Reality Check on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

GOP Rep. Victoria Spartz emigrated to the US from Ukraine in 2000.

While hostile to Russia’s liberating SMO, she sharply criticized how the puppet Zelensky regime tracks US/NATO supplied weapons, munitions and equipment.

By letter to the fake Biden on July 8, she said the following:

“As part of a congressional oversight inquiry, I request your (regime) to brief Congress on the performed due diligence and oversight procedures related to (puppet) Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, at the scheduled classified congressional oversight briefing on July 12, 2022,”

“Based on a variety of intelligence and actions by Mr. Yermak in Ukraine, Congress needs to obtain this information urgently.”

US/NATO regimes supply billions of dollars worth of military aid to Kiev with virtually no oversight.

Unaccounted for amounts of weapons and munitions end up for resale on the black market.

Most anything supplied by the US/West to Ukraine is available for resale this way — to terrorists, extremists and other dark forces, virtually anyone able to pay the going price.

There’s no ambiguity about deep-seated Ukrainian corruption.

While precisely how much of what’s supplied by the US/West in military aid is resold to eager buyers of every shape and kind, some of most all types of weapons and munitions ends up in unintended hands, including MANPADS.

They’re shoulder-launched, man-portable, surface-to-air missiles used to down aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Instead of exercising oversight on the disposition of these and other weapons — once delivered cross-border into Ukraine, anything goes.

Separately, Spartz criticized Yermak’s appointment of Oleg Tatarov “as his deputy for law enforcement to combat corruption.”

Instead of doing his job, he “delay(ed) the appointment of an independent anti-corruption prosecutor for over a year…”

He thus render(ed) the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) dysfunctional.”  

“Tatarov was under investigation by the NABU in 2020 before his appointment where his case was inappropriately transferred to a regular prosecutor and closed.”

He and Yermak raised “many concerns with a variety of people in the US and internationally.”

Yet the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan regards them “highly.”

In response to Spartz’s legitimate criticism, Kiev’s so-called foreign ministry responded as follows, saying:

“We advise Ms. Spartz to stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculation (sic) around the topic of war in our country and the grief of Ukrainians (sic).”

“Especially cynical (sic) are manipulations about Ukraine and its leadership from congresswomen of Ukrainian origin (sic).”

Defying reality, the so-called ministry also accused Spartz of “Russian propaganda” type accusations, adding:

“Stop undermining existing mechanisms of providing US military assistance to Ukraine (sic).” 

“(B)ureaucratization and delaying the process” aids Russia (sic).

Separately, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, stressed that US/Western weapons supplied to Kiev “end up on the black market” for resale.

Interpol head, Jurgen Stock, raised the same concern.

In response to Spartz’s criticism, so-called Ukrainian lawmaker, Vladimir Ariev, tweeted the following:

“This is all very serious because such letters don’t come out of Congress without thorough suspicions.”

Former Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (its so-called parliament) member, Borislav Berenza, said the following:

Expressions of “loyalty to Yermak and Tatarov (by Kiev’s so-called foreign ministry) lick their asses.”

The ministry defied reality by falsely claiming that Ukraine’s military provides the Biden regime (and its Western counterparts with) “comprehensive information about the use of” what’s supplied.

Separately, in response to the ministry’s coverup and denial of her criticism, Spartz said the following:

“I encourage the ministry to consider my statement with the kind of seriousness these questions about Mr. Yermak demand, instead of launching ad hominem attacks as they have thus far.” 

“Ukrainians and Americans will be better served (if our ruling regimes respond) with due diligence — not defensive platitudes.”

Politico reported the following days earlier, saying:

“Tatarov, appointed by Zelensky in August 2020, was charged that December with bribery by Ukrainian authorities in a case concerning state-provided housing for National Guard members.”

“Tatarov denied the charges against him.”

“Anti-corruption activists gathered more than 25,000 signatures in an online petition, calling for Tatarov’s dismissal last year, but Zelensky refused to fire him.”

In January, Kiev’s Shevchenkivsky district court dropped (bribery and corruption related) charges against Tatarov.

Puppet Zelensky dismissed the petition as ordered by his US master.

Separately in response to Spartz’s criticism, an unnamed GOP House Foreign Affairs Committee member said the following:

“Her naiveness is hurting our own people (sic).”

“It is not helpful to what we’re trying to do and I’m not sure her facts are accurate (sic).”

“We vetted (the) guys” she criticized (sic).

Hardline GOP Senator Lindsey Graham also criticized Spartz, saying:

“I don’t share her criticisms.”

“(T)he Zelensky (regime) and Ukrainian people have risen to the moment (sic).”

And this rubbish by Ukraine’s so-called Verkhovna Rada majority leader, David Arakhamia:

Dubiously saying that the puppet Zelensky regime never opposed US oversight to monitor the disposition of military aid supplied (sic), he added:

“We actually welcomed this (sic).”

3 thoughts on “Reality Check on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman


    All Disappeared.
    Somebody got rich.

    War.. American Style.

    Hen Fightin Phil Sheridan told Lincoln to hang unscrupulous

    Arms Dealers an Army purveyors who sold them
    Rotten meat .

    He meant it.
    No idle threat.

    They shook rldoen Yankee Cotton Merchants as well.

    Coming up From Memphis

    Could be involved in the Two Way Trade..

    Arms Dealers..

    Jewish for the most part.
    Illegal Arms Trafficking.

    Free Lancers.

    Taking profits away from
    The Cartel of Stanton of Chase

    Who controlled the Black Market

    The Cotton Traders were like
    Pepe Escobar up against the Real Mob..


    Everyone in this Tabernacle
    Knows who that is..!



    I see I put all my previous Remarks under the wrong

    No biggee

    So Let’s Get Right
    to the Nut Cuttin..

    Been about a 1000 days
    Since 9-11

    And this is the Intersection where the Capitalist
    dropped you off…!

    The CrossRoads..
    Of Man and Women kind..!

    The Eternal Junction..

    Since we stood upright
    Two Million years ago.

    Where are we..
    How far have we come

    And to Destroy it all..?
    A 50-50 Chance.

    Appreciate it took 1.5 Million years for humanity to invent a Chair.


    About that time
    Cultural Anthropologists

    Think we started understanding
    The Magic and Mechanism of Child birth..

    More than fun..


    A Revelation..!

    EIN SO…

    Similar to “2001:
    A Space (Odessius) Odyssey ”

    An ape throws up a Leg Bone..

    And it comes down spinning at a Space Station in the year 2001

    To the Blue Danube Soundtrack

    Not really.

    The New James Webb photos of our Universe.

    We’re perhaps
    A platypus in the Big Circuit..

    Festival of Lights

    AND NOW..


    On one side..
    The Headless Horseman

    And his notorious gang
    Of liars and Crooks

    Mass Murderers
    Heinous War Criminals

    To say it diplomatically.

    Ghouls really

    Ready to Blow up the World.

    The Former World Champ
    Unable to realize the REALITY

    Almost all
    Prior Hegemonic Powers
    Were oblivious to the Reality

    No biggee.
    But for Europe

    To jump on the
    Number #64 Doomsday Bus

    At the Last minute.
    The Very Last minute.

    Freeze to Death their population
    Destroy their industry

    Give up their Lives for
    Wall St
    And J Street
    The Pentagon
    and Raytheon

    Is truly astonishing

    To Destroy themselves so easily.

    Have the Noose slipped on so Easily.

    I cry for thee
    I cry for myself

    And my duped and Deluded
    American Bros and Sisters

    the exact same tears of the Last of the Horatii Bros.

    The Fourth Son..

    only 9 when his three older brothers left die .

    I cry the tears of

    Nat Turner..
    Tom Paine

    Harriet Tubman
    And Spartacus

    For Mankind at the Crossroads
    And still in Chains.

    Go Russia..
    Take the World into the Light.

    You fight for every freedom loving person on Earth.

    You Fight for Us..
    We Fight for you

    And the Righteousness
    of your Cause.

    Go Big Red.
    Build it… They’ll Come.



  2. Mr Lendman..

    What’s the Epoch
    No sane person can have respect for themselves

    Living and abiding with this
    Unjustness, insanity and depravity

    This Dystopian World..


    into the Image of the Mob that shot JFK..

    And still in Power.

    It brings down all Humanity.

    We are all under the doubt and Doom of Stockholm Syndrome!

    Our Planet befouled and made wretched by their Stink !

    The American Waffen SS
    Now banning all truth

    No light can get in..
    The American Public

    To remain in Lock Down
    Stalag #13..

    I’m in Cell Block D
    With all the Repeat Offenders

    They’ve banned Books.
    Might as well burn them.

    Fahrenheit 451
    Right around the corner.

    The Illiterates ban
    Dostoevsky ..


    The People who read
    Harry Potter..!


    Dostoevsky Banned..
    for being Russian.

    Tchaikovsky BANNED.. Russian

    The Cancer..
    The Bile..
    The Poison

    The Schmeggi
    Of a Collapsing Star..!

    Eventually must be destroyed.

    Back to the Future ..

    Now they’re burning truth and Light and books and Culture

    Soon they’ll be burning bodies!


    BTW ..The Final Solution
    Wasn’t a German Solution

    It was a Capitalist Solution.
    Back to SQ One.

    I might add,
    Every time a see an
    Old Red Soviet Union Flag

    On a Tank in the Ukraine
    I know ..

    Those guys.
    Those Comrade Soldiers

    They know what they are fighting for.

    Go Big Red .
    Kick their Ass back to Arkansas!


  3. Mr Lendman

    As we speak..

    The Nazi Collaborators are passing even more Sanctions
    On Russia..

    Personal ones..
    Little Vindictive ones..

    The Losers
    In their Grief

    Sitting in their own piss.

    President Putin says Russia cannot be Extricated from the World.

    Yes Mr Putin…
    Clearly the Rats are delusional..

    While they attack you..

    Bad mouth Russia with another Series of Preposterous Lies..

    They expect you to send them materials that are imperative for their Very Survival

    Yet they persist in telling heinous
    Lies about Russia.

    Blaming Russia for the Atrocities they committed.

    To send these sick Fuxs a drop of Anything

    is simply self defeating.

    Never ending lies and Hostility towards Russia.

    They even said that all the Sanctions would continue

    Even after the War.

    Of course,
    They passed out
    Like Candy

    over 200 Sanctions on Russia before the War..!

    Putin said Russia will not be isolated.

    Let’s examine and redux the famous barnyard simile…

    “You can take the World out of Russia…

    Goodbye Starbucks..

    Don’t have to be a genius to make coffee..

    But you can’t
    I repeat..


    Unless you want to freeze and go hungry..!


    Mr Putin says,
    “Can You Hear Me Now..?”

    Amazing huh..still telling lies..
    And the Nazis expect..

    No ..they demand Russia
    Give them succor…

    While they openly prepare to
    slit Russia’s throat.

    These arrogant pendejos

    Need to take a Dale Carnegie

    And While the West’s
    50 Shades of Lying

    Continues unabated

    And Everything

    The Nazi Collaborators touched
    Is turning to shit.

    1)..As predicted..when the Smoke clears..

    Saudi sent Jerky Joe
    Home empty handed

    MBS is off the Reservation
    Siding with Russia and OPEC

    And Saudi is the Bellwether
    It’s the 9th Inning for the Pax

    Imran Khan
    The Key Man
    For all of Asia…!

    Sounds preposterous
    Perhaps a little far Fetched

    It’s not.
    A Powerful Wind Blows Against the Empire..

    Bandung Conf Attendee’s
    50 yrs ago..

    Particularly the Global South
    Has Chosen.

    Has been forced to Choose..
    By the Flailing and failing Sun

    Burning Out.

    The Light going out in the
    Land of Lies…

    In the World’s
    Greatest Democracy ..

    Where .0001 % own 95%..!
    Some model to export

    Think not, Horatio..

    Were it Rome.
    We’d be Building Hadrian’s Wall.

    We’re at the furthest extent of the Pax..

    Now all going backwards from here.

    Much like Rome.

    One other
    Remote and arcane feature

    Where the Pax Americana

    Replicates Rome..

    And the End of the Empire
    The Greatest Leaders of Rome

    The Wisest and most Politically Correct..

    Didn’t come from Rome..
    Came from the Extremities

    Spain, Germany and the Levant

    Same today of Europe..

    Putin , Orban and Vucic are the Leaders of Europe.

    Not the Criminal Posers
    With the Easter Bunny.

    And Quisling.

    And Ursula .
    The Sara Palin of Historical Knowledge..

    Maybe Crazy Nikki !

    Go Russia..
    To Inevitable Victory..!

    Yo Mr Dick Head..
    Tear Down This Wall..!

    The Wall of Voodoo
    The Wall of Lies…!


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