Turning Truth on its Head How MSM Misreport on Russia and Ukraine

Most everything US Western MSM report about Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass is fake news.

What state-owned and controlled Ukrainian media report elevates press agent fake news/mass deception to a higher level.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again deceived readers by falsely accusing Russia of striking civilian targets — knowing its forces only target military ones exclusively.

In what’s become a daily drumbeat of turning truth on its head, the Times falsely claimed the following, saying:

“(D)eadly missile strikes by Russian forces hit civilian targets (sic).”

“All new buildings” in Ukraine — of which there are few or none “must include bomb shelters” — even though civilians are safe, except from Kiev’s Nazi-infested regime.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie, saying:

“In the most deadly strike in the past week, three Kalibr cruise missiles fired from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea hit the center of the provincial capital of Vinnytsia, killing 23 people and wounding 140 others (sic). 

Russia’s strike on the city destroyed a House of Officers — where a meeting was taking place between Ukrainian commanders and foreign arms suppliers.

No Ukrainian civilians were killed, wounded or otherwise harmed.

The Times lied claiming otherwise.

And this Times Big Lie, falsely claiming that Russian missile strikes on Nikolaev struck “two universities, a hotel and a mall (sic).”

No Russian strikes on Ukraine targeted civilians or nonmilitary sites at any time throughout its liberating SMO.

Fake news otherwise by the Times and other MSM wore thin long ago.

An unnamed Pentagon official falsely claimed that Russian forces killed up to 150 civilians in Ukraine this week — how the empire of lies, its NATO vassals and apartheid Israel operate, not the Russian Federation.

Citing unnamed Ukrainian Nazis, the Times falsely accused Russia of “spreading terror (as part of a) genocidal campaign (sic).”

Kiev’s war ministry spokesman was quoted, falsely claiming:

“This is the extermination of Ukrainians as a nation (sic).” 

“This is an attempt to break the spirit of Ukrainians and reduce the level of their resistance (sic).”

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis are self-inflicting the above on themselves, Russia’s Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, saying the following on Sunday:

“The endless attempts to continue fighting till, as they have been saying, the last Ukrainian standing, will certainly result in a collapse of the existing political regime, despite their efforts to talk back.”

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday, saying:

“A warehouse for Harpoon anti-ship missiles supplied to Ukraine by NATO countries was destroyed with high-precision long-range missiles at an industrial site in Odessa.”

A US-made HIMARS launcher and resupply vehicle were also destroyed near Krasnoarmeisk in Donetsk. 

And Kiev’s 97th battalion was struck in the Zaporozye Region, killing over five dozen Nazi thugs.

According to the DPR’s mission to the Joint Control and Coordination Center:

Kiev regime forces fired over 400 shells, “including from BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launch systems, 155mm, 152mm and 122mm artillery systems, at Donetsk residential areas.”

Similar cross-border strikes occur daily — Russia falsely blamed for Kiev’s war crimes.

And this Times perversion of reality on the ground:

US/Western supplied weapons are “starting to redress the balance (sic).”

And this combination of self-delusion and long ago debunked propaganda from puppet Zelensky:

Russia “realizes that we are gradually becoming stronger (sic)” — ignoring that the Russian Federation destroyed about 80% of Kiev’s US/Western supplied weapons et al and most of its best trained fighters.

No “withstand(ing)” of Russian advances occurred anywhere along front line positions, as Times fake news falsely claimed.

No “heavy fire” by Kiev repelling them, no snowball’s chance chance in hell for degraded and defeated Ukraine troops to prevail against overpowering Russian firepower.

“Aggression” is longstanding US/NATO policy against invented enemies, the same true for Nazi-infested Ukraine, not how Russia operates.

And this rubbish from the disgraced, scandal-tainted, outgoing UK BoJo regime — falsely claiming that 50,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded in Ukraine, no evidence cited as usual.

And this from the Biden regime’s commerce department, accusing China of supplying Russia with  microchips, printed circuits and other electronic components, as well as aluminum oxide and other products.

Bilateral trade is the legal right of all nations. It’s soaring between Russia and China in rubles and yuan respectively.

Through April year-to-date, it exceeded $51 billion, 25.9% greater than the same period last year.

China’s exports to Russia grew 11.3% to $20.24 billion, while Russia’s sales to China surged 37.8% to $30.85 billion — during the first 4 months of 2022.

Last year, bilateral trade reached a record-high of nearly $147 billion.

This year will likely top it to another record-high volume.

Earlier this year, China’s Xi Jinping announced his intention to increase annual Sino/Russian trade to $250 billion, an attainable goal this decade.

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