Candidates

    Bush and Kerry
    Both Zio Candidates..


    And 50% of Americans despise Israel..!

    95% of the World
    Hate the Zionists…!

    DIRTY JOE says the American People love Israel..


    That’s why the 5th Columnists have to pass laws …

    So you cant even criticize Israel..
    They’re so despised.

    They sneak them.in
    These Zionist Laws.

    Behind the backs of
    the American People..

    The Zionist Way.
    Sneaky Fuxs.

    ,( BTW..Any Politician that’s apart of this Conspiracy

    against USA & the Constitution
    Is a FELON …

    And should do serious time in Prison..)

    The World Despises Israel..

    What’s to like..?

    The Ethnic Cleansing..?
    The Genocide on Palestinians ?

    The constant Murders..

    The Concentration Camps in Gaza

    The Settlers stealing more land
    In the West Bank.

    And Laughing at feckless
    UN Fatwahs..

    All these repeated UN Resolutions …all ignored.

    Hey ..No problem..
    It’s the “Special People !”

    They have no laws.
    They’re Special..


    The Constant Zio Wars
    Always based on Lies.

    Zionist Lies Bigger Lies than Hitler told by far…

    Anyone..even Crack Head Sam

    The AEIA..
    And every other Atomic Monitoring Agency

    States Iran doesn’t have a Nuclear Weapons Component

    Yet the Zios repeat the lie



    Everything is a Crime .

    The Very Existence of Israel
    is a Crime ..

    A Crime Against all Humanity..

    Like a tramp..
    Spitting into the Face of God

    Vile and Vulgar
    Are the little Ugly Zio Nazis

    The cowardly Faux Ubermann.

    Able to beat up children,
    Old women and the unarmed.

    Don’t want to fight

    Hell no.
    Run like Chickens

    From a Real Fight.


    So Lastly.
    As we all know.

    The Two State Solution

    Is another Zionist Hoax.
    A Total Fraud.

    Just like any Rabbi who supports

    The Zionist State of Israel
    Is a total Fraud.

    Exactly opposite of what
    The Jewish Religion teaches!


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  2. Unconscionable. Despicable. Unsustainable. This entire dalliance with the Zionist monster and its governing, demented settler-colonial ideology must simply fall or be forced into the category of “put paid.” But how? One despairs, in near equivalence to the utter, grinding despair of the hapless Palestinians.

    Thank you, Mr. Lendman.

    (Apologies: I can’t resist this crudity. Phuck the Phreakish, Pheckless Phriedman and all his Phellow travelers.)


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