Imperial Tool Antonio Guterres on Reality in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

On July 14, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “Kalibr high-precision sea-based missiles attacked the building of the House of Officers in the city of Vinnitsa.”

“At the time of the strike, a meeting was taking place in the facility between the command of the Ukrainian air force and representatives of foreign arms suppliers about the next batch of aircraft and weapons to the Ukrainian military, as well as organizing the repair of the Ukrainian aviation fleet.”

Everyone involved in the meeting was eliminated.

On Thursday, Russia’s UN mission senior councilor, Yevgeny Varganov, said the following about the Vinnitsa strike.

It was a legitimate military target.

Throughout its SMO, “Russia str(uk) only at military targets in Ukraine.” 

“The attack on Vinnitsa hit the House of Officers, which the armed forces of Ukraine used for training.”

Yet once again, imperial tool UN secretary general Guterres turned reality on its head through his spokesman, as follows, saying:

He’s “appalled by today’s missile attack against the city of Vinnitsa in central Ukraine that reportedly killed at least 22 people, including three children and wounded more than 100 others (sic).”

He “condemns any attacks against civilians or civilian infrastructure and reiterates his call for accountability for such violations (sic).”

Fact: No Russian attack on civilians or nonmilitary infrastructure occurred at any time throughout its liberating SMO.

Fact: No Vinnitsa civilians were killed by Russian forces.

Fact: Guterres understands the above reality.

Fact: Yet in cahoots with his US master, he pretended otherwise by falsely and maliciously making phony accusations about Russia’s Vinnitsa strike.

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

“(C)ontrary to the requirements of the UN Charter, (Guterres) fail(ed) to take an equidistant stance, which is what one would expect from the UN) secretariat…particularly designed to help resolve disputes.”

“(T)he UN secretariat(’s) goal is not to take anyone’s side in controversial situations but to facilitate efforts to maintain peace and stability.”

“This is what they are paid for and what they are mandated to do.”

Russia’s Vinnitsa strike “targeted a garrison officers’ club where consultations between the command of the Ukrainian air forces and representatives of foreign weapons suppliers were underway.”

“Guterres (failed) to ask Ukraine why the Kiev regime keeps establishing military facilities in close proximity to civilian ones.”

While falsely accusing Russia of attacking civilians, he turned a blind eye to over 8 years of Kiev aggression on Donbass residential areas, killing around 14,000 civilians, along with destroying or damaging civilian infrastructure.

Like most of his predecessors, imperial tool Guterres disgraces the office he holds time and again.

Most everything claimed about Russia’s SMO by US/Western regimes, Nazi-infested Ukraine, their MSM press agents and imperial tool Guterres have been bald-faced Big Lies.

Collectively, their rubbish has been the most outrageous perversions of reality in modern memory.

With no end of it any time soon, they and the rogue regimes they represent risk unthinkable US/NATO aggression against Russia by accident or design.

If occurs, chances of hostilities going nuclear will be ominously high, an armageddon scenario if things turn out this way.

Separately in response to hegemon USA’s delivery of multiple-launch rocket systems (HIMARS) to Ukrainian Nazis, Zakharova, said the following:

The US-controlled, Nazi-infested Kiev regime is “us(ing) (them) against civilians” — with intent to kill, wound or maim maximum numbers of Donbass noncombatants in harm’s way.

At the same time, the Pentagon and CIA are selecting civilian and other targets for Ukrainian Nazis to terror-shell, including with intent to kill or otherwise harm Donbass children.

In early July, Vladimir Putin said “Russia and the Russian government, the country’s leadership will do everything to help the people who live and work” in Donbass.

May I suggest the following, Mr. President:

Take off the gloves. Strike all Ukrainian decision-making centers everywhere, including the regime’s HQ in Kiev. 

Eliminate them, including the regime’s high command and US/Western officials operating in Ukraine with them.

Then go all-out to smash the made-in-the-USA Ukrainian monster once and for all.

And one more thing.

Treat the empire of lies and its Western vassals with toughness — the only language they understand.

Abandon notions of diplomatic outreach.

Whenever undertaken by Russia with the US-dominated West, betrayal follows every time.

Their regimes are not partners, their officials not colleagues.

They’re mortal Russian enemies.

Treat them that way!  

8 thoughts on “Imperial Tool Antonio Guterres on Reality in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    International Arms Dealers
    And Ukis bringing in Weapons.

    Now floating down the
    River Styxx..

    On the Highway to Hell.

    After VA few martinis at the
    All (Dead) Officers Club..!

    I hear the Boatman’s
    radio Playing

    It’s the Dire Straights song..
    The Biggest Hit of the 80s

    ” That’s Way You Do It..
    Play the Music on MTV …!”

    Vinnestra..way out West
    Near Moldova.

    At the Crossroads.

    A Snake pit of Evil Doin’s..
    Jack em up..

    Nowhere is Safe

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory..!


  2. Mr Lendman


    Amazingly Dire Straights biggest hit ..

    Biggest Hit of the 90s
    Was written about the

    Infamous Nazi Collaborators
    Boomerang Sanctions…

    “The Sultan of Swing..!”

    All About Life in Europe
    In the Nazi Held Countries.
    As we speak…

    A place where
    Jens, Borrell and Ursula

    Provide the Brain Power..

    Remember how the
    Sultan of Swing starts..?

    ” Well I’m shivering in the dark
    A it’s Raining in the Park..
    And it’s only Springtime…!”


    The Nazis were planning to torture, rape, delete and annihilate Russia ..

    Just like in 1991
    When the Wall St Shysters

    laughed uproariously at elderly Russians froze on the Streets

    They were Gleeful .
    Congratulated themselves.

    The Russian Oligarchs

    Showed up at CPW
    And the Hamptons

    With all the Socialized Property they stole from Russia.

    They were besides themselves with joy …

    The Stolen Weath ..of course
    But Hurting Russians.

    Making 100 million of innocents go thru Hell

    For a Decade .
    As we know, Sadly..
    Many didn’t make.

    I say a prayer for their souls.
    A Marxist Prayer.

    Conceived in Justice..!
    Written by Men and Women of Steel.

    Yes the Phoenix Has Arisen from the Ashes.

    The Human Trash..
    The Vultures

    Had left the Body for Dead..

    The raped, castrated and defiled body of the proud
    Soviet Union..

    Russia..the USA’s best Allie in WWII ..

    Your Former Friend..

    The Gangsters turned on them.
    100, 000, 000 Russians

    wiped out..lives destroyed.

    Karma’s a Bitch, huh?

    Go Russia..
    Shut em Down Baby

    Fux em..
    It’s Payback Time..!

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!


  3. Mr Lendman,

    Sunday ..the 17th

    Capitalist News is beside themselves with the Ukis

    Blowing up the Second Fuel Storage in Nova Kakhovka..!

    Gleeful is an understatement..
    Ecstatic..the right word.

    I think that’s two in a week..!

    Since the UkiNazis got the
    US made HIMARS …!

    And now verbally threatening all of Crimea and even Russia.

    Would you consider that a
    Wake Up Call..

    You Tell Me..?

    I do .

    Bad now ..gonna get worse..

    Much worse…!

    I understand Russia’s
    ” thoughtful ”
    and careful approach

    A deliberate, judicious and well conceived plan that’s precisely

    commensurate with the Uki Attacks is needed.

    And has a Bottom Line ..


    I propose the following
    Course of action..

    Fulfilling all the perimeters
    listed above:

    Give a Wake Up Call to DC..
    But not Washington itself

    Dial up ..

    Chevy Chase
    Silver Springs

    Five calls.

    Problem is solved forever.


    No Follow up call will even be Necessary.

    Other than that .
    You’re fuxed

    You’re inviting Catastrophic attacks on Russia.

    These are not civilized people you’re dealing with in CIA .

    They are inhuman, unthinking

    Death and Destruction
    …unless their own.

    Is celebrated.

    That’s their business..!

    War, Drugs, Arms, Pedos and Lying.

    Nothing will change only get worse.

    Russia must act.
    Russia must respond.

    Blowing up Ukis and Uki War Materials…

    The USA couldn’t care less about the deaths of Ukis..

    Civilians or Soldiers.

    Good in fact,
    When Russia destroys weapons

    CIA gets to replace them..

    And Raytheon makes even
    more money..!


    Excellent that Russia is going to step up the Military Campaign in the Donbass..

    Question you ask yourself

    Why hasn’t Russia done that already..

    Meanwhile in reality..
    Russia and the Allies

    Have been fighting like hell
    To do exactly that..

    So it’s not so easy.
    Easier said than done.

    Hence, that will take awhile.

    Moreover it’s only a placebo
    A surrogate fix.

    When the Problem can only be fixed in the Land of Lies !

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!

    Lastly, I say this with great


  4. Mr Lendman

    Second Reading
    The Home Run.

    A Brilliant
    Powerful Polemic..

    The Atrocities of the
    Rogue Empire.

    The never ending Heinous

    And Preposterous Lies..

    Corrupting all of Society..

    Demeaning and decaying
    All of Civilization..

    The Political Dark Matter
    You expose…

    The Veritas

    Written like a Scholar..

    The Indictment
    The TRUTH.

    IN 3D..

    Can feel the Anger
    In the mountains of crimes .

    God Bless You My Son..
    For you’re a Top Gun .

    And one of the
    Irreplaceable Men.

    A vestige of
    The Wisdom of the Ages..!

    And the Secret of the Universe
    And the Key to Unlock it..!

    BTW the end
    Starting with

    ” President Putin I have a Suggestion..”

    That sir, are the finest
    Most accurate words
    Written in the English

    For a Decade..
    Maybe more.

    It’s the

    “World According to Gump ”
    In less than 100 Words..!

    A Classic.
    SPOT ON.

    I’d subtitle it, “Medicine Man ..”

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!


  5. Mr Lendman

    Sometimes I read my own words
    And I’m mortified.

    The Unprecedented Level
    Of Peril.

    The Marching Band of the
    Doomsday Clock

    Already on the Field.

    Almost all the

    Ingredients in the Pot

    Stewing Right Now.

    A Totally Unnecessary War
    The Dying Gasp

    Of World Imperialism.
    The Unprecedented Crisis

    The Capitalist Ruling Class
    Cannot resolve the Problems

    They are the Problem..!

    Now formed up into
    The Nazi Collaborators.

    We all know how that’s going to end.

    Just like the last time..

    ” Do it Again
    like you Did It Last Summer ..!


    Here’s the Point:

    These Gangsters
    That Start all the Wars


    Now ..they Love War

    That is …Killing You.
    Brutally killing Russian


    Mad Dog CIA mind control
    Some while subconscious..!)

    J St and Wall St

    Don’t Fight them.
    They get Get Rich off them

    Bankers Wars.

    They have never had any skin in the Game..

    Not their kids .

    Perfect Example
    Is Sen Richard Blumenthal of (D)Connecticut

    Has $103,000,000 Million..

    As of 2010..
    could be $200M…by now.

    Sen Blumenthal said he’d like to see

    ” Soldiers fight hand to Hand
    And with Bayonets

    In the Streets of Kiev …”

    Mind you
    His Son..

    Who attended two Ivy League Schools ..
    Is not going to Fight in them

    Blumenthal has no skin in the Game ..

    Who will wind up getting killed
    And killing..

    Will be Working Class
    Non Jewish lads..

    Fighting for Wall St, the Pentagon and Raytheon.

    Until the
    Having a Sex on the Beach
    At Four Seasons..

    They have some skin in the

    They will wake up.

    WWI and WWII

    While Europe was Destroyed

    And lost 35,000,000 soldiers
    In the Combined two Wars..

    USA had nothing of the Sort

    All the Wars..

    Never touched America.

    Mind you touched poor US Soldiers .

    who got Vaxed and
    Then lost their health

    And the Chemical Weapons
    The USA used

    ( Still uses .. amazingly)

    They paid the Price !

    While you know who

    Swam in the gorgeous pool
    Or played tennis…

    And never gave the wars a second thought.

    That changed however.
    We did that.

    We brought that about.

    Heres the Bottom Line

    No way too circumvent

    Or Mollycoddle

    The Truth.
    The Stark Truth.

    I read to much History
    To be ignorant of this
    Enormous Fact.

    1)..90% of all these Trade Wars
    End in Military Wars.

    We all know that.

    2)…The Will Kill You.
    Or you will kill them.

    They’ve chosen that path.
    Nothing on You

    You’re Historically pure
    Sainted, by George..!

    3).. Furthermore..

    Wake up Calls
    On the Land of Lies.

    All truths
    Are forbidden.

    Only State News

    So discredited it can’t compete with Alex Jones

    And they have Billions of Dollars
    And State Power..!


    The inoculation
    Is not the Prelude to War

    It’s to avoid a War.

    Wake up the War Lords..


    Are you hungry
    Going Broke ..

    Neighborhood a memes.

    125,000,000 Americans
    And the Criminal Elite

    See giving Billions To Nazis!

    Everything is falling apart
    And the overwhelming
    Majority of People

    Feel the Noodle had no Plan.

    Joey the Noodle
    Is toast..

    But Worse maybe is
    Laughing Kamala

    The Ralph Sampson
    Of Politics

    Capitalists can’t even put up a Credible Leader.

    330,000,000 people and
    Not one.

    System is so Corrupt.

    Tulsi was the Pick of the Litter for the Capitalist Parties..

    And Tulsi got blown out for even telling part of the Truth.

    After Tulsi blew Kamala off the Stage with 10 Little words..!


    Now that’s funny..!


    Only the Noodle for President

    ( READ the Cliff Notes )


    At the Podium ..

    Don’t hold on to it.
    Stand straight up )

    The Noodle speaks :

    ” I’d like to thank the CIA for their selfishness..!”


    Hoarding all that Smack
    Selling at Bull Market Prices.

    The Noodle gets interrupted by the Easter Bunny ..

    We find out later..

    Someone slipped a little
    Truth Serum in his Meds at Breakfast )

    Hello the CIA
    Can’t help you

    is Bombing Russia


    The Gangsters:

    Wall St Sharpies
    Gun Runners
    Mules Whores and Epsteins

    So Precarious a Time
    And the Rogue Terrorist Regime

    Has Mad Dick
    The insane Serial Killer

    Who brought the world to thus
    Dead End.

    At the Controls.

    He’s on track to blow up the World.

    Like a Twilight Zone episode
    Dick is dying

    And the Same Day he expires
    The World Blows Up.

    The Gangsters
    Need an Inoculation.

    A dose of Sanity today.
    Might keep the Fascist at bay.

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory..!


  6. Mr Lendman

    See the Typo.
    My phone is a Comedian

    “Inflammation killing you..?”
    Fuxing phone.

    Oh..and there’s an estimated 125,000,000 Hungry Americans

    That was in Jan Feb 2022
    Probably 150,000,000
    calorie deficiency and or


    Just the Gas to get there is Problematic.

    Depopulation in Progress.
    Backwards to Fascism

    Agenda 2030
    Total Police State

    The Final Crisis of
    World Imperialism ..

    And then the Deluge..!

    Good God,
    Be on the Right Side.


  7. Thanks for your truthful reporting and analysis.

    On December 20, 2019, Guteres met the Pope in Rome. But the Vatican is not a member of the United Nations.

    The Pope is the puppet master of most of the world.

    The Jewish-controlled Black Pope residing just outside the Vatican is puppet master of the Pope in the Vatican.

    Guterres is just a puppet, like all UN Secretary-Generals.


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