All fake News All the Time by US/Western MSM Press Agents

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled NYT once again defied reality as follows, saying:

Battered, degraded, demoralized and defeated “Ukrainian soldiers (in retreat while Russian forces advance) pushed (them) back (sic).”

Saying Russia “halted its (SMO) to regroup” is belied by steady advances of its forces.

No Russian “deadly strikes (occurred) on civilian targets” at any time throughout its liberating SMO.

Claims otherwise by the Times, other MSM and Ukrainian Nazis turned reality on its head time and again — ignoring that US-dominated NATO and Kiev operate this way.

Regime forces suffered heavy losses, most best trained and armed ones eliminated.

Russian losses have been light by comparison.

Claiming its military “face(s) serious problems of manpower” by the Times turned reality on its head.

Kiev’s military is hard-pressed to replace its depleted ranks.

As stressed before, its troops failed to retake lost territory or mount counterattacks against Russia’s overpowering military throughout its SMO.

Saying the regime “staged a string of successful counterattacks in southern Ukraine (sic)” by the Times reinvented reality on the ground.

No pushback of Russian forces occurred anywhere at any time throughout its SMO.

The Times lied claiming otherwise.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

“Ukrainian forces are attacking Russian positions along multiple fronts west of the Dnipro River (sic) and have made significant gains in the Kherson region (sic).”

Reality is the other way around.

Kiev Nazis and conscripts have been on their back foot in retreat throughout Russia’s SMO.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Ukrainians have broken through the outer perimeter defenses of the Russians outside of the city of Kherson (sic), the regional capital, and have taken back several towns and villages (sic).” 

And this Times trash:

“Ukrainians (are) largely hold(ing) onto gains” not made, their troops in retreat as Russian forces advance, battering them daily.

No assassinations of leaders in Russian controlled areas occurred, no Ukrainian attacks on what the Times falsely called strikes on “Russian forces behind enemy lines (sic).”

Citing fake news US intelligence, the Times falsely claimed that “20,000 Russians have been killed…about 60,000 injured (sic).”

No corroborating evidence was presented, just fake news claims, including the following rubbish:

“Almost a third of Russia’s equipment has been destroyed (sic) — once again citing Western fake news. 

No Russian artillery, rockets and missiles target Ukrainian and occupied Donetsk cities, towns and villages, as the Times falsely claimed — just strikes by Kiev Nazis, what the self-styled newspaper of record consistently ignores, falsely blaming Russia for their war crimes.

And this WaPo fake news:

Claiming hegemon USA aims to “impose severe costs on the Russian economy (with) impair(ing) (its) ability to compete in a high-tech 21st-century economy” harmed European countries most of all, self-sufficient Russia only marginally.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Russian “forces are stretched very thin across a vast terrain (sic).”

Russia firmly controls territory its forces liberated, what’s no longer part of Ukraine.

And this Al Jazeera fake news report:

“Ukrainian rocket attacks destroyed more than 30 Russian military logistics centers in recent weeks (sic) and significantly reduced Russia’s attacking potential (sic).”

The so-called source of the above perversion of reality was the spokesman for Ukraine’s defeated military.

And this Al Jazeera nonsense from the same disreputable source, falsely claiming:

“Russia has not taken a single meter of land in the last week (sic).” 

“Ukrainian rocket attacks disrupt(ed) Russian supply lines (sic), forcing Moscow to keep its ammunition further back from the front line (sic).”

Ad Jazeera admitted that it’s “unable to independently verify the claims” — because they’re fabricated, it failed to explain.

On most all things related to how apartheid Israel ruthlessly mistreats Palestinians, Al Jazeera’s reporting is credible.

On most all else related to the US/West’s fabricated official narrative, its reporting is much like how US, UK, EU MSM operate — all fake news all the time on major issues mattering most.   

Separately on Saturday, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu met with commanders of Russian forces in Ukraine, a statement by its military saying:

Shoigu instructed Russian generals “to ramp up actions (against) groups in all operational areas to exclude the (ability) of Kiev (troops) to launch rocket and artillery strikes on civilian infrastructure and residents of settlements across Donbass and other regions.”

Hitting them harder than ever to wipe them out should be prioritized

A Final Comment

On Friday, the White House imposter arrived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia — not Riyadh — to meet with King Salman and MBS (crown prince Mohammed bin Salman).

Reporting on his arrival, WaPo called his “fist bump (with MBS) worse than a handshake.”

Earlier, the fake Biden hyperventilated about “stand(ing) up to bully (sic)” — referring to MBS, adding:

“You gotta go after them wherever they are (sic).”

“We(‘re) going to…make them pay the price (sic).”

“And make them…the pariah that they are (sic).”

“The days of cozying up to dictators is (sic) over (sic).”

All of the above and similar earlier comments referred to MBS.

The White House imposter shook hands with other Saudi officials on arrival, fist-bumping with MBS alone.

Days ahead of his visit, journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancee, Hatice Cengiz — the figure MBS eliminated by assassination, his henchmen doing the dirty work — said the following in a WaPo op-ed:

MBS “gave the order for the crime.”

“I watched in horror as my fiancee’s killers roamed free.” 

“You vowed to bring Jamal’s killers to justice” — referring to the fake JB.

He “was murdered and dismembered, and…you said (that) you would make Saudi Arabia ‘the pariah that they are.’ ”

“You can imagine how shocked and disappointed I was to learn that you would break your promise and travel to Saudi Arabia to likely meet with the crown prince — the person who US intelligence determined was responsible for ordering Jamal’s murder.”

“Your visit is not just a betrayal of your promises.”

“It risks emboldening MBS” to continue detaining, torturing, disappearing and murdering at his discretion.

Calling on the fake Biden to “cancel (his) trip and uphold (his) promise to pursue justice for Jamal” fell on deaf ears.

One thought on “All fake News All the Time by US/Western MSM Press Agents

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    “The Bump Heard Round
    the World..!”

    As one pundit put it.

    The Symbolism reeks of the Burning embers..

    The Bones now Cracked and buried under the bridge..

    It’s virtually the Last Demonstrative Actions..

    Of Imperial America..
    A dressing down.

    The USA goes a’ begging..
    Hat in Hat..

    Cliff Notes taped to his Forehead..

    To the Very same ” dude”
    Joey the Noodle

    Was gonna make pay dearly.

    Joey the Noodle.


    Leaving Jeddah aside.

    That was very interesting..
    I assumed he was in Riyadh.

    He got the Chumped from the Get Go.

    Just the fact that the Noodle
    Went there to beg..

    Was paramount to admission of decline … rapacious Decline.

    Reminded of the
    Battle of Granicus

    When Alexander defeated the Persian King Darius III

    In the first of 3 major battles.

    Darius offered Alexander
    1/3 of his Empire if he stopped.

    The USA even weaker..
    Than Darius.


    Cuz Joey the Noodle
    Offers what…?

    US Troops stationed in his country

    To protect them from what?

    Being at peace with Iran..?

    After all the EATING CROW
    And dressing down

    To beg a ” former ” Vassal.

    When the Smoke clears
    Joey came back with Dick.


    Saudis sure don’t want F-35s..!


    Lastly, I find it so comical

    That Nancy and the Dems
    The Demster Dumpsters

    Concocted the 25th Amendment to use Against Trump..

    Who passed the Cognitive Test
    With Flying Colors..

    And the Noodle..

    Is now gonna get knocked out
    With Ding Dong Nancy’s

    Big Amendment Boomerang..!


    I find great h


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